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Tear Jerker / Ceres, Celestial Legend

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There will be unmarked spoilers. You have been warned!

  • Aya losing her entire family in a very short time. Her heavily injured twin-brother gets taken away, and she's told that she'll never see him again, and the rest of her relatives are going to kill her because she's the reincarnation of a celestial maiden. She ends up killing those relatives with the maiden's powers, and her father throws himself in front of her. All the while, she's begging her grandfather to get him help. And to top all of that off, her mother goes insane from grief and tries to commit murder-suicide with her, but ends up in a coma. Fortunately, her mother eventually wakes up from the coma.
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  • Kei dying in Shuro's arms. Aside from Shuro having been in love with him for years, even joining show business to be with him, he had just revealed to her that he was tired of being overshadowed by her amazing singing voice. His death hits her so hard, she uses her celestial powers in a way that would have killed her, had Aya not managed to soothe Shuro by grieving along with her.
  • Miori's suicide. And it wasn't just a suicide of someone wanting to end their life, she did it as a hateful, spiteful, final act of revenge against Aya. Killing herself to drive a wedge between Aya and Touya.
    Miori: I won't let you be happy with him...
  • Touya and Yuuhi's infiltration of the Mikage Corporation.
    • They split up, with Touya heading off to find Shouta, and Yuuhi trying to find Chidori. He finds her in her celestial maiden form, weak and dazed from an operation that was forced upon her. And she ends up Taking the Bullet for Yuuhi, who begins to carry her on his back. But she ends up succumbing to her wounds before she can be helped... and Yuuhi realizes that he did love Chidori. The anime version of this scene had Yuuhi screaming and crying hysterically, with Kentaro Ito making the scene really gut-wrenching.
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    • Touya gets the Ancestor to let Shouta go, while he remains as a hostage himself. Shouta doesn't fully understand the truth behind things, but Touya calmly acts as the Dr. Kiritani he was to the kid and tells him how to get out of the place. He keeps smiling until Shotaro leaves the room.
    • Touya getting shot over and over and over by the Ancestor. And he still keeps his cool, demanding to know about the artificial Mana being produced in the labs. He also tries to appeal to Aki sleeping inside the Ancestor, telling him to wake up, that his sister his still waiting for his return. The Ancestor gets pissed and says that, if Touya mentions her name one more time, he'll blow his head off!
      Touya: Aya... *bang*
    • Seeing a dead Touya actually shocked Aki enough to have him regain control over his body. And realizing what he/the Ancestor had just done.
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  • Seeing the previously cheerful Alec getting broken by the events. He hated the experiments that lead to Aki getting taken over by the Ancestor and saw the artificial Mana wrapping itself around him, restoring the Ancestor's original body. Alec is seen cowering and shivering in a corner.
    Alec: I don't want to become a demon... or god! I only human! You're only human, too, right?!
  • The background of Ceres and the Ancestor.
    • The true story shows that they were genuinely in love with each other, but when Ceres shared some of her power with Mikagi, he became drunk on it and turned violent, angry, and jealous. When Ceres tried to escape with her children, Mikagi found them and ended up killing his oldest child. Furious and heartbroken at her husband's change, Ceres kills him.
    • And Ceres kept wandering around with her children, desperately searching for her Mana that she needed to live. To no avail, and as Ceres is dying, her thoughts turn to her children. Worried that they'll grow up without a mother, she hopes that they will find happiness in life and that, someday, she could return to them. Ceres' main reason for being reincarnated wasn't revenge. Just a desire to see her children.
  • A happy tearjerker, when a resurrected Touya and Aya reunite. He learns that she's pregnant with his child, stating that he'll no longer be alone, and will be getting the family he's always wanted.
    Touya: *embracing Aya* Thank you.
  • The death of Aki. He manages to manifest himself with the help of the artificial Mana and restrains the Ancestor long enough, begging Ceres to finish them.
    Aki: I'm sorry for being late.


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