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"And do you want to know something else? I've never liked your spinach puffs! Never!"

So you have two characters who are friends, partners, siblings, or lovers. It appears that they're in some sort of falling out or one of them has betrayed them. You would expect one of the characters to say they now hate the other, but instead they reveal that they already had contempt for them from the beginning. Usually, they will declare that they never liked the character or they always knew how flawed the character was. The other is often flabbergasted to hear this.


The character's hatred or disdain for their friend/partner can implicate that they may have had problems with the other character, especially if he has quirks, and the reason they were friends/partners with them for a long time was out of necessity, not because they like each other.

The character declaring this may have been The Lancer, The Rival, or a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who happens to have a begrudging respect for The Hero. To see him fall on dark times may be shocking, but this is just an excuse to express his dislike for the Rival Turned Evil.

In other ways, the character who expresses their ill will for the hero may not hate them at all. They only declare that they hated the hero as a lame retort against the other character severing all ties. It's no surprise that this trope can show you one (or two) characters never really see eye to eye to begin with anyway.


Can be a part of a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. This can also be a part of a Motive Rant if the character reveals his disdain for the hero. This can well likely appear in a Feud Episode or an Achilles in His Tent plot. Expect one of the Vitriolic Best Buds to execute this trope if their friendship is destroyed. Compare False Friend if the character turning on the friend was his enemy all along. Often related to Dying Declaration of Hate. See also Was It All a Lie?.

As a reveal trope, expect unmarked spoilers.



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  • In a mid-2000s commercial for Coca Cola, two girls, who have been BFFs forever, decide to celebrate by breaking out some Coke, but when one of the girls says she didn't bring any, her friend suddenly turns on her, saying she never liked her, causing both of them to break into a verbal fight.

    Comic Books 
  • Anderson: Psi-Division: In "Satan", Dredd says to Anderson that they were never friends and that he only "tolerated" her after she resigns as a judge. He later recants when she's injured.
  • Played for laughs in The Authority: When a massive tidal wave hits New York, a firefighter, convinced he's going to die, confesses to his partner that he's been behind every terrible prank on him for years and even sleeping with his wife. He's stunned when his partner says he doesn't care as he's been in love with his tormenter since the day they met. One can only imagine the awkward conversation when they're rescued by Apollo.
  • The Avengers: In issue #2, Iron Man tells Hulk, when he thinks he's turned on the team, that he thought it was a mistake letting him onto the team anyway (for the record, no-one actually invited the Hulk to begin with - he invited himself, before anyone else did).
  • In Civil War and various other crossovers, it seems half of The Avengers always secretly hated the other half.
  • In Ninjette's reminisces in Empowered special ''Nine Beers with Ninjette, as Ninjette is leaving her clan, she asks her "best friend" Oyuki-chan to accompany her...only for Oyuki-chan to tell Ninjette that she never liked her and has always despised her.
  • In Justice League: Cry for Justice, when they arrive in Gotham, Green Lantern Hal Jordan admits to Green Arrow that he never liked Batman.
  • In Original Sin Nick Fury's LMD says this to Bucky as the latter kills the former.
    • Wolverine says this about Bucky after coming across the murder scene.
    • And the Punisher says this about Bucky after seeing him holding Nick's head in his hand.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics): Though their interaction is fairly sparse when tensions run high and Geoffrey St. John begins throwing accusations of treachery at the Freedom Fighters Antoine punches him. Antoine admits that he never liked Geoffrey, viewing his position as too convenient and his appointment as disrespectful to the previous owner of the role, Antoine's father.
  • The Punisher: An early story features a Mafia don named Fortunato and a mook walking up to a booby-trapped door. As they open the door and see the bomb about to detonate, the mook turns to his boss and says "I just want you to know: for the last two years, I've been with your wife".
  • Invincible: After Omni-Man's true colors are revealed, the Immortal bitterly admits that he never really liked him. Omni-Man says that the feeling was mutual, then kills Immortal (who gets better).
  • Sensation Comics: In the Wonder Woman feature Don Enrago acts like he's a strict teacher who cares about his students, but it's eventually revealed that he despises the young women he's teaching as they're learning to fight and in college instead of getting married and being submissive housewives when he sabotages their equipment.

    Films — Animation 
  • When Tiger gets fired by Warren for letting Fievel go in An American Tail, he says to him "I never liked you! And besides, your music stinks!"
  • The Emperor's New Groove: After Kronk disappoints her once too often, Yzma starts berating him, saying that he's like a big stupid monkey and, worse of all, she never liked his spinach puffs.
  • In Frozen (2013), Hans not only reveals he never loved Anna and was just using her, he mocks her for being so naïve and desperate for love that she agreed to marry him the same day they met (and he was the one who proposed to her), before leaving her to die.
  • Lilo & Stitch: When Nani loses her job she wonders who'd want to work at a "stupid fake luau" anyway.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • At the end of the Movie within a Movie in The Artist, the protagonist declares to the love interest that he never loved her.
  • A variation of this can be found in The Boat That Rocked, The Count challenges Gavin to a game of chicken by jumping off the main mast of the boat, after it is learned Simon's new bride only married him as a means to get close to Gavin, whom she is really in love with. While inching out over the mast, The Count shouts down below, "I never even liked Simon!"
  • In Caddyshack, detestably smarmy Judge Smails (Ted Knight) and the obnoxious nouveau riche Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) agree to a partners golf match against each other with $20,000 on the line. Czervik wants golf ace Ty (Chevy Chase) to be his partner for the match. Smails tries to get Ty on his side, pointing out his friendship with his late partner, who was Ty's father, and making an arrogant speech about how people like Czervik just don't belong with their kind. As soon as he's done, Ty declares his side by raising the bet to $40,000:
    Ty: You know, Judge... my father never liked you.
  • Employee of the Month (2004): Dave murders his "best friend", Jack, revealing that he's secretly despised him ever since the childhood accident that left Dave with burn scars on his right side.
  • Goldeneye. Alec Trevelyan and James Bond have supposedly been good friends and colleagues before Trevelyan's presumed death during a failed mission. But when it turns out that Alec is, in fact, alive and the villain of the film, his longstanding contempt for Bond is revealed in practically everything he says — his loyalty to England and MI6, his womanizing (in particular, that it's partly a defense mechanism to avoid his grief over Tracy's death), and even his skills as an agent:
    Alec Trevelyan: [as he holds Bond at gunpoint, having gotten the upper hand in their fight] You know something, James? I was always better.
    • The last thing Bond says as his titular home in Skyfall is blown up?
      James Bond: I always hated this place.
  • In Lethal Weapon, Riggs is being lead at gunpoint to the Big Bad's hideout by former Shadow Company commander McAlister:
    Riggs: I ran into some of those Shadow Company pussies in Saigon in '69.
  • From the The Rocky Horror Picture Show:
    Magenta: "You killed them! But I thought you liked them. They liked you.
    Riffraff: They didn't like me! They NEVER liked me!!
  • In the film Steve Jobs, Andy Hertzfeld does this to Steve Jobs in act three:
    Andy Hertzfeld: Why do you want people to dislike you?
    Steve Jobs: I don't want people to dislike me; I'm indifferent to whether they dislike me.
    Andy Hertzfeld: Well, since it doesn't matter, I always have.
    Steve Jobs: (surprised and saddened) ...Really? I've always liked you a lot. That's too bad.
    Andy Hertzfeld: ...Knock 'em dead. (leaves)
    • Steve Wozniak did this twice in the film: Once, when Jobs first left Apple and called him an "insulting and hurtful guy"; and again in act three when one of the last things he says before leaving the auditorium is:
      Woz: Y'know, when people used to ask me what the difference between me and you is, I'd say, "Steve's the big picture guy, I like a solid workbench." Whenever people ask me now, I just say, "Steve's an asshole." The things you make are better than you are, brother.
  • In This Is the End, Jonah Hill is at first nothing but nice to Jay in that overnice way of someone who knows they aren't liked and is trying really hard to change that opinion. Then he reveals in a monologued prayer to God that he really hates Jay, thinks he's a bad influence on Seth Rogen, and wishes he died. Well, his prayer is heard... by a demon. Who comes at night and forces himself on Hill, leading to him being traumatized and soon after getting Demonically Possessed.
  • Towards the end of Wedding Crashers, there's a scene where the Jerkass Disposable Fiancé gets into an argument with the main character and the love interest. He asks the love interest's dad to back him up, clearly expecting it since the two have seemed to be rather close throughout the whole movie. Instead, the dad turns around and tells the fiancé that he never really cared for him much and he only put up with him because he seemed to make his daughter happy.

  • This was well said in the Break Up Song "I Never Liked You" by the Rogue Traders:
    Hey! Surprise!
    I never liked you, even when I tried to
    Don't speak now it's my turn baby uh uh
    I never liked you, and I won't pretend to
  • Much of the point of the song "You've Got Everything Now" by The Smiths:
    And did I ever tell you, by the way
    I never did like your face

    A friendship sadly lost
    Well, this is true,
    And yet it's false
  • Once again the fairly obvious point of "I Never Really Loved You Anyway" by The Corrs:
    You bored me with your stories
    I can't believe that I endured you for as long as I did
    I'm happy it's over, I'm only sorry
    That I didn't make the move before you

    And when you go I will remember
    To send a thank you note to that girl, oh that girl
    I see she's holding you so tender
    Well, I just want to say
    Just want to say

    I never really loved you anyway

    Professional Wrestling 
  • During Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel on the 3/26/03 edition of WWE Raw, Jericho, who had up to that point remained neutral in regards to Bill Goldberg despite their history back in WCW, was recently revealed to be the one who attacked him in a hit-and-run. Jericho explains himself by saying, "Nobody wants you here in the WWE Goldberg, especially me!"
  • During the January 2022 feud between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, Reigns finally revealed that despite all The Shield reunions throughout the years, all the impromptu team-ups, and despite wanting to with every fiber of his being, he has never truly forgiven Rollins for betraying and breaking up the stable all those years ago, and never will. Ironically, it was hidden disdain for everyone except Rollins, who knew all along that Reigns still hated him for his actions.
    Reigns: Chair to my back? Breaking up the Shield... I've tried to forgive you. I really have. But I'll never forgive you for what you did to us. I hate you.

    Web Videos 
  • Inverted in Monster Island Buddies, where King Ghidorah, having pulled a Face–Heel Turn, declared to Godzilla that they will settle their rivalry once and for all. A somewhat bewildered Godzilla replies "Rivalry? Actually, I always liked you."


Wait! You're leaving me?! Fine! Go do that. I never enjoyed your presence anyway, you jerk!

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