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"To the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee."
Captain Ahab, Moby-Dick

Knowing that you're about to die can certainly have a liberating effect on people, as suddenly all the constraining rules of etiquette and having to play nice suddenly don't seem so important anymore. For example, sometimes it lets people get past hangups like Cannot Spit It Out and make a final, tragic statement of love... and sometimes it lets you tell someone you loathe, especially you've had to put up with because they're part of your social circle or someone with power over you like a boss, just what a Jerkass they are.


This can be played either for laughs or drama. Either way counts as being related to "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner, while the more dramatic version tends to overlap with tropes such as Dying Curse and Defiant to the End. Inversions include Dying Declaration of Love and It Has Been an Honor.

Naturally, if the character does wind up living through whatever they're experiencing, this can cause quite a bit of embarrassment and trouble for them... see Not-So-Final Confession and Crossing the Burnt Bridge for more on that.

Compare See You in Hell. May overlap with "The Reason You Suck" Speech. See also Last Breath Bullet. Hidden Disdain Reveal is when you reveal your hatred for someone without imminent death.

As a Death Trope there may well be unmarked spoilers! Proceed at your own risk!



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Evil Matriarch Precia Testarossa in the original Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series confesses her hatred for Fate, though neither is dying at that point. Later on, when Precia is falling to her death, Fate tries to save her but she rejects her again.
  • In Umineko: When They Cry, Eva declares her hatred of her niece Ange a few minutes before she dies. Ange hardly seems surprised and retorts that it's mutual. Subverted as of episodes 7 and 8, in which Eva deliberately becomes a Hate Sink for Ange as part of becoming a Silent Scapegoat in order to hide the truth behind the Rokkenjima massacre, in which she fears that Ange might not take it.
  • Naruto makes it one its biggest Tear Jerkers in the Gaara flashback when Yashamaru says to Gaara that he never loved him, nor did Gaara's own mother (who died giving him birth), before making himself explode. And it's revealed much later that neither declaration was even true: Karura died blessing Gaara and promising to protect him, and Yashamaru did care for him but was forced to both lie and kill himself by Gaara's Archnemesis Dad aka the Kazekage.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, before Roy finishes off the last remaining Ishbalan, his victim calmly says, "I... will never forgive you."
  • During a flashback in Fruits Basket, Tohru's mother Kyoko tells Kyo, "I'll never forgive you," as she lies dying after being hit by a car that he could have saved her from but didn't due to fear of revealing his curse. A later flashback reveals that this is actually a subversion: Kyoko was trying to tell Kyo that she'd never forgive him if he didn't keep his promise to look out for Tohru. Her intended last words were along the lines of, "If you don't protect Tohru, I'll never forgive you." Unfortunately, because she was heavily injured and on the verge of death, she wasn't able to speak clearly and only got the second half out.
  • In Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, Yuuko Kanoe dies swearing revenge on the people who murdered her and comes back as a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl to exact it. However, she can't bring herself to go through with it and ends up shunting her hatred into a Literal Split Personality, becoming a Cute Ghost Girl.
  • In Attack on Titan, when Krista/Historia's mother was about to be killed, she turned to her daughter and said, "I wish you had never been born."
  • In Fate/Zero, after Lancer/Diarmuid ua Duibhne was forced to commit suicide by his Master due to being pressured by the Nominal Hero protagonist Kiritsugu, his normally chivalrous and courteous facade shatters as he let out a huge rant on how he hated all who denied him his wish of fair, honorable combat, and then tops it off with a Dying Curse, which ended up accidentally close to the truth.
  • This comes up in the second to last chapter of My Girlfriend Without Wasabi, though in a way that won't make any sense if the reader isn't familiar with the author's other works. As Rino's adoptive father fades away, he curses the knight Hawson from Peach Boy Riverside (whom Nozomu is a reincarnation of), though Hawson is never mentioned by name.

    Asian Animation 
  • In episode 4 of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Joys of Seasons, Master Pao Pao has a time bomb stuck to him after Wolffy gives him a new vest with the bomb in it. Right before the bomb explodes, Master Pao Pao tells his wife he loves her, he tells his son the same thing... and then he has no problem telling Mr. Slowy he hates him.

    Comic Books 
  • In an issue of Luke Cage: Hero for Hire, Cage accidentally kills a villain, who then insults him with his dying breath. Cage apparently expected him to say something else, so this is Played for Laughs, but also Mood Whiplash.
  • In an early Punisher story, Frank is after a mobster named Fortuna. Fortuna is very much a Bad Boss, shooting his assistant (being held hostage by Frank) so his mooks will start shooting. His next assistant isn't treated any better, and when they're lured into a trap and see an explosive with two seconds left:
    Mook: I just want you to know: for the last two years, I've been with your wife!
  • Fury: My War Gone By: A former Nazi (who was on the Eastern Front) in the Foreign Legion dies happily during a Vietnamese assault, cheerfully telling his attackers that if he could see them, they'd all be dead.
  • The Transformers: Unicron: Facing imminent death-by-Maximal horde, Pyra Magna tells Aileron to inform Optimus Prime that she blames him for everything. Aileron retorts she won't, and Pyra lives to be a jerk another day.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animated 
  • Downplayed in The Emperor's New Groove: Right after Pacha rescues Kuzco from the panthers, they end up tied to a log. Pacha insists he can think of a way out. However, the log then cracks, leaving just enough time for Kuzco to say, "I hate you," before they plummet into the chasm below.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Click, the protagonist does this momentarily but changes his mind. While dying, he makes amends with his family and flips off his ex-wife's husband but he then gestures that he was just kidding and gives him a thumbs up.
  • In Day of the Dead (1985), Captain Henry Rhodes gets torn apart by a horde of zombies during the film's climax. With his final breath, he screams to the zombies eating his entrails "CHOKE ON 'EM!!! CHOKE ON 'EM!!!"
  • Aliens has an unusual variation. When Vasquez and Ensign Newbie Gorman get ready to kill themselves and some nearby aliens with a grenade, Vazquez says "You always were an asshole, Gorman." The unusual thing is that she means it, referring to Gorman's incompetence as an officer and such, but there's also a twinge of respect because Gorman showed in courage in trying to come back to save her.
  • In Revenge of the Sith, after Obi-Wan defeats Anakin/Vader in a duel (cutting off Anakin/Vader's legs and non-cybernetic arm and leaving him very close to a large pool of lava), Anakin/Vader's reaction to Obi-Wan's lecture about his failures as The Chosen One is the enraged scream "I HATE YOU!" To which Obi-Wan (already heartbroken from the whole situation) shouts back "You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you!" Anakin/Vader survives of course, but Obi-Wan initially thought he was going to die back there.
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Khan borrowed Ahab's parting words as his final declaration of hatred for Admiral Kirk.
  • In Starship Troopers, a human soldier is about to be killed by a "brain bug" which controls the seemingly mindless insects in the Bug War and he uses his last words to tell it, "One day, someone like me is gonna kill you... and your whole fucking race!"
  • In Dumb and Dumber, as the duo accidentally feed Mental rat poison thinking it's his ulcer medicine, he shouts at Harry, "You... son of a bitch!" He's visibly depressed later ("But he blamed me. You heard him. Those were his last words." "Not if you count the gurgling sound.").
  • Jabberwocky: On his deathbed, Dennis's father takes the time to tell him how much of a disappointment he is and how he regrets ever having him.

  • Moby-Dick gives us one of the most famous of all time, as seen on the page quote.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire
    • While Tywin Lannister never makes it secret that he despises his son Tyrion for being a dwarf and abuses him for it, he grudgingly acknowledges that Tyrion is still his son. When Tyrion finally gets fed up with all of his father's abuse and murders Tywin in the privy, Tywin's last words before his death are, "You are not my son."
    • When Robb Stark has to execute one of his bannermen Rickard Karstark for a treasonous act, he asks Karstark if he has any last words. The man spits at him, "Kill me and be done with it. You are no king of mine."
  • The Queen's abusive father in Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen is described as having done this to his daughter:
    "I was there as he left this world. Right by his side. Holding on to his hand so that he would not need to journey into that great unknown alone.
    And the moment before he died, his near-lifeless eyes looked up at me. I was full of folly, ready to believe that he was going to thank me.
    Instead he said 'I have never loved you, daughter.' And then he closed his eyes and left this world."
  • Second Apocalypse: Saubon's rigidly loyal and proper groom receives a mortal wound while fighting by his side. The groom uses his remaining moments to very formally inform Saubon that he always hated him. Saubon is completely taken off-guard.
  • In the novelization of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Director Krennic sees the Death Star about to obliterate him (along with everyone else on Scarif) and takes one final moment to go over this technological terror that he oversaw the construction of, and his mind goes to one exhaust shaft that the kidnapped and recently-killed Galen Erso insisted on adding, follows that shaft into the main reactor — and realizes too late what Erso has done. (For those who didn't see A New Hope, that's the shaft that Luke Skywalker fires proton torpedoes into, which blows up the reactor and destroys the Death Star. Galen Erso deliberately engineered that weakness to give the rebels a fighting chance.)
    Orson Krennic, advanced weapons research director and father of the Death Star, died alone on Scarif, screaming in fury at Galen Erso, at Jyn Erso, at Wilhuff Tarkin, and at all the galaxy.
  • The Science of Discworld: When it looks like a magical reactor is going to blow up the staff of the Unseen University, the Dean, in a subversion of It Has Been an Honour, turns to Mustrum Ridcully and tells him "I'd just like to say, Mustrum. ... I'd just like to say... I think I'd have been a much better Arch Chancellor than you". They do end up surviving, thanks to Narrativium, of course. The Dean would eventually go onto be an Arch chancellor at a rival magical college where he would not be quite as good at his job as Ridcully.
  • In the Horus Heresy novel The First Heretic, a group of Adeptus Custodes are attacked by the Word Bearers they have been overseeing for the duration of the novel. They are taken down one by one, until the last one, who had taken a vow of silence, hurls his spear to kill one of the Word Bearers and utters one sentence before the rest rip him apart.
    I always hated you, Xaphen.

    Live Action TV 
  • Played hilariously in the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode "Grumpy Young Men": Throughout the episode, Will and Carlton are fighting over a girl. Will dreams that the fight continues into old age. After a brief, pathetically poor physical confrontation, Carlton falls to a heart attack. His last words are:
    Carlton: Before I die, I just want you to know that I... I... Hate you. AHAHAHAHAHA!! *dies*
  • In the Parks and Recreation episode "Ron and Tammy", Ron muses on this trope:
    "On my deathbed, my final wish is to have my ex-wives rush to my side so I can use my dying breath to tell them both to go to hell one last time."
  • Psych: After his daughter Yang fatally wounds him (thus saving the day), Yin declares that he never loved her. She knows.
  • In 24, Tony Almeida gets this from his long-time collaborator David Emerson after betraying him.
  • Doctor Who:
    • "Hell Bent" has a bizarre rendering of this trope when Clara — who is left in a time loop between her final two heartbeats after the Doctor takes her out of time after watching her die, simultaneously rendering her functionally immortal and on the edge of death — tells the Time Lords how much she hates them for the billions of years of torture they put the Doctor through.
    • The webisode "The Night of the Doctor" begins with the Doctor showing up to rescue Cass from an imminent crash. However, when she realizes that he's a Time Lord, she refuses to go with him and is pleased when he refuses to escape without her — as far as she's concerned, the Time Lords and Daleks are equally guilty of bringing the universe to the brink of annihilation.
  • All My Children has a 1994 episode involving the death of Richard Fields, the man who raped Erica Kane when she was 14 (resulting in the conception of Erica's eldest daughter Kendall)note . Fields was about to do the same to Erica's other daughter Bianca — a preteen at the time — but Bianca is rescued by her half-sister Kendall from Fields before he could assault hernote . When Mona, Erica's mother, confronts Fields, Fields suffers a massive heart attack and Mona leaves him to die. Fields' dying words are, "I... Hated... Them... All!" (implying he means his victims)
  • In Game of Thrones, Tywin Lannister's last words after he is mortally wounded by his son Tyrion via a crossbow bolt (while in the privy no less) are "you're no son of mine". Tyrion tells him that he has always been Tywin's son before finishing him off with a second bolt to the heart.
  • On 1000 Ways to Die, in the death "Brain Worms" from the episode "The Lighter Side of Death", a couple are dying of parasitic infection from eating snails. The guy who made the compromised dish admits that he's actually gay and only dated the girl because "[she] had the chest of a 12-year-old boy", then they admit to hating each other before taking their last breath.

  • There is a joke (told in several variants) about a man who, while on his deathbed, asks his wife to marry a certain person after his death. She agrees, and then says, "I thought you hated him." With his last breath, the husband replies, "Hell yes I do".
  • An old man enrolls in a law school. Shortly after he graduates and passes the bar, he succumbs to his age, and his teacher visits him at his deathbed. He asks the man why he wasted his last years mastering the craft he couldn't hope to benefit from. With his last breath, the man responds: "One less lawyer in the world."

  • In Red vs. Blue Church uses his dying words to say that he always hated Tucker most. Tucker replies annoyed that he always knew that and tells him to hurry up and die.
    • Also, during Recreation, when Grif thought they were going to die he used the time to call out Sarge and tell Sarge what he really thought of him.
    • Sharkface spends his final moments declaring that he'll never stop hating Carolina and Washington.
    • The ending of Season 13 has a surprisingly heartwarming version. With the Blood Gulch Crew all trapped in a room together as Charon forces are about to breach the door, they prepare for their Last Stand against them until reinforcements can arrive for them and they all say their goodbyes to each other. Epsilon is one of the last ones to speak and says to everyone that, out of everyone he's ever met, he hates them all the least, serving as a Callback to his first death as Church during the first season. Right after this, he performs a Heroic Sacrifice to give his friends a chance to live and, noting that this will be his final death, brings him saying these words to a Bookend.

  • As popularized by Johnny Cash, the lyrics of the song "My Name it is Sam Hall" are all about how much the condemned man hates each and every person in attendance at his execution.
    Sam Hall: "My name is Sam-u-el, and I'll see you all in HELL! I'll see you all in hell, damn your eyes!"

  • Romeo and Juliet has the last words of Mercutio (whose death changes the tone of the play completely), where he says this not just of Tybalt (who actually killed him) but Romeo (who tried to stop the fight, yet only managed to get Mercutio killed) and everyone in the families whose feud lead to his death.
    A Plague on Both Your Houses! They have made worms' meat of me. I have it, And soundly too. Your houses!
  • Many productions of Peter Pan have Hook take a moment to tell Peter Pan just how much he hates him immediately before falling to the croc.

    Video Games 
  • In the last story of Sonic Adventure 2, there's a screen of Prof. Gerald Robotnik giving out a speech declaring his hatred for humanity for the murder of Maria minutes before he was executed:
    "All of you ungrateful humans, who took everything away from me, will feel my loss and despair!"
  • Brilliantly used in Borderlands 2, while also overlapping with OOC Is Serious Business.
    Angel: Dad, I have something I need to tell you... you're an asshole.
  • In World of Warcraft, once Alizabal, Mistress of Hatred, is defeated, she says, "I hate... every one of you..."
  • The Great Will's last words in both the Neutral and Chaos Paths of Shin Megami Tensei II evoke this and an utterly horrifying Dying Curse.
  • When Nathan Drake finds himself cornered in a catacomb by zombified colonial Spaniards with Eddie Raja, Eddie takes a moment to remind Drake that, "If we don’t live through this, I just want you to know...that I hate your guts!" Nate replies, "Yeah, likewise." Nate survives, Eddie doesn’t.
  • In Telepath Tactics, these are Harriet's Last Words if she dies in battle, though she makes her hate well-known when she's alive, too.
    "Malcolm, you pusillanimous fecal sac... is this what you wanted? Looks like you won...after all..."
  • Dawn of War: One of Brikkfist's dying quotes is that his only regret is not killing his mates.
  • BlazBlue: Central Fiction: When Yuuki Terumi finally dies for good:
    Heh heh heh... Suffer for eternity... Ragna the Bloodedge... Heh heh heh... Hahahahaha!!!

    Visual Novels 

    Web Comics 
  • Towards the end of 8-Bit Theater, Black Mage starts using power that essentially makes him a Humanoid Abomination and killing off the other main cast members. Thief attempts to backstab Black Mage, but it does no harm at all. Thief's last words:
    "My only regret is I didn't hate you more."
  • In one strip of Beaver and Steve, the two title characters are cornered by monsters in an alley. When Beaver asks Steve if there's anything he wants to say before they die, he replies "I've always secretly hated you."
  • As Redcloak's brother Right-eye is dying at the end of The Order of the Stick prequel Start of Darkness, he refers to his brother as "Redcloak", a name he basically considers a demeaning slave name, for the first time.
  • Kalki in Drow Tales spends her last, violent moments screaming out her hate for her killer, her own mother.

    Web Original 
  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Guldo, the Butt-Monkey from the Ginyu Force, often tried to reach out and be friendly to Vegeta, only for Vegeta to abuse him in return. In particular, Vegeta had a fondness for throwing doggie treats at Guldo's head, which Guldo found especially demeaning. When Guldo is fighting Gohan and Krillin, he gets mortally wounded by a sneak attack by Vegeta, and begins pondering the afterlife... and Vegeta breaks it up by throwing a dog biscuit at his head.
  • In a deleted scene from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series episode 46, Marik and Florence get a Dying Declaration of Hate as they are about to be killed by Melvin... A moment which is quickly killed by Marik insisting he's straight.
    Bakura: Marik, I... I hate you. I hate you with all my heart. I hate you more than I've ever hated anybody. I hate you so much I can barely take it. In fact, I want to go on hating you for the rest of my life. And if our world is destroyed, well, I won't be able to hate you anymore.
    Marik: Oh, Bakura! I had no idea you felt that way about me! I-if it makes you feel any better, I hate you too. I think I hated you from the moment I first met you.
    Bakura: In that case Marik, if we win this duel, let us go and make sweet hatred together. Just you and me. Hating each other. All night long.
    Marik: Yes! Wait a second, are you coming on to me? I already told you, Bakura, I'm not gay!
  • Gandalf from The Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Dumbest Lord of the Rings Moments, just before he falls from the bridge, realises that nobody's going to save him and responds:
    Gandalf: Oh, fuck this noise, (falls) TELL BILBO I NEVER LIKED HIIIMMmmm...
  • Zephaniah Mann's will (Written on his own skin), is equal parts this trope and Thanatos Gambit as he delivers supreme contempt for his idiot sons Redmond and Blutarch and to the world in general.
    I, Zephaniah Mann, being of sound mind, do hereby vow to haunt the Earth is a horrifying poltergeist, until such time as I have quenched my all-consuming thirst for vengeance against the world, and especially against my dunderhead sons. [...] God and his angels will have to drag me screaming into Heaven. I do not want to die! Damn you all to Hell!
  • Death Battle has a few notable ones for the ones saying it to their opponents:
    Shadow:(to Mewtwo) Screw you!
    Ichigo:(to Naruto) Screw you...Bastard!
    Carnage:(to Lucy) I hate you...
    Gamabunta:(to Master Roshi despite not dying) SCREW YOU, YOU PERVERT!
    Deadpool:(to The Mask) Fuck you.
    Cable: (to Booster Gold) I'll See You in Hell, you goddamn golden asshole!

    Western Animation 
  • A villain on villain example combining with "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner: In Megas XLR a couple of Glorft mooks look out the window to see Megas seconds away from crashing into the mothership, right where they stand. One turns to the other and says, "I've always hated you." Cue explosion.
  • In Metalocalypse, Toki and Skwisgaar get one of these moments when they believe they're about to be killed. Of course, considering the band is made up entirely of Heroic Comedic Sociopaths, it may be more of an Insult of Endearment.
    Toki: (facing certain death) I've always hated you, Skwisgaar.
    Skwisgaar: I knows, Toki. I knows.
  • In Family Guy, when a very drunk Peter accidentally causes his father's death, Francis asks Peter to come closer to listen to what he has to say. His last words were "You're a fat, stinking drunk!" Francis "loved" Peter like a son, but he never LIKED him. Peter soon realized afterward that Francis wasn't even his biological father in the first place, and his father was actually an Irish town drunk named Mickey McFinnigan. Later in the episode, Peter remembering Francis' last words (courtesy of Francis' spirit as part of a joke) helps him realize that he can prove to Mickey that he's his son through a drinking contest.
    • In another episode, after the town is led to believe the world will end in a short amount of time, Peter declares just beforehand that he can't stand his kids, wanting to get that out of the way before he dies. As it turns out, the whole thing was just a prank by the local news team, leaving Peter in a rather awkward situation afterward. Before that, he goes to a black neighborhood and shouts a racial slur; they crown him their king for being so courageous.
  • In the Futurama episode "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles", Professor Farnsworth (who's drowning) curses Zoidberg (not for any related reason, everyone just hates him). Definitely a parody of the Dying Curse trope.
    Fansworth: With my last breath, I curse Zoidberg!
  • From the 1949 Looney Tunes "High Diving Hare," after being tricked by Bugs Bunny for the third time, Yosemite Sam unfalls to glare at his adversary long enough to say, "Ah hate you." Sam then resumes plummeting to his doom.
  • When Bolin is forced to save Corrupt Corporate Executive/Mad Scientist Varrick in the fourth season of The Legend of Korra from a situation likely to kill them both that had been engineered by Varrick, he makes sure to tell Varrick how much he hates the guy just before making a desperate attempt to survive.

    Real Life 
  • There is a story (not a mainstream one) that the Prophet Muhammad died 632 AD from the complications of eating poisoned mutton in 629 AD. The poisoner was Zainab bat el-Harith, a Jewish woman whose family Muhammad had slaughtered and who he had taken as a concubine/sex slave. Muhammad, as his last words, cursed the Jews and Christians as they had built synagogues and churches on prophets' graves. This story is doubted by most scholars with the traditional tale (that Muhammad's last words were "Rather, on to God Most High") considered more credible.
  • Many depictions of Marshal Jean Lannes' last moments include him calling Napoleon out on his endless conquest and warmongering. Unfortunately, while this sounds very in-character for Lannes, the tirade seems to have been invented by Cadet de Gassicourt's, Napoleon's pharmacist, in the years immediately following the fall of the Empire. Most witnesses of Lannes' agony agree that he was too delirious with gangrene to say anything coherent.
  • There are a number of documented cases where prisoners about to be executed for murder and other crimes choose to make their last words this.
    • Allegedly Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, cursed King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement from his pyre and predicted they would both die within a year. The Pope succumbed to some malady a month later, and the king fell to his death from horse's back six months after that. Make of that what you will.
  • Having butted heads ever since the latter got into politics, John Mc Cain specifically banned Donald Trump from his funeral while he was on his death bed.


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