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  • It could be said that Masakaki is pretty much a CMoF personified. Anytime he shows up in the real world something happens, usually involving his telespam, that sets of laughs.
  • Episode 6's first half (the second is tear jerker, sorta). Jennifer Sato semi-kidnaps Kimimaro to discuss the truth behind Mikuni's actions. Initially, she fumbles around with french fries and debates which burger to pick. Then she starts getting very close to Kimimaro, saying she "likes his eyes" because they show he isn't motivated by money, but by the things he holds precious like family and friends. Ship Tease at its finest.
    • Also near the end, Kou (the philanthropist) is talking about how he'll manage somehow, and how Kimimaro shouldn't angst about it. They're on a baseball field. There's a very emotional and mournful BGM in effect, but as soon as Kou leaves, the BGM just...stops. Like "Ok, wangst done. Get rid of that shit".
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  • Msyu's learning about eating and discovered a love for noodles.
  • A bit of a dark one in episode 10, when the [C] hits America, Masakaki confronts his American counterpart. It has so many entres that the American Masakaki just says "Here, this is yours," and bounces it right back.
    • And the next time we see Masakaki after that in the Far East Financial District, he was acting out all dramatically kneeling on the floor and reaching out to his staff. Then, he just stands up and shrugged like it was no big deal.
  • Courtesy of Funimation, this infomercial trailer for the series: Tired of being short on cash? Take Control of your life!
    • Additionally, the following YouTube comment for said trailer:
      turtlecheese8: "Double or triple my income?!?! Oh wait... 2 or even 3 times 0 is still 0... And I was getting so excited..."

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