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Series / The Mysteries of Laura

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A Short-Runner Police Procedural that aired on NBC from 2014-2016, Detective Laura Diamond (Debra Messing) is trying to juggle her job and her two sons while working with her ex-husband while they deal with the pressures of the job.

The series also starred Josh Lucas, Laz Alonso, and Janina Gavankar.

It was canceled on May 16, 2016 after two seasons.

Tropes in the series:

  • A Bloody Mess: In the pilot, Laura is shown a room where something red has been splashed all over the walls. She says that this is "a depraved and unspeakable act" and that the perpetrator will be "inside for a long time." It turns out that her two young sons were throwing paint around at preschool, covering both the walls and themselves.
  • Affectionate Pickpocket: In one episode, in order to get information about the suspect's relationship to a murder victim, Laura flirts with him and steals his phone from his pocket.
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  • All Abusers Are Male: In the "The Mystery of the Watery Grave", a woman crashes her car into the river, but the body is not found. By minute 5 of the episode, and with no actual evidence, Laura has decided that the husband is abusive and killed her. When the woman turns up alive, Laura's theory is now that the woman staged her own death to get away from her abusive husband. She's right, of course, however at no time does the episode seriously consider any other theory, and the show goes out of its way to break its own standard of the last-minute-twist and reinforce that if you assume the man is abusive, then he is.
  • Spotting the Thread: One episode has the team investigating the murder of a fertility doctor. Laura and her ex-husband Jake go undercover as a couple where the doctor shows an ultrasound of Laura pregnant. As the two aren't together (and Laura hasn't been with a man in months), they know it's fake and figure the clinic is scamming women by making them think they're pregnant, charging them for expensive treatments, then a drug that replicates a miscarriage. Eventually, Laura finds the killer to have been a husband whose wife had undergone several of these fake "pregnancies". He reveals he figured it out as he's a film editor and on the third go-around, realizing the "ultrasound" was the exact same footage as the previous two times.


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