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Their first meeting...sort of.

Because this series is full of Mood Whiplash moments, some of these example may contain spoilers, so please read at your own risk.

Episode 1
  • Tsubaki hits the ball too hard, directly smashing the music room window and hitting Kousei directly on the head to the point where he's briefly unconscious and bleeding. She tries to take the ball and escape unnoticed, but Kousei wakes up and realizes the window was broken again by her. The scene is made more comedic because of the fact that all he can see is red due to blood streaming over his face.
  • At the point of meeting, Kousei finds something hanging in the tree...a pair of shoes and leggings. Kaori later sees him holding her clothes, making her start a violent rampage towards his perverse ways.
  • When Kousei first sees Kaori playing music with a bunch of children, his first instinct is to take a picture... but the wind makes Kaori's skirt blow up, so he accidentally takes a picture of her panties instead. Cue his flat "Hm" while realising what the picture he had taken was (covered by Lens Flare Censor).
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  • During Watari's introduction to Kaori, he tries to act cool, complete with Bishie Sparkle, but in his mind he's already melted by Kaori's appearance and thanks Tsubaki for introducing him to such a cute girl.

Episode 2

  • Watari's already asleep despite the violin competition having just started and needs to be awoken by Kousei when Kaori's turn came.
  • In the music room, Kousei suddenly wakes up hysterically, surprising Watari who came to give him a drink.
    • Before sleeping in the music room, he passed out at the gym. Why? Because he accidentally got hit in the face by the rebounded basketball that he threw himself.
  • Kousei meets Kaori on his way home and is surprised when he finds her wearing the same school uniform. Kaori mistakes his observation as an act of perversion and thinks he's going to take her picture again to be spread over the net. Her reaction then does a complete 180 as she later smugly comments that his actions would only make her even more popular.

Episode 3

  • Kaori's whole reaction when she eat her waffles.
  • Kaori asks Tsubaki's assistance to encourage Kousei to become her accompanist, who to her surprise, actually agrees with the idea. Cut to Kousei suddenly getting goosebumps out of nowhere.
    • Kousei gets blackmailed by them to become the accompanist. What's their method? By playing classical music via school PA system during break time, and displaying a lot of musical score everywhere Kousei can see. Everywhere, including in the music room, in his textbook, crammed in Kousei's locker, even in his private areas: his room, his phone wallpaper, and in case he figured out Tsubaki was the initiator, they also post it outside Tsubaki's windows.

Episode 4

  • Tsubaki's braking the bike so hard its inertia sends Kousei flying and faceplanting to the ground causing his head to bleed again...
    • Afterwards, Kaori grabs Kousei and drag him to the hall while he's still reading the music score book.
    • Watari tells Kousei to swap his sneakers for his shoes to match the event. Kousei then thanks him and Tsubaki while blood is still streaming over his face like it was nothing.
  • While Kousei nervously tries to memorize the score, we can see another nervous participant walking to the stage in a robotic style.
    • After Kaori finishes changing into her performance dress, she shows it off to Kousei expecting him to comment on or even praise it, but he's still busy memorizing the score and ends up ignoring her in the process.
      • So what does she do to get his attention? She headbutts him so hard that his forehead emits smoke.
  • Getting to the stage doesn't mean their problems are over. Kousei, having been two years absent from any competition, struggles to adjust the accompanist stool.

Episode 5

  • In the flashback, Tsubaki forced Kousei to jump from Courage Bridge, but after a while he didn't resurface and all of the children realized he couldn't swim...
    • After he resurfaces and regains consciousness, Tsubaki and Watari can be seen approaching Kousei with flat, thank-God-he-didn't-die faces.
  • Tsubaki, Kousei, and Watari visit Kaori in the hospital when she collapses after her performance in the previous episode at the wrong time. Without knocking, they sneak an accidental peek at Kaori receiving a sponge bath from the nurse. Their reaction:
    Tsubaki: The nape of her neck!
    Watari: Her skin is so bright!
    Kousei: (speechless and emitting a heart-shaped bubble)
    • Of course, the two boys get punishment from Tsubaki, leaving Kaori crying because she thinks her chances of marriage are ruined.
  • When Kousei asks Tsubaki what his good aspects are besides being a pianist, she has trouble answering and hurriedly changes the topic.
  • It's revealed that Kousei almost fell off his stool when he slipped due to his sweaty hand when he was trying to get up after their duet performance in episode 4.
  • Kousei meets Kaori playing hopscotch at Courage Bridge, she claims it's just a coincidence, but the child who's playing with her spills the beans that she was indeed waiting for him.
    • After realizing Kousei didn't bring anything as a gift for her leaving the hospital, she exploits the situation by crying at the ground, making Kousei feel guilty and making the children condemn him.
      • To stop her crying, Kousei says he'll do something for her...with an uneasy expression.
      Kousei: Alright then, I'll do something for you okay?
      Kaori: You'll do anything I ask?
      Kousei: (concerned offscreen) Sure, sure.
      Kaori: No matter what?
      Kousei: (more concerned offscreen) No matter what.
      Kaori: (suddenly rising up) YIPPEE!
      Kousei: I knew it...
  • Mirroring the flashback in the early part of the episode, after jumping from Courage Bridge, Kousei doesn't immediately reappear, making Kaori a little worried and the children a lot worried in the process.
    (bubbles start popping up from Kousei's landing place)
    Kaori: Huh? No way...
    Children: Onii-Chan!
    • In the end, Kaori realises Kousei's glasses are missing, much to his horror.

Episode 6

  • After jumping to the river in previous episode, Kousei lets Kaori change into his dry clothes at his house. Kaori, in a fit of rage over the neglected state of his piano, slams open the windows in the piano room... and Tsubaki, who lives next door, sees the two of them through her window at that moment. Cue a beat moment. Afterwards, Tsubaki gives Kousei a good beating by throwing a chair to him.
  • Kousei's shocked expression after he hears his own piano playing on a recording with band-aid plastered on his face due to Tsubaki's rage the night before. He's rolling in the music room floor while ranting about how bad his playing is while his friends (Kashiwagi, Watari, and Tsubaki) comment about how much the playing sucks.
  • Kousei watches Kaori sleeping while she accompanies Kousei practicing in the school's music room. While covering her with his jacket, he mutters that she looks like an long as she's quiet. Cue to Kaori suddenly makes frown expression in her sleep.
  • Watari trying to look cool at the athlete releasing ceremony for regional tournament, again with Bishie Sparkle.
  • Kousei once again rolling in the music room floor with disbelief while hears his own playing. This time his rolling is much faster than before.
  • On her way home during the night, Tsubaki meets up with Kousei, who gives her a very light kick on her ankle... which causes her to shiver and scream in pain. It's revealed that her leg got injured in the baseball game earlier in the day, so he gives her a ride and the situation becomes a heartwarming moment.

Episode 7

  • A panicked Kaori rushed to the nurse's office after hearing Kousei passed out during an athletic lesson... only to found him already fit and munching his egg sandwiches.
  • After a few years absent, Takeshi and Emi finally reunite with their largest rival, Kousei. Sadly, Kousei obliviously didn't recognize them at all. Takeshi and Emi are not so happy about that in the next scene this can be seen clearly.

Episode 8

  • When Takeshi finishes his performance, he brags about it to Kousei who thinks it was indeed amazing. Silence ensues with Takeshi's and Emi's surprised faces... then Takeshi can be seen totally flattered by Kousei's compliment while Emi comments about his reaction to Kousei's compliment being creepy.
  • Watari finds Emi's face is cute... until he realises that he shouted it loudly, making it audible to Kaori. Made funnier by Watari's Oh, Crap! expression.
    • When he's sure Kaori isn't going to jealous of Emi, he starts to praise and flatter her again, rooting for her in the competition only because he finds her beautiful. Made funnier by him already using her first name.
      Watari: "She's got to be good, because she's cute! I know how to size up people, I bet Emi-chan's gonna run away with this competition! I mean, 'cause she's so cute!"
      Kaori: "Already using her first name?"
      Tsubaki: "Jerk..."
  • Kousei's entire awkward entrance in his first ever performance by Emi's reminiscence. He nervously walks like robot, bumps his behind the stool while bowing, and inadvertently had a "thank goodness" comment after he finished the performance.
    • After that, Emi herself suddenly burst out crying because she was touched by Kousei's performance, which made his situation even more awkward. Later, he walks back behind the stage with a crestfallen expression.

Episode 9

  • After finishing her performance, an emotional Emi grabs Kousei's shirt to express the determination in her playing. Takeshi mistook it as Emi's confession of love to Kousei.
  • During the break, Tsubaki has her face turned blue because she's worried about Kousei, while Watari can be seen scouting out the many beautiful women/girls.
    • After the competition starts again, Watari can be seen already asleep.
  • When Tsubaki asks Kaori about how she chose Kousei's piece, the scene cuts to reveal her method of choosing: using a rolling pencil with number written on it. Tsubaki (as well as Kousei after she did the method) is shocked.
    • Lampshaded by Takeshi and Emi that question why Kousei chose a piece that was not considered difficult by his amazing skill standard.

Episode 10

  • In the middle of a heartwarming moment, Kousei realized that he'll be disqualified since he stopped playing in the midway, just like a certain ruthless tyrant he knows. Cue to Kaori's comedic offended expression.
  • In the stinger, one of the judges can be seen angered and offended by Kousei's new style of playing.

Episode 11

  • Hiroko gets angry when Kousei calls her by her surname.
  • Kaori, Tsubaki, and Watari are peeking Kousei from behind glass door. Watari is envious of Kousei because he sees him with a beautiful woman. The three of them (especially Watari) are even more surprised when Hiroko suddenly hugs Kousei. Kousei himself is surprised when he found his friends peeking the whole time.
  • Hiroko is worried about Kousei, so she decides to go to his house, only to find him seemingly unconscious under his piano with bruised hands. Later, she's realizes he's just sleeping and that her panicked voice woke him up so suddenly, to the point where she thinks he resurrected and covers Koharu's eyes in the process.
    Hiroko: (after finding Kousei lying body) Kousei!
    Kousei: (suddenly wakes up)
    Hiroko: Are you up? You've been resurrected! (covering Koharu's eyes)
    Koharu: Zombie? Zombie?
    Kousei: (half-asleep) Huh..? Seto-san? Good morning... what's up..?
    Hiroko: You wouldn't pick up no matter how many times I called you, so I'm here because I'm worried, you little punk!
    Kousei: AAAAARRRGGGHH (gets hung upside-down by Hiroko)
    • The conversation in the dub manages to top this in its hysteria:
      Hiroko: (after found Kousei lying body) Kousei!
      Kousei: (suddenly wakes up)
      Hiroko: Go for the head! It's a freaking zombie! (covering Koharu's eyes)
      Koharu: Where'd he go? Where'd he go?
      Kousei: (half-asleep) Oh hey... Good morning... I'm glad to see you and all, but... why are you in my house..?
      Hiroko: I'm here because somebody wouldn't pick up the phone even though like I called A BILLION TIMES, you punk!
      Kousei: AAAAARRRGGGHH (cue being hung upside down)
    • Hiroko finds that Kousei is still wearing the same clothes as yesterday, so she tries to forcefully strip his clothes. Cue Koharu covering her eyes and Kousei adjusting his trousers afterward while running to the bathroom.

Episode 12

  • Kousei initially refuses the candy apple Koharu bought for him in the festival, making her cry. Panicking, he immediately accepts it, and she starts smiling again, eating her own with passion.
  • After taking Kaori to her home late at night, Kousei prepares to leave, only to be stopped by Kaori's dad, complete with the expression of an angered father, who is ready to punish the guy who takes his daughter out at such a late time, much to Kousei's horror and shock.
    • Kousei is then relieved when he is welcomed with a mountain of cakes and dessert.
    • Everytime Kaori's parents suddenly talk to him, Kousei responds with a Blue with Shock expression.
    • After Kousei leaves, he still nods at them with an awkward smile.
  • Kousei nearly drowns in the pool.
    Kousei: (back to consciousness, suddenly rising up and slamming into Watari's head)
    Kaori: He's alive!
    Kashiwagi: He's in pain.
    Tsubaki: That's proof that he's alive! How could you... how could you drown in such a shallow pool? Everyone's gonna blame me!" (starts crying)
    Watari: He freakin slammed his head right into his savior's face!
    Kashiwagi: Not bad.
    • Even more hilarious is that Kashiwagi's response foreshadows her being a Yaoi Fangirl.
  • Emi attending the gala concert Kousei's participating in with a flashy Paper-Thin Disguise that is easily seen through by her mentor. She's not happy about that.
  • A panicked Kousei expresses his anger toward Kaori's absence in the gala concert by inadvertently doing an Angry Dance. Made funnier by Koharu imitating his movements.

Episode 13

  • When she visits Arima's house after another fight with her husband, Hiroko plays her own piece, which has an upbeat melody, but with Lyrical Dissonance.
    Hiroko: (angrily singing and playing the piano) Idiot husband! Better brace yourself! Or I'm gonna step on you!
    • This becomes a mix of heartwarming and funny when Kousei successfully plays the tune by ear.
  • Emi expresses her motivation to defeat Kousei with her Looming Silhouette of Rage.
  • After a rather draining performance of "Love's Sorrow", Kousei collapses backstage, and Hiroko and Koharu round the corner... and Koharu gives him a flying headbutt she was so eager to give him a Cooldown Hug.
  • Kousei shows his anger to Kaori with a similar expression to that of Emi... but with a moo-ing cow as his Animal Motif.

Episode 14

  • Kaori catches Kousei leering at her again, accusing him of lusting over her. Of course he didn't and refuse the accusation, but instead Watari confesses he himself is lusting over her.
  • Kaori trying to explain the situation which hospitalized her again with exaggerated tones. It becomes less funny after the real scene is shown to audience in episode 16, though.
    • Later, she shows the same reaction from episode 3 after eating the cakes Watari brought for her.

Episode 15

  • Tsubaki is relieved when he hears Kousei maybe won't be able to enlist to music high school outside the town only to hears him maybe will enlist the music school overseas with Hiroko's link.
  • Tsubaki faceplanting because she failed her takeoff phase while doing the Long Jump. One random student can be heard shouting that it's a school record. The next scene, Tsubaki's can be seen with her face full of band-aids, sparking Kousei's and Watari's laughter.
    Watari: Did you have a nice trip?
  • The introduction of Nagi; after trolling Kousei from above a branch of the tree, a black cat appears beside her, making the branch break and fall on him, knocking her unconscious.
    • Hiriko describing that Kousei carried her in "like a sack of hamburgers," prompting her daughter to crave hamburgers.

Episode 16

  • Kousei goes all-out on his critiques about Nagi's playing, covering everything from technical mistakes to her gesture and body language.
  • Kousei meets Kaori on his way home, only to find her jokingly pretending to be amnesiac to him because he never visits her.
    • Afterwards, Kaori ask him to accompany her shopping while he carries a lot of her groceries.
      Kaori: (in a demonic voice) And I bet you can carry a lot!
      Kousei: (trembling) Uh...
    • Kousei's reaction when he realizes Kaori didn't bring her bag to the school at all. Then it's Played for Drama. She didn't attend the school that day and just got a day out of the hospital to take a walk including shopping in the mall and exploring the school at night.
  • Kousei again going all-out on his critics toward Nagi because her playing is too slow, causing her to imagine hurting him by crushing his fingers with the keyboard cover and stabbing his eyes through his glasses with her fingers. Fortunately, Hiroko anticipated that and gives her a Death Glare.
    • The next day, Kousei once again gives his harsh critiques toward Nagi. This time because her playing is too fast, making her cry and run outside in frustration.
    • To console her, he brings a peace offering in the form of a roasted sweet potato. Needless to say, initially she was not very happy about it, but she ate it anyway, and enjoyed it.
  • While visiting Kaori, Kousei is revealed to be teaching piano to a girl (Nagi); his friends have mixed reactions.

Episode 17

  • Kousei visits Kaori alone at night, bringing the canel&eacute with him. After a Played for Drama scene that concludes in Kaori suggesting he to just forget about her, an annoyed Kousei angrily eats all of the canel&eacute in front of her face. Of course, they start fighting Like an Old Married Couple loud enough that they can be heard from outside the room by a passing nurse.
    Kousei: OMNOMNOMNOMNOM (eats all of the canelé)
    Kaori: My canelé!
    Kousei: Like I'd let such a cranky whiner have it? I felt sorry for the canelé!
    Kaori: But I'm the one who asked it!
    Kousei: I'm the one who bought it!
    Kaori: What's that?
    Kousei: That's that!
    Nurse: Not again...
    • Afterwards, Kousei is scolded by said nurse and nods to her repeatedly. Humorously, the nurse also happens to be eating one of the caneles while scolding Kousei.
  • After school, Nagi prepares to leave immediately, ignoring the invitation from a few people: her close friends, a Bishounen with Bishie Sparkle and Love Bubbles, and a Nerd with Nerd Glasses and clarinet.
  • Watari finds that Nagi's school is full of cute girls.
  • Kousei finds that Nagi's school festival is full of silly and humorous performance, in contrast to his and Nagi's piano duet, which is serious and calm.
    • One of them includes a percussion performance by students in giant doll costumes. What makes it funny is when they leave the stage, two of them trip and end up needing the assistance of other students, who drag them out stage left.

Episode 18

Episode 19

  • Tsubaki got "B" grade on her mock entrance exam, much to the surprise of her classmates.
    Classmates: What, that bumbling gorilla?
    What, Miss Muscles-for-Brains?
    I only asked her because I was sure she scored lower than me!
    But she's Tsubaki!
    Tsubaki: (smugly) I rule! Bow down before me, you dullards! (lets out a long Noblewoman's Laugh)
    Kashiwagi: It's love, huh?
    Tsubaki: (stops laughing and does a Face Fault)
  • A worried Tsubaki decides to visit Kousei to bring him food, only to find him seemingly lying unconscious, panicking her in the process.
    Tsubaki: Kousei, you're so light!
    Kousei: (awakes but still half-asleep) Huh? Tosa dog? Oh, it's you Tsubaki, was I asleep?
    Tsubaki: Don't sleep like you're dead!!
    Kousei: BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (shaken by Tsubaki)
    • After that, Kousei is still deliriously muttering about the required Bach piece he needs to practice.
  • In the waiting hall, Kousei is approached by Emi with her cold, menacing bear aura, making him and his cow aura tremble with fear. He's trying to make peace by offering his egg sandwich, which surprisingly succeeds. He then excitedly brags about the quality of his sandwich choices to her like a salesperson.
    Kousei: I know, right? This egg salad sandwich is light on the mayo and light on the salt, which brings out its sweetness to the max! And since they get these range free eggs directly from the farms, you can say it's the ultimate egg salad sandwich, seeking to capture the splendid taste of the egg itself!
    • Takeshi, who recently threw up in the toilet due to the pressure, meets the two and since those two are eating, he feel a bit uneasy. But Kousei also offers his sandwich to him and he still accept it, making Kousei repeat his bragging a la salesperson lines.
  • After Takeshi finishes his performance, Nagi cheers for him, but suddenly realizes Kousei is also participating, so she's trapped in a dilemma situation between who she must supports: Her brother or her mentor.

Episode 20

  • In a childhood scene, Tsubaki's friend is amazed that such a girl like her can still catch a cold and produce such a weird-sounding sneeze, leading to some hilarious comments.
    Watari: Bio...hazard
    Children: Call combat medics!
    Take shelter!
    Gorilla germs!
    Tsubaki: Who you callin' gorilla!? (ironically doing Primal Chest-Pound)
  • Tsubaki brags about her "B" grade again... with different reactions from her classmates than before.
    Tsubaki: I got grade B!! Wohohohoho
    Kashiwagi: (along with other classmates) Love, right?
    Yes, it's love.
    Because of love.
    Tsubaki: (Face Fault)
  • During their practice, Tsubaki can be seen aiming the ball towards the music room. Kashiwagi already figures this, but when she mentions Kousei, Tsubaki suddenly loses her grip and throws the bat instead, almost hitting Kashiwagi in the process.
  • Kousei loses concentration in his practice due to Tsubaki's Love Confession, causing Hiroko to punish him.
    Kousei: (thinking about Tsubaki's acts and words) Enigmas... girl are such enigmas...

Episode 21

  • Kousei gets another Heroic BSoD after Kaori's condition takes a sharp turn for the worst onstage, but this time he snaps out of it. How? By Tsubaki's weird sneezing voice which was lampshaded in the flashback in episode 20. Cue the embarrassed expressions of Watari and Kashiwagi who are pretending that they don't know her.
    Tsubaki: Atchoo!!
    Kashiwagi: (in inner voice) Stupid Tsubaki! (looking to other direction)
    Watari: (also in inner voice) I don't know you! I don't know you! (looking to opposite direction of Kashiwagi)
    Tsubaki: (covering her mouth with shocked face)

Episode 22

Episode 23 (OVA Episode)

  • Emi's first ever chance to approach Kousei ends with a total failure. Her bait monologue about sharing the popsicle ends up totally ignored by Kousei who keeps drinking his milk and reading the score book.

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