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Heartwarming / After War Gundam X

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  • Jamil coming back for Garrod on the frozen lake, encouraging him, and catching him before he fell in.
  • Also, Garrod getting out of his cell... to get flowers for the infirmary-bound Tiffa. And then returning to said cell without any complaints.
  • In spite of Carris attacking him and kidnapping Tiffa, Garrod—once he finds out the truth of Carris' backstory and Nomoa Long's intentions—goes to every length to try and save him.
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  • The end of Roabea and Witz's A, where both of them find that You Can't Go Home Again. Up until that point, both men had been friendly but still conditional members of the crew. After brooding at the crossroads for a few moments, though, Roabea says "let's go home." Home, that is, to the Frieden.
  • Garrod and Tiffa's reunion in space after he rescues her from the Space Revolutionary Army.
  • Garrod, no questions asked, giving Jamil the G-Controller when everyone is preparing to save Lucille.
  • Toniya and Ennile striking up a genuine friendship in Episode 20. Made even more heartwarming because up until now we've never seen this carefree side of Ennile. Becomes a Tear Jerker when Ennil returns to her former self due to seeing the Frieden again, becoming consumed by her hatred once more.

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