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Ho Yay / You're Under Arrest!

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It's a cop series starring a duo of female traffic officers, so it was inevitable.

Natsumi and Miyuki
  • In particular, chapter 47 features a drunken Natsumi complaining about how men (especially the Captain) don't seem interested in her, concluding with "Maybe I need to try with girls…", then she immediately falls asleep and tips over on top of Miyuki, who (along with Yoriko and several of their other coworkers who are watching) initially assumes that Natsumi is hitting on her, until noticing that Natsumi is asleep.
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  • It's especially prevalent in official art, which could easily give the impression that Natsumi and Miyuki are an item, rather than friends.
  • The ED used throughout the second season shows Miyuki in a wedding gown, with Natsumi as her groom - complete with tuxedo.
  • The second episode of "Full Throttle" had a lot of "Has Two Mommies" subtext.

Yoriko and Aoi

  • A manga omake had Aoi and Yoriko dressed as in a suit and wedding gown; Aoi in the wedding gown of course.
  • In one anime episode Yoriko imagines herself getting married to Aoi, with both of them in wedding gowns.

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