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  • In episode 8 Gedächtnis responds to Drossel's request for a pet by giving her a swarm of butterflies, which she of course mistakes for birds. At the end when she asks who turned out the lights it's revealed they've clustered around her head.
  • In episode 10 Gedächtnis gives Drossel a helmet to block the rain leaking from the ceiling. The camera then zooms out to show that the "helmet" is a jack o' lantern, then when the lights go out for a second the light from her eyes can be seen through the holes. She goes to look at herself in a mirror and of course bumps into one of the invisible maids.
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  • The first episode of Charming with Drossel apparently having a bit of difficulty trying to stand due to being weighed down by the blade-like protrusion on the back of her head.
  • In the 12th episode of Charming, Gedächtnis is talking about the idea of "Charming Mankind", a stage where man ceases all war, as Drossel inspects a strange artifact with "Charming" scrawled on it. It turns out it actually said "WARNING". Upon finding this out, Gedächtnis begins screaming in the most hilarious way possible before being cut off by the credits.


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