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  • Peach kicking Pluie in the head.
  • In the manga, the 4-komas in Volume 6, involving Pana-ma, a demon with the power to make people fall asleep by shaking his maracas...and then doodling on their faces. It includes a sarcastic comment from the author about it being too serious to work into the plot.
  • Potamos scaring Viento by appearing upside down, complete with "Hey Vi-Vi!"
  • When operating their mechas, Angel Lily and Angel Daisy manage to get theirs stuck.
  • the confrontation of Wedding Peach and Angel Potamos in their special
    • First time because Potamos stole her dialogue
    • Second time when she was asking her for a weapon
    • Finally when Wedding peach asked for her weapon back
  • Angel Daisy's Kame Hame Turtle attack has her hurl a frightened turtle at her opponents
  • In the first episode of Wedding Peach DX When Hinagiku steals Momoko's bra while at the beach, the next cutscene shows Yuri scolding her for it


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