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D.O.M.E.: I am glad that you have managed to reach this place, Tiffa Adill.
Tiffa: Everyone understood.
D.O.M.E.: Some appear to have rejected my invitation, though.
Tiffa: Yes, they are more interested in war than the truth.
D.O.M.E.: War...When will people grow tired of it? Those who worship Newtypes as beings on par with gods. Those who lock them away and try to exploit them for power. Those who once had powers. You each interpret the word Newtype in your own way. And that is about to trigger another war. In a sense, perhaps that is unavoidable. For our generation is inextricably bound to the illusion of Newtypes.
Jamil: You're saying that Newtypes are an illusion?
Bloodman: Preposterous!
Rasso: How can the first Newtype say such a thing? If you define yourself as an illusion, how do you explain this phenomenon?
D.O.M.E.: It is being caused by my powers.
Jamil: Isn't that power the mark of a reformed human? Of a Newtype?
D.O.M.E.: I understand why you would want to think that, but I am sorry, it is not. Superhuman powers and human reformation are two different things. Once, we had lost all of our guiding principles. The adults who should have guided us have fallen silent, and in a world of peace and plenty, we kept searching for something. In such a world, war broke out, and eventually I was born. Why did I have powers? I myself do not know. As has been suggested, perhaps I was a mutation produced by the times. But to those who had lost their way, my powers became a new guiding principle. That principle was the word "Newtype." That word should have faded away with my passing. But those in the thrall of that word went in search of the next one.
Bloodman: Newtypes won't create the future?
D.O.M.E.: No, but at the same time, the future cannot be created by those who cling to the past and think of nothing but exploiting it.
Rasso: To me, Newtypes are something to be believed in! We can't stop just because you tell us to deny them!
D.O.M.E.: As long as you remain mired in such thinking, Spacenoids have no future, either.
Jamil: Then answer me, too.
Garrod: Jamil...
Jamil: I was just a boy back then. I fought, believing that I was a Newtype. And I saw time, I sensed the future. You're saying that all that was an illusion? (beat) Answer me! Please...
D.O.M.E.: Yes. It was all an illusion. No matter what manner of future you saw, unless you try to make it a reality, you will never obtain it. The era in which people wander in search of Newtypes is at an end. And now you must create a new future for yourselves.
Jamil: Create a new future...
D.O.M.E.: It is not impossible. The boy there has done it again and again. Is that not the case, Garrod Ran?
Garrod: Huh? Me?
D.O.M.E.: You have thwarted each and every future that Tiffa foresaw.
Garrod: I just wanted to protect Tiffa...I don't have any special powers.
D.O.M.E.: Your strength of heart is what gave you the ability to change the future. That is the ray of hope shared by the generation that does not know war. You have the power to live in a new era without being swayed by the old.
Jamil: It wasn't just the New U.N.E. and the S.R.A. that were possessed by the word Newtype. I was held prisoner by that word more than anyone else, wasn't I?
Lancerow: Jamil...
D.O.M.E.: Tiffa Adill...It was not until you were bound to Garrod that you accepted your power. You even wanted to be more powerful.
Tiffa: I didn't want the future that Garrod and I will live in to be a sad time.
D.O.M.E.: Do you accept your power even now?
Tiffa: I don't think I have any say in it. But if I could, I wish I could live as a normal person.
D.O.M.E.: Then simply lay down the word Newtype. Then you should get your wish. There is no one who can be called a Neytype in this world. And I will return to where I was.
Bloodman: W-Wait! You can't go, not after showing us all of this power!
Rasso: Please don't go! What will become of us without Newtypes!?
Lancerow: Stop it! They never existed in the first place! Right, Jamil?
D.O.M.E.: Garrod. Tiffa. And the rest of you. The old era ends here.


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