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This cute series about a band of furry friends is bound to have funny moments! For Example:

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  • Some Bromide cards are actually funny...


Season 1

     Episode 1 
  • Cyan has a fantasy of herself in a band performing the show's theme song. However when the songs over, she realizes she was acting it out in front of a crowd of students.....
  • The few times we see Pig Macaron in the episode is when she is seen passing out from Fangirl~ism and out of fear.
  • During the fight with Trichronica against the Dark Monster, Kai trips in a comical manner....
  • Cyan's first meeting with Maple and how it was broken up by Chu Chu!!!
  • Shu Zo's loooooonnnnnnggg limo!!!!!
  • How Angelica calms Maple down is by taking behind closed metal doors and....Well, you can guess by the whip sounds and screaming from Maple!!!! As expected, when he gets out, he is completely refreshed!!!!
  • Dagger's conversation with Grateful King ends when he realizes the latter was sleeping through the whole thing!
  • Retoree and Cyan's budding "romance"...

     Episode 2 
  • The introduction of Shingan Crimsonz!! As well as the aftermath!!
  • Crow's way of addressing his fans!
    • And they later become big fans!
  • Moa and Retoree's reasons for joining the band.

     Episode 3 

     Episode 4 
  • Moa's reaction to getting Tsuretsure tickets!
  • Plasmagica's attempts to become popular through fashion!!!
    • One of the attempts has Cyan striking a pose from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures...
    • Moa dressing up as a supervillain complete with the laugh and pose.
    • And the reactions of Crow, Yaiba and Aion...
  • Tonketsu Ramennnn.....

     Episode 5 
  • Shizuku Secret Mind Wendy and Corriente playing in the pool!

     Episode 6 
  • Plasmagica playing volleyball!
  • BRR's reaction to Strawberry Heart!
  • Almost everything ShinganCrimsonz (especially Crow) did in this episode, but the "training in the mountains" part really takes the cake.
  • Moa revealing herself to be an alien!

     Episode 7 
  • Seeing Shingan Crimsonz scared out of their wits in Yokai Street!

     Episode 8 

     Episode 9 
  • We learn that if Jacklyn gets dried up, she'll comically become depressed which is shown when Rosia uses a hair dryer against her for talking negative!
  • Plasmagica's montage of attempts to wow the crowd.
    • Some attempts end with Moa getting drumstick antennas.
    • Another has Cyan spinning out of control and hitting Crow in the face with Strawberry Heart!

     Episode 10 
  • In the ending credits, Maple replaces Cyan at the beginning and he can be seen running along the other characters!

     Episode 11 
  • Uwasanopetals finally getting to go to Midi City!
  • Shu Zo's freakishly long limo returns!
  • Before the fight with the Dark Monster, Moa can be seen running around like a headless sheep!

     Episode 12 
  • Maple and Angelica's spy mission to save Grateful King has some hilarious results!
    • From the English dub:
      Angelina: Bad news. It looks like we've been spotted.
      Maple: Well of course. You were as quiet as a machine gun!!
    • In one scene, one of their spy uniforms gets shredded with a view of something plump... Turns out not to be Angelica's breasts but turns out to be Maple's butt...
      "How's that for bootylicous?"
  • After the battle with Cyan, Dagger Morse, the Big Bad is turned into a small white blob and is tortured by Crow.
  • Crow's reaction to finally meeting Grateful King!
  • And his later reaction to finding out Grateful King is Strawberry Heart!!!
    • Not to mention his legend dance towards the end!
  • Angelica's reaction at seeing Maple's human form!

Season 2

     Episode 2 
  • Maple in human form handing Kamui the bill for the damages he caused...
    • And Kamui teleporting away to avoid payment.
  • The girls' reaction to learning Moa is an alien princess!!!
    • And her father is a a pink fluffy version of Maple!!!
  • Naturally, everyone on Planet Pyuru communicates with Pyuru!!
  • Towards the end, the space delicacy Moa's mom packed for her escapes and Hilarity Ensues on the ship...

     Episode 10 
  • Arcareafact react towards their manager reverting to her true form.
    • Balt later questions who that woman is.