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  • Any time Strike Man appears, especially in the dub.
    • Even funnier is watching his VA's recording sessions in the bonus DVDs. The guy ad-libbed most of his role.
    • Speaking of Strike Man, the entirety of episode 25 (Run, Strike Man, Run!) deserves special mention, as possibly THE funniest face-off between him and Natsumi.
    *Strike Man watches in awe as Natsumi runs up a flight of stairs, while carrying her motocomp*
    Strike Man: (in admiration) "Great Day in the morning! I stand in silent awe of the explosiveness of your glutinous biceps! I'M GLEEFUL TO BE YOUR NEMESIS!!"
    • The unmasking of both Santa Claus Man and Beach Volleyball Man reveals the man behind these masks as...Strike Man, who wears his mask under them. Not that his demeanor hide this identity well anyway.
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  • The man(!) who voiced Scooter Mama in the dub also has some hilarious recording session footage.
  • Natsumi defeats an entire gang of thugs using nothing but frozen tuna.
  • When Natsumi damages a small shrine in the woods near the station, she breaks it further when trying to fix it. Miyuki's scream at the thought of being cursed for it is priceless.
  • Fox revealing that his car, when cornered...reveals his car has a fifth wheel, which allows it to turn without moving. Also a CMOA.
  • In one episode Natsumi mentions binge-playing Duke Nukem Forever, which began development in 1997; if you're a hardcore video gamer, this line becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when you realize that game would not see the light of day until 2011, when it was released to a notoriously negative reception.
  • While going home from a day of shopping, Natsumi and Miyuki are ambushed by a group of young school boys who flip up their skirts, exposing their panties to the crowd. Before either of them can react, a group of schoolgirls chase after them, and we get this awkward exchange;
    Miyuki: Well.....those boys sure caught us off guard, didn't they?
    Natsumi: When I see those twerps again, I'm gonna give them a wedgie and PANTS THEM!!
    Miyuki: (unamused) Oh?
    Natsumi: Well...
    Miyuki: (Beat) Yeah, I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
    Natsumi: (shamefully) Okay.
    • Becomes a massive Oh, Crap! for the ringleader later when he realizes the two of them were cops. And then is dealt an even bigger one when the Strike Man himself has recruited his angry classmates to deal with him.
  • From File 44: Bokuto Ghost Story:
    • The chief tells Nakajima and the others the story of how a police officer who'd been fatally stabbed, died while trying to phone for help. And says he allegedly haunts the precinct, by continuing to try to complete the call. Then the phone rings cueing the following sequence:
    Ken: (nervously answers phone) "H-hello...?"
    *Yoriko screams on other end, scaring the crap out of him*
    Ken: (tosses phone to Miyuki) "Here!"
    Miyuki: (screams and tosses phone to Natsumi) "Here!"
    Natsumi: (screams and tosses phone to Aoi) "Take it!"
    *Aoi blinks and stares at phone in terror*
    *Yoriko screams into the other end of the phone again*
  • File 42, despite being the second part of what's otherwise a Wham Episode, has a couple moments:
    • The Bokutou officers at the beginning are angry at Ken's accident, and say constantly they have to avenge him. All the while Yoriko constantly pipes out to say that Ken isn't dead.
    • During the final chase, when Ken and Natsumi (both riding the same bike) are leading the rogues towards the Rainbow Bridge, they spot Miyuki's car approaching to help them. This exchange ensues:
    Ken: Oh no!
    Natsumi: What's up?
    Natsumi: (annoyed) Don't be stupid! You're talking like a teenager!
  • In File 50: Investigation at Bokuto Station
    • Miyuki starts feeling down after Natsumi reassigns to the main office, so Ken decides to give her a bit of Tough Love... which doesn't go over well with the rest of the precinct. The result is a three hour line outside the mens room, to take turns setting him straight!
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  • When Natsumi wanted to set things straight with Nakajima regarding him meeting the daughter of the tobacco shop owner, she bursts into the men's changing room. The occupants inside all reacted like girls. With one even saying he can't get married now.
  • In the first episode of the second season, and Saori's first day, she gets caught up in a car chase. Her Oh, Crap! face when Miyuki tells her to "Take the wheel!" is glorious.
  • Natsumi's fight with the robot who is limiting consumption of food in the cafetaria in the second season.

from Full Throttle

  • In episode 23, Aoi and Noriko get their chance in the spotlight when they decide to become Bokuto's next "Super Duo". They even imagine their very own intro, which changes the show's title to: "We're Going to Arrest You!"
    • The same episode has Noriko use an ordinary push scooter to pursue a would-be bike thief... and gets left in the dust. It gets worse when even a group of pre-schoolers casually outruns her!

from the mini-specials

  • From File 1:
    • Natsumi and Miyuki pull up a Rich Bitch who drives recklessly and crosses a red light, who gets away with it thanks to her daddy. They later get some revenge pulling her up again, seemingly to apologize. Natsumi distracts her while Miyuki looses her car's oil cap. When the car breaks down, she angrily goes out to check what happened... and then her dress comes loose, leaving her in underwear for everyone to see.
    • The Panty Thief who raids their apartment hides in the bathroom. Once they spot him, Natsumi decides to let him have a look to her nice body... by wearing a black skin-tight bodysuit.
  • From File 2:
    • After Natsumi and Miyuki save a man from a gang of thugs, said man becomes obsessed with them to the point of assaulting them later. This earns a judo throw from Natsumi while Miyuki hilariously subverts Damsel in Distress by shocking him with her car battery all while screaming in terror.
    • Natsumi and Miyuki go undercover to catch a mugger, who attacks at night, while disguised in a monster costume. Naturally, Miyuki wants no part of it and nervously clings to Natsumi... just as a passing couple spots them and gets the wrong idea about them!
    woman: (snickering) "Get a room."
    *leaves, laughing with her boyfriend*
    • The photographer and his alleged search for "the truth". After failed attempts at getting pictures of the women of Bokuto Precinct, in their undergarments, he goes undercover, by crossdressing. Which might have worked, if it weren't glaringly obvious that he was a guy in drag. Or, if he hadn't been snapping the photos, in plain sight!
  • From File 3:
    • Natsumi and Miyuki get assigned to cach a perv, who's installed a hidden camera in the ladies room, at the local gym. So Miyuki invites Ken along and loads him up on drinks, then marks all the other restrooms "out of order"; leaving only the ladies room free. When Ken finally cracks under the pressure, and ducks inside, the perv sees something he wishes he hadn't!
      • Natsumi too, for that matter, when she sees the video feed; though Miyuki clearly liked what she saw.
  • From File 4:
    • When the guys at the precinct learn about a flasher stunning victims after dark, they attempt to come up with a composite sketch of her boobs! But the victim says it's inaccurate, so the guys decide they'll need to see the real thing.
    *everyone stares at Natsumi and Miyuki*
    Natsumi: (irately) "What're you looking at?"
    Nakajima: (adjusts shades) "Of course, it's all in the line of duty, you understand."
    male officer: "Ladies, we're going to need your full cooperation, here."
    *one Violence Discretion Shot later, Natsumi and Miyuki pwns all of them*
    Miyuki: (sternly) "You boys are off the case! Understand?!"
    • Miyuki's semi-automatic boob guns. No, really.
    • The suspect turns out to be a crossdresser, who uses a pair of stun gun loaded boobs. Once he's caught and disarmed, Miyuki examines them, leading to the following exchange:
    Miyuki: (curiously) "Ya know, I don't get it. What's so great about these anyway? I have to say, mine are far superior in color, and shape."
    Natsumi: (bluntly) "Men don't care about all that, Miyuki, as long as they're big! Not to say your little deficient peanuts are bad."
    Miyuki: (insulted) "Oh yeah?! Well you're one to talk, ya know! Word around the station is: your breasts are mostly muscle! Heh hehn!"
    Natsumi: (offended) "Muscles?! At least my muscles can move mountains!"
    Miyuki: "Yeah, well, everyone says you can move each one independently!"
    Natsumi: "EVERYone?! Like who? Who said that?!"
    Perp: (reassuringly) "Excuse me ladies, but I don't think either of has anything to worry about."
    Miyuki: (flattered) "Really?"
    Natsumi: (likewise) "Well, thanks. But flattery's not gonna get ya off the hook."
    Perp: (snide) "No, what I meant was: neither of you has anything worth worrying about. Really."
    *cue Violence Discretion Shot, amidst continued bickering, and the perp's cries of agony*

From the No Mercy OVA

  • About halfway through, Miyuki and the others spot the LAPD police chiefnote  meeting with the car thief they've been searching fornote  and decide to tail them. They speculate that the chief could secretly be working with the car smuggling ring, until they wind up at a love motel. Miyuki and Natsumi's reaction and the accompanying image are priceless (skip to 16:23-17:03)!

From the Live Action Series

  • At the very beginning of the series, Miyuki and Natsumi barge into a store robbery in the hopes of thwarting the perpetrators, only to find out that it was actually a training exercise.
  • In episode 2, the station chief interrogating a suspect by utterly boring him with endless games of Go. It works!
    • Nakajima is told about the urgent situation. He tells the officer, "Relax and be cool. We're Bokuto's bike patrol." He's then told that Miyuki is on the hijacked bus. Gilligan Cut to him on the road driving to intercept the bus.


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