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Trivia / You're Under Arrest!

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  • Acting for Two: In the English dub, Kenny and his father are both voiced by Marc Matney.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: The English dub features veteran actor Andrew Masset (better known for playing Larry Welch in Days of Our Lives) as Superintendent Takao Arizuka.
  • He Also Did: The Full Throttle season was directed by Koichi Ohata. And unlike his other works, there's no overtly gory violence to be seen (plenty of Fanservice though).
  • No Dub for You: The second/third season were released in North America with English subtitles as Sentai made the decision not to call back the dub actors again.
  • No Export for You:
    • You're Under Arrest: No Mercy! has not been released outside of Japan. The second and third seasons simply fall under No Dub for You instead.
    • The manga is also hard to find due to lack of re-releases, and is mostly not officially exported. The fact that Dark Horse Comics, responsible for the English version, had to contend with Executive Meddling  didn't help matters much. Although there are unofficial efforts to get it out in English.
    • Same goes with the PlayStation Gaiden Game.
  • The Other Darrin: Jo Anne Luzzato was originally the English voice actor for Miyuki. But she was replaced by Juliet Cesario in the other seasons, including the movie.
  • Playing Against Type: Yoriko is this for Etsuko Kozakura who normally voices children or animals
  • Studio Hop: ADV Films would dub the movie and mini-specials in AnimEigo's stead using the same voice cast. With Sentai Filmworks licensing the later seasons in a sub-only format.
  • You Look Familiar: Every supporting character in the No Mercy! special is more-or-less an Americanized version of their Japanese counterpart. It's Lampshaded multiple times and even used as a plot point in one case.