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  • Miyuki/Cure Happy is made of these. Most notably her Epic Fail of an attack in episode 2. The standard cutscene begins, she charges up and... misses by quite a bit.
    • Happened again in episode 3. It will probably be her Once an Episode thing, at least until the whole team is gathered.
    • In the dub, she starts reciting the Pledge of Allegiance during her class introduction
    • Her reaction to her transformation in episode 1 is pretty funny as well.
    • Anytime she said "Happupu~" is going to bring a smile on your face. There's just something funny in the tone she's saying it.
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  • Candy's voice in the dub.
  • #3, Yayoi, after transforming into Cure Peace faces an Akanbe with a determined look on her face only to run away in fright soon after.
    • The animation of the Peace Thunder attack involves her startling herself when she catches the lightning in her hand, and her scared face is hilarious. Every. Time.
    • Cure Peace does a faceplant during the ending sequence in episode 3.
    • Akaoni's line from the dub after Peace said her speech for the first time.
    "Kittens always give me the sneezies."
  • #4, Cure Peace going with paper instead of scissors this time, beating Akaoni who chose rock.
    • Cure March sees the Akanbe of the episode on the move and begins to run after it only to discover her super speed and run right into a pillar.
  • Cure March and her perplexed look towards her puffy pigtails in episodes 4 and 5.
  • #5, Sunny reacting to how Peace is really playing rock, paper, scissors whenever she transforms and Candy losing with scissors even though her hand looks like a stub.
    • The English dub has the same scene but with a different line lampshading about Fingerless Hands.
    "I wish I can do that (Cure Peace pounding with her fist or doing the peace sign.) but I don't have fists or fingers..."
  • #6, Miyuki gets distracted by a penguin book when teleporting, landing her in the South Pole.
    Can you speak up? I can’t hear you from over here.
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  • #7, The girls attempts to find a secret base, just all of it.
  • #8, Miyuki being able to transform into Cure Candy.
    • A more subtle moment being at the beginning of the episode, the three Bad End Commanders arguing amongst each other about what happened to Majorina's "Switcheroo" rings. When it's revealed that Akaoni lost them by accident, the other two say that it's all his fault, with Akaoni happily admitting it.
    • Also from episode 8, pretty much the entire school day with Candy as Miyuki. It'd be easier just to call this an entire Episode of Funny.
    • Majorina objecting to being called 'obaa-chan' by the cop.
    • Cure Candy's fight with the Akanbe is this and a Moment of Awesome, due to the fact that we're seeing a Ridiculously Cute Critter fighting it Dragon Ball Z style with long fluffy pigtails.
  • #10, the eyecatches usually have the Cure the episode is based on in the one before the commercials, and Candy in the one after. With the girls chibified and them and Candy cheering and shouting the names. In this episode it's a little different.
    • Wolfrun's entire trip to the Human World, because he's hungry. From him getting kicked out of a restaurant because they think he's wearing a mask, to his Wile E. Coyote-ish reaction to Cure Sunny knocking the Akanbe in the air.
  • #11, Miyuki being carried away by the ants.
    • As well as any time Nao freaks out over bugs.
      • The music when Nao is freaking out about the bugs.
    • Cure March kicking the Akanbe into Majorina's face.
    • After they defeat the Akanbe, Majorina throws a tantrum, causing the mini-sized Precures to be jostled around. Majorina pauses before stamping her feet again, apparently just to screw with them. It's even funnier because the Precures have super-squeaky voices from being shrunken.
  • #13, all of it. Especially the scramble to catch the falling tea boiler, which ends with Miyuki holding it over her head... and it's contents pouring out onto the teacher who walked in behind her.
    • Miyuki's fish-lens face when she gets the bad fortune reading near the start of the episode.
  • #15, none of the girls can think of anything Miyuki is good at, possibly excepting reading and being a klutz.
  • #16, the girls' reaction to Reika bringing up Precure on the list of things she's quitting, complete with Miyuki grabbing Candy and hugging her fangirl-style.
  • #17, considering it's a manzai route. But Cure Gorilla takes the cake.
  • #20, Majorina uses her camera invention to turn herself invisible... and proceeds to tickle Nao, Yayoi and Miyuki. Reika reacting as if this is tactic is pure evil also makes it hilarious.
  • #24, the Cures as Ridiculously Cute Critters, is somewhere between this and Tastes Like Diabetes due to how adorable it is.
    • Cure March questioning if the Princess Wands have batteries in the English dub after the wands reappear.
    "Do these come with batteries?"
  • #27, Miyuki's grandma completely no-selling Wolfrun's Bad End. Something about the way the the music cuts in and out as the camera cuts between him and her serene smile just kills it. The followup, with Grandma calling Wolfrun a fox and then ignoring his threats to go inside and get some snacks, is also aces.
    • And the cut to the clock that isn't moving.
  • #29: After the Ferris wheel memory ride, Akane, Yayoi and Nao end up adopting and saying Miyuki's Catchphrase complete with the trademark face of (-3-): "Ultra Happuppu..."
  • #30: The Cures fighting against the Piranha Akanbe, where we see why using Peace Thunder is a bad idea underwater.
    • From the same fight: Mere moments before that, Sunny tries to use Sunny Fire... underwater. Reality Ensues as the fire generated by Sunny Fire gets extinguished.
  • #35: Yayoi's fangirling over Humongous Mecha... even the villains' ones.
    • Later in the episode, Beauty—when Reika seemed completely unfamiliar with the concept of Humongous Mecha earlier in the episode—can pilot mech!Happy flawlessly when even Peace couldn't... because she read the book Yayoi handed her. Also worth noting with Peace's excuse of not being able to do so despite everyone eyeing at her: "Just because I fawn on them doesn't mean I can control them!"
    • Mecha Happy does a straight Rocket Punch, only to freak out about her hand getting detached as it's already on its way.
  • #38: The Pretty Cure as cute little kids, and how their Finishing Move and how they fail. Especially since beforehand, their only tactic was to play tag to tire out the Akanbe, and Wolfun and Akaoni end up playing it with them.
    • Cure March's March Shoot does nothing on Marjorina's Akanbe.
    • Especially Cure Sunny's which, she fails to jump up in time, before the fire (used for Sunny Fire) fizzles out.
    • Or Cure Peace, who's Peace Thunder, causes her to cry rather than unleash it when she's zapped.
    • Cure Beauty's Beauty Blizzard only manages to air condition Marjorina in her Akanbe.
    • Cure Happy's Happy Shower didn't even work.

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