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  • Episode 1:
    • Haiji pulls off an Offscreen Teleportation, leaving Kakeru flabbergasted.
    • All the noise caused by the dorm members leads to Nira constantly barking in surprise.
    • Kakeru's hilarious inability to keep up with the loudness of the party.
    • Musa's Naked First Impression when meeting with Kakeru.
    • Haiji non-nonchalantly barges in the bathroom while Kakeru is still changing his clothes. The look on Kakeru's face can be best summed up as What the heck?!
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    • The dorm members' reaction to the truth about the track and field team.
  • Episode 2:
    • For a good chunk of the episode, Haiji sneaks up on all the members during their daily activities and using their weaknesses or interests to convince them to join the track team. This varies from telling King that running at Hakone will improve his employability to convincing the twins that they'll become popular with the girls. Yuki is particularly annoyed by the latter and punishes them by wrapping them up in futons and whacking them with a mattress beater.
    • Haiji challenges Kakeru to outlast him in the (very) hot bath at the bathhouse, with the winner getting to order the loser around. The end result? Both of them fainting after a couple of minutes, red as tomatoes.
  • Episode 5:
    • The alcohol-induced vows. Special mention goes to Shindo and Musa.
      Musa: "Shindo's words touched my heart."
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    • The exhausted, pale Prince 'trying to become incorporeal'. Haiji then proceeds to casually pick him up from the ground.
      Prince: "It's the only way I can exist in this world."
  • Episode 6:
    • The airheaded Joji casually asks King if he's got a job yet, right after his interview. Yuki kicks him to shut him up, and Joji lies on the ground while writing Yuki's name on the dirt as if he's been murdered.
    • The team show off their advertisement t-shirts to King. Except Kakeru, who's still not put his on. After he realizes he's the odd one out, he panics and quickly throws it on. Joji snarks that Kakeru is slow at everything other than running.
    • King starts spouting a tsundere-like excuse about his decision to train with the team, saying he's only doing it because he doesn't want to give up halfway. Everyone doesn't buy it and just grin knowingly at him.
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  • Episode 7 and its novel equivalent introduces the audience (and the rest of the team) to Haiji's horrendous driving. In the anime, Yuki desperately asks around if any one else has their licence and is horrified when everyone shakes their heads. In the novel, he has the misfortune of being seated in the front passenger seat and constantly yells at everyone (who are screaming for their lives) to shut up.
  • Episode 9:
    • The twins recount the incident with Kakeru threatening Prince to quit, only to remember right afterward that they promised Haiji to keep it a secret. Yuki can't help but lampshade their idiocy.
    • Haiji notices Nico-chan hasn't been eating properly and makes a decorative bento box for him, which includes a picture of him smoking. Cue a chase scene in a flower field, with Nico-chan running away from Haiji (who's still in his apron and looks like a house husband).
    • While the non-participating members are watching the others run at the track meet, Haiji is a bit too enthusiastic in cheering them on and is swinging one arm around while screaming like a maniac. The twins tease that they started running faster out of embarrassment from seeing him like that. Haiji looks even more ridiculous with the very reserved Prince quietly cheering right beside him.
  • Episode 10:
    • The twins are relieved when Hanako arrives at their dorm, thinking she'll be able to whip up a decent breakfast for everyone while Haiji is out of commission (and no one else can cook). Unfortunately she turns out to be a Lethal Chef; cue the first scene after the commercial break, where everyone (sans Kakeru and Prince) have rushed to the bathroom and collapsed on the floor.
    • When Haiji finally wakes up from his collapse, he finds himself locked in his room which now contains 1) a bowl of rice plus a mayonnaise bottle and ochazuke packet to go with it, 2) one of Musa's African masks to wish him a good recovery, 3) a notebook with messages from everyone, and 4) a portable urinal. All Haiji can comment is, "Is this torture?"
  • Episode 12:
    • While traveling to their summer camp by van, the twins remark that the breeze is getting moist. Then they turn their heads to see Prince vomiting...
    • Thinking that they're about to be attacked by a bear, the guys brace themselves for the worst. Haiji seems to be the most level-headed of the group... and diffidently pulls out a bell. Then the "bears" (actually Musa and Shindo, who got lost) come rushing by and all the other team members scream for dear life while pulling The Scream poses.
    • While Haiji is scolding Shindo and Musa for going off-course during dinner, Kakeru can be seen in the background adding a lot of soy sauce and mayonnaise, leaving one to wonder if he has weird tastes or just found the food that bland.
  • At the beginning of Episode 14, Haiji is showing the team a documentary of Hakone Ekiden while spouting one of his motivational speeches. Unfortunately everyone else's asleep by the time it finishes. So Haiji restarts the documentary, turns up the volume and nonchalantly restarts his speech. This wakes everyone up and naturally pisses off a few of the guys.
  • Episode 15: Self-Deprecation ensues.
    • Prince's parent's apparently asked from their son to smile more often.
    • It is evident that the reporter did not anticipate the actual, lax atmosphere around the Kansei team outside of the track.
    • The very... unexpected piece of advice the coach has to give to the team (that is, to alternate using your left and right feet).
  • Episode 16:
    • Kakeru and Haiji have their most flabbergasted moment by that point in the series upon seeing that the team (just barely) passed the qualification.
    • King has his ears and eyes covered when the tenth qualifier is announced, too scared to potentially hear any bad news. Thus, while everyone else is screaming, crying or hugging (or a combination of those three) in response to qualifying for Hakone, King simply looks confused.
    • The predictable reaction to Haiji saying that training will take place the very next day.
  • Episode 17:
    • A few students hoping to join the Kansei track team talk to Nico-chan, assuming he's their coach thanks to being Younger Than They Look. The team have a good laugh over it, with Yuki teasing that anti-aging is hopeless for him.
    • The twins try to ditch the trip to the Hakone course for a soccer game. While they're waiting for their friends, Kakeru runs after them with the intention of dragging them along. The twins begin to run away, but it's futile because The Ace Kakeru is naturally going to outrun them. Cue Kakeru's grin as he chases after the screaming twins. Cue Gilligan Cut of the exhausted twins in the van.
  • Episode 18:
    • Apparently the coach takes pride in being known as Tazaki the Beggar. The team lampshades that shouldn't be something to be proud of.
    • The Christmas montage shows the team loosening up, including small funny moments:
      • An almost recycled scene of the team clinking their drinks with an awkward Kakeru watching on is used. Unlike the first time, where he was frightened by the loud atmosphere, Kakeru just sits there (with a party hat) looking uncomfortable but unsurprised, now used to the team's boisterous nature.
      • Nico-chan attempts to cut the Christmas cake and fails big time, which Haiji and King seem to nitpick him on.
      • Shindo goes on a drunken rampage, holding a bottle in one hand while shouting at Haiji, Nico-chan and King. A quick Gilligan Cut shows Musa dragging the rowdy Shindo away as he continues to yell at them.
      • Yuki shares... something with the twins. Since the background music is playing over everyone viewers don't get to hear what he actually says, but the red looks on the twins' faces and a giddy Yuki hugging their pillow while squirming around their futons imply something R-rated.
      • The usually stoic Prince shows Kakeru one of his manga and passionately points out a Christmas scene in it.
  • Episode 19:
  • In between all the emotion of Episode 23 are many funny tidbits:
    • The first thing Kakeru does after finishing his leg of Hakone is to run straight to Otemachi so he can wait for Haiji. Prince is horrified that he's still willing to run, and he complains that he's had enough of running when he's forced to follow Kakeru.
    • Remembering the whole debacle with the twins' Sibling Triangle with Hanako, Yuki and Nico-chan nudge Musa and not-so-subtly point their heads in Hanako's direction. Musa gives an Oh, Crap! face when he realizes they're dumping the responsibility of resolving the triangle on him.
    • Shindo, unsurprisingly, quickly gets drunk at the Aotake reunion. He's beet red for almost the entire scene and very boorishly nags Musa about what Hanako told him all those years ago.
    • The answer to the mysterious love triangle between Hanako and the twins? Still unknown, because Musa wants to keep the promise he made to Hanako to not tell anyone. Unsatisfied by this Un Reveal, Shindo, King, Yuki and Nico-chan beat him up in comical fashion while Prince eggs them on.


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