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Funny / Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns

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  • Pictured at right: Brock says "I'll just use my trusty frying pan, as a drying pan!"
  • Domino's Epic Fail, accidentally due to Jessie and James mopping the floor under her orders, causing her to skid across the floor and end up falling over with her butt sticking up in the air and a pail on her head. The two of them don't miss the irony, and are quite pleased with the results.
  • Also, Jessie and James' pledge to help the clone Pokémon, telling them they'll go anywhere they lead them to. Immediately cut to the next scene, with the clone Pokémon locking the two of them in a prison cell.
  • "Oh, Domino! So black and white, and yet so playful! Please, let's find a quiet place to line up and find out if we're a match!"
  • "Finally! A man with intelligence, intensity and ruggedly attractive stubble who cares about me passionately!"
    • Also, James' and Meowth's reactions.
  • James seizing Pikachu with electricity-absorbing wire. Specifically, the way he announces it as if he was sending out a Pokémon.
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  • Luna calls the Team Rocket trio "careless and reckless" after they take off in the storm with Pikachu. Domino responds with a deadpan "You forgot to mention brainless." Even better, this happens before she formally reveals herself to be Team Rocket and while she's still pretending to be an airhead (but after the audience is clued in), yet nobody notices the sudden change in demeanor, making the whole thing a hilarious extra bit of Dramatic Irony.
  • Mewtwo in the Japanese version when confronted about saving a bus full of humans. While the English version has him coldly dismiss the notion that he might be growing a soft spot for humans, here, his reaction is a Tsundere-like denial.
    "Do you think I'm a Pokémon capable of being that kind to humans? Me? Mewtwo? Don't be ridiculous."
  • Mewtwo has been half-killed by Team Rocket's machines, and needs to get to the healing spring. Giovanni and the rest of his army have showed up to make sure he doesn't. It's tense, it's dramatic, and then along come Jessie and James, sneaking around in the background and saying things like, "It's the Boss! What do we do?" and "If he sees us, he may do something drastic, like ask for our expense report!" Made even funnier by the fact that Giovanni has much more pressing things on his mind just now than Jessie and James, or their expense report.


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