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Tear Jerker / [C] - Control

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  • Kimimaro's teacher losing his wife and children after being defeated by Yoga, his children were erased from history and his wife doesn't remember them. What makes this even worse is that she states that she cannot conceive, meaning not only did she lose her children, but the Financial District has also pretty much guaranteed that she will never be able to have children ever again. So Kimimaro's teacher tells her to leave him so she wouldn't have to suffer with him.
  • After losing to Kimimaro, Sennouza Kou implies that the children he had saved may have died because Kou never managed to help them.
  • Mikuni's backstory. Let's just say it involves a sick little sister and we'll leave it at that.
  • When Jennifer Sato ends up being bankrupt by her deal with Mikuni. While she's sliced in half and bleeding out black bills, she passes on her Asset, Georges, to Kimimaro. Even though we know that she's alive, she looks like she is dying and now has no future.
  • The ending. Kimimaro's in a world where he shouldn't exist...
    • And before that, Mikuni opting to stay behind in the world of "today" (the one which had lost its future), plus Q and Msyu disappearing along with the FD. It gets sadder when Kimimaro pulls out a photo of himself with Mikuni, Q and Msyu at the end, considering that their chances of meeting again may well be zero.
      Kimimaro: I should have been smiling.
      • And even before that, the dreamlike sequence where Mikuni talks to Takako, only to realize he's become a lot like his father, who stopped Takako's transfer to another hospital for financial reasons. And then he sees that she's gone. You can hear that he's on the verge of tears.
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  • Hanabi from her third appearance or so on becomes more and more miserable, first with a flu, then depression and finally an obvious case of Sanity Slippage along with never having met Yoga to begin with. Considering that it's absolutely not her fault, it's really heart breaking to see. And of course, she also stands for all the other people we never see but get clued in to have increasingly more horrible lives as the FD battles continue on.

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