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Recap / After War Gundam X

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  1. "Is the Moon Out?"
  2. "I Will Give You Power"
  3. "My Steed is Vicious"
  4. 'This Operation Is a Race Against the Clock!'
  5. 'You Pull the Trigger'
  6. 'It's Offensive'
  7. 'I'm Selling This Gundam!'
  8. 'I'll Make that Boy Pay!'
  9. 'As it Rains in the Streets...'
  10. 'I Am a Newtype'
  11. 'Don't Think, Just Run!'
  12. 'He Is My Masterpiece'
  13. 'Shoot Me For Being a Fool'
  14. 'Can You Hear My Voice?!'
  15. 'Do You Suppose There's a Heaven?'
  16. 'Because I'm a Human, Too'
  17. 'Find Out For Yourself'
  18. 'The Sea of Lorelei'
  19. 'It's Almost Like I'm Dreaming'
  20. 'So, We Meet Again'
  21. 'It's Something My Late Wife Used to Say'
  22. 'A Ghost From 15 Years Ago'
  23. 'My Dreams Come True'
  24. 'Double X, Activate!'
  25. 'You Men Are Our Star of Hope!'
  26. 'Don't Say a Word'
  27. 'I Bid You Farewell'
  28. 'Is Shooting My Only Option?'
  29. 'Look At Me'
  30. 'I Feel Like I'll Never See You Again'
  31. 'Fly, Garrod!'
  32. 'That's the G-Falcon!'
  33. 'How Do You Know Who I Am?!'
  34. 'I Can See the Moon!'
  35. 'The Light of Hope Will Never Be Extinguished'
  36. 'The Next War Will Be a War of Our Design!'
  37. 'Freeden, Lift Off!'
  38. 'I am D.O.M.E.... I Was Once Called a Newtype'
  39. 'The Moon Will Always Be There'


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