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  • In the first episode of the anime, Seiji gets shot down by a local girl (bringing his losing streak to 20!) then goes to a movie theater to sulk. When it finally dawns on him that he's the only one there without a date, Seiji loses it.
    Seiji: (stands up and points accusingly at the crowd) "DAMN YOU ALL!! I can get a girlfriend if I wanted to! So stop all this lovey-dovey crap RIGHT NOOOOOWWW!!"
    • After he storms out, he overhears a sports broadcast about their hometeam's losing streak of 21 games straight. It hits too close to home, causing Seiji to yell at the radio... and draw strange looks from people passing him on the street.
    Seiji: (face pressed against the store window) "DAMN IT, I'M ONLY UP TO 20!!"
  • Ayase accidentally gives Seiji sleeping pills, and ends up sitting on his lap just as he wakes up...
  • Seiji's meeting Takamizawa in the doll store.
  • Seiji and Midori's faces on seeing what people do with the puppets.
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  • Seiji accidentally becomes an otaku god
  • Ayase and Seiji accidentally swap videotapes, and are shocked when they watch their tapes.
  • Seiji can play the guitar! Sorta.....
    • "Hit 'em with the FLAT SIDE!"
  • Seiji thanks some people.
  • One more when Seiji loses his voice and has Midori speaks for him.
  • Seiji's out cold from mistaking his sister's tequila for fruit juice. Meaning Midori has to drag his unconscious body to answer the door repeatedly. The pizza guy runs like all hell thinking a zombie is in the house.
  • Seiji's reaction to seeing Midori with make up, after his sister gives her a makeover. Seiji tries to play it off, but Rin calls him on it.
    Rin: (mocking Seiji) "Wahaha!! What're you saying?! You're blushing your ass off, you virgin!! That's why your life has been so pathetic!!"
  • What are you doing, Sawamura? Don't eat my phone!
  • From chapter 56:
    • Nao was only moments away from advancing to the finals, when she finally notices Midori, quickly puts two and two together, and realizes the girl she's fighting is Seiji. Her response? This.
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    • The highlight, of the competition and the chapter, is the moment Rin bows out, after to losing to Midori. She pulls a loose thread on Seiji's shorts, and gives the audience an eyeful; especially Ayase who was at ringside! The look on her face on the last two pages is priceless!
    • Midori gets more than an eyeful, since Seiji used his right hand Midori to cover his crotch, causing her to spaz, then faint from the shock!
  • The whole of Chapter 43, in which we see Kouta struggle with Seiji's Stupid Sexy Flanders. Starting with dinner, continuing in the bathroom, ending in the bedroom...
  • Seiji's Not What It Looks Like moment early in the manga/anime, when he tries to get Midori back into her real body by having Midori touch it. Thing is, Midori's sleeping body is almost completely unclothed. Not allowed to watch, he ends up pushing Midori's face into her own breast, just when the door opens and her mother appears with the tea. In the ensuing chaos, Seiji only just manages to escape getting lynched by a horde of angry maids.
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  • Science is justice!! Science is truth!! -confetti-

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