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  • From the first episode: "If this works, I'll believe in God..." [Garrod starts the GX with the control unit he stole from the Freeden, and Tiffa wakes up at the same time.] "Tiffa! I believe in God!"
  • Almost as soon as Garrod properly joins, the whole crew of the Frieden starts shipping him and Tiffa.
  • Roabea asks Sara to dinner which she assumes is a joke, until she sees the look on his face as he insists it's a serious offer. There's a significant pause... and then Tiffa bursts in to grab Sara and warn of an attack, much to Roabea's displeasure.
    Roabea: Well, excuse you...
  • The hamtastic, goofball expressions on Garrod's face as he returns from his 10-Minute Retirement to pull the ship out of the fire (literally).
  • Jamil giving Garrod the Unishment of guarding Tiffa. Even he ships it.
  • Roabea buys swimsuits for the women of the Freeden. Toniya asks how he knows they'll fit. Roabea assures her that he can tell a woman's clothing size just by looking at them. Garrod and Witz immediately reply: "That's not a talent to brag about..."
  • Roabea and Witz set up a rec room and plan to charge admission. Though of course they won't charge themselves. Then Sara promises to help get Jamil's approval if they let women in free. Then Dr. Farzenberg sinks a winning shot in a pool game, the stakes of which are his free admission. By the time Garrod and Tiffa show up, Roabea and Witz resign themselves and say that kids under fifteen get in free too.
  • Episode 24. Roabea, Witz, Shingo, Sara, Tonya and Kid are in a shootout with New UNE forces. Suddenly, the New UNE rolls in an IFV.
    Roabea: "That's cheating!"
    • Followed soon after by Dr. Tex and Ennil El one-upping them with an even bigger armoured car and blowing the IFV to kingdom come.
  • When Garrod and Jamil both vanish, Toniya wonders if perhaps they've eloped.
  • The gobsmacked look on Roabea's face when Kid says "where are you going?" and bluntly says that the Leopard—and Roabea—would be completely pointless in trying to rescue Tiffa's boat, since it's not adapted for water.
  • Garrod just received the upgraded X Divider Gundam, and is ready to kick ass. He leaps forward heroically... and then, due to a lack of familiarity with the new controls, causes the X Divider to do a fantastic faceplant straight into the ground. One can only imagine what was going through the Frost brothers' heads when they saw that...
  • When Dr. Farzenberg recites a spooky poem about the siren Lorelei, Kid sneaks out into the hall and kills the light. When he switches them back on, Toniya is clinging to Sara, Garrod is clinging to Tiffa, and Witz... is clinging to Roabea with all four limbs. Roabea laments not standing close enough to the girls. And Dr. Farzenberg whispers a thank-you to Kid, because he'd forgotten the rest of the lines.