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Due to wiki policy, moments pages contain unmarked spoilers.

  • Episode 7's been a depressing version of a Breather Episode. There hasn't been a lot of fighting, but the Archangel has had to re-supply by looting the ruins of the colony that was destroyed in the Bloody Valentine atrocity. Kira was forced to snipe a GINN in this space graveyard right when it seemed it might leave without noticing them. Then he noticed a life-pod, which he brought back to the ship. The crew are guarding it warily with rifles as they open it up...and a Haro comes floating out, chirping greetings as it flies past the dumbfounded Kira, Ramius, and Natarle.
  • Kira decides to help Lacus escape the Archangel. This requires her to wear a spacesuit. Her stuffing that fancy dress she's wearing into the suit leaves a prominent bulge around her belly, causing Sai to jokingly ask how she got pregnant so quickly. Then when she later meets up with Athrun (still in the same suit), he does a visible Double Take, but doesn't comment.
    • Moments before when Kira tells Lacus to put the spacesuit on she simply nods, and they both realize that it will never fit over her dress. Lacus nods, undoes a few things, and pulls her skirt down. Kira is caught completely off guard, but still watches like a deer in headlights.
  • La Flaga attempting to defend Kira, after the latter set Lacus free. Natarle, as prosecutor, has more or less memorized the rulebook, while La Flaga is having to flip through his copy to try and keep up. And if that wasn't funny enough, there's his response to Kira's assertion that he didn't save Lacus so they could use her as a hostage (which causes Natarle to object and Murrue to reprimand him).
    "From the looks of things you could have used her as a girlfriend!"
  • Mu thoughtlessly calling Waltfeld "kind" in front of the people whose homes Waltfeld has just razed: not funny. Mu suddenly realizing that everyone is glaring at him and making an incredibly awkward attempt at backpedaling only to get yelled at by Cagalli: priceless. And yes, one of those people is Natarle as well.
  • Natarle trying to comfort a crying child who survived Waltfeld's attack on their town. She puts her cap on the boy and then gives him a ration bar. Cue expectant looks from all of the other children around her.
    Natarle: I don't have that many...!
  • Cagalli's and Andy's argument over whether chili sauce or yogurt sauce is the correct condiment for use on doner kebabs. Andy declares chili sauce to be "sacrilege" and Cagalli makes exaggerated sounds of enjoyment. Then they both turn on Kira. During the ensuing melee, both end up squirted liberally over Kira's kebab; he takes a bite and announces that he actually quite enjoys the combination of both.
    • Kira appears to be lying through his teeth for the sake of being nice. After he manages to swallow the bite, he downs half his drink to get rid of the taste, though this makes it no less funny.
      • The hybrid action game and Visual Novel Tomo to Kimi to Senjou de has them go at it again in the later part of the story, actually dubbing the event "Kebab Wars II". Earlier than that, the player is given the chance to pick a side in the ensuing argument; the third option has Kira declare that he's staying out of this, which prompts Cagalli to call him a wuss.
    • The NYAV dub goes and runs with the utter absurdity of this scene by having Cherami Leigh and Matt Giroveneau engage in Ham-to-Ham Combat, which really ratchets up the Serious Business of both. One gets the impression they were really having fun recording this.
      Cagalli: Here, chilli up! Kebabs and chilli sauce are your destiny!
      Andy: She lies to you! Accept the truth of the yogurt!
  • Mu and Murrue are discussing morale and stress issues among the teens aboard the ship. Murrue asks what Mu's thoughts on the matter are.
    Mu: "Hmm..." [''stares down in thought, and ends up giving Murrue's body a thorough once-over''] My thoughts probably aren't worth mentioning."
    Murrue: I kinda sensed that.
    • Even funnier if you get the impression that Mu is suggesting Murrue take over for Flay.
    • You also have the time Mu tried to comfort Murrue by placing a hand on her shoulder.
      Murrue: Stop it commander, that's sexual harassment.
      Mu: [quickly pulls his hand away] Huh, it is!?
      • Even funnier is that when she says this she has her arms folded on her desk and is face down in them.
  • Andrew Waltfeld's analysis of Cagalli in episode 19.
    Waltfeld: That dress looks very flattering on you. From the looks of it, it would seem you're quite accustomed to dressing up in fine clothing like that.
    Cagalli: [dismissively] Say what you want.
    Waltfeld: The perfect little lady until you speak...
  • And just before that, Kira's reaction to seeing Cagalli in said dress. First he's just staring in pure shock/awe, then Cagalli demands to know what he's thinking.
    Kira: You're... a girl.
    Kira: Well... yes, but... seeing you like this, just... reminded me.
    Cagalli: Same thing, jackass!
    • Even funnier in another version where instead she says "THAT'S STILL AN INSULT YOU ASS!"
  • While Nicol & Dearka are at Carpentaria waiting for Athrun's transport to arrive, Yzak waltzes through the door looking far too smug and reveals what happened to him.
    Yzak: Members of the Zala Team! It is time for an update on this honorable team's first mission! There could be no mission more important! We are to search for our leader!
    Cue Dearka immediately bursting out laughing
  • Episode 23 brings us some funny bits, courtesy of Athrun's first meeting with Cagalli:
    • The tense near-death experience of their first encounter (ending with Athrun ready to stab his attacker until she screams) is quickly broken by this:
      Athrun: You're a...a girl??
    • The second tense standoff, at the climax of the episode, once again shifts from tense to heartwarming when Cagalli offers to treat Athrun's wound, and then straight to hilarious when Athrun abruptly recognizes something important about Cagalli's state of dress...
      Athrun: (Looking away, blushing) O-okay, but first, would you mind wearing some clothes?
      Cagalli: ((Remembers that she's in her underwear, and promptly blushes and covers herself up with the supply pack that she'd been holding.))
  • Cagalli absolutely REFUSES to believe Kira is her older brother, insisting she's the older one. Athrun has the sense to humor her and go with it.
  • The poleaxed looks on the faces of the bridge crew when they accidentally walk in on Mu kissing Murrue.
  • As Lacus, Waltfeld and DaCosta are about to leave in the Eternal:
    Operator: Hey, you're not cleared to launch!
    Haro: What-ever.
  • In episode 27, we have Erica Simmons recapping a little of things, mostly involving the Strike. Standard humdrum, but there is this gem when she gets to talking about the incident with the Desert Tiger.
    Erica: We'll ignore whether tigers live in the desert or not.
  • Episode 29 has an early bit where, as part of the emotional goodbye between Kira and Cagalli, Cagalli gives him a big hug. Their parents, currently watching from above, reaction? Pure panic; seems they now regret not informing them that they are siblings...
  • During Dearka's captivity aboard the Archangel, his first meeting with Mirallia is rather...tense. While the confrontation and its inevitable breakdown is a mixture of Tear Jerker and Moment of Awesome for all parties involved (including Sai and Flay, who end up walking in during it), Dearka unwittingly teasing Mirallia about her "Natural boyfriend getting himself killed"—while being tied up—really Crosses the Line Twice. Seeing Dearka's reaction as he realizes that Mirallia really did lose someone (as she grabs a knife and tries to murder him) is kind of hilarious.
    • And then Sai walks in, fresh off his argument with Flay, and finds himself staring at one of his friends trying to murder their prisoner. One almost hears him thinking, "Oh, NOW what?!"
  • Later, while Dearka is still being held prisoner, Miriallia takes his meal to him. Dearka expresses gratitude by calling her "honey," and when Miriallia gets indignant, switches to "ma'am". Miriallia then gives him her name, saying she doesn't want to be addressed as "ma'am," either. Which leads to:
    Dearka: You mean I can call you by your name?
    Miriallia: *huffs* No!
  • Yzak's reaction to the Freedom's signature "Full-Burst Mode".
    Yzak: What the hell was THAT?!
  • Patrick Zala is alone in his room scrolling through the file for the genesis project and suddenly screams out "THOSE DAMN NATURALS" then casually answers a phone call from a soldier reporting Athrun has arrived.
  • During the final episode, when Le Creuset is about to attack the Eternal with Lacus Clyne aboard the ship, he says, "It's a shame, really, I did enjoy your songs. But the real world isn't as kind as the one in pop songs!"
  • Arnold Neumann, one of the Archangel's bridge crew, tries to place his drink in mid-air like he would in zero-gravity, only to have it fall to the floor. The Archangel had recently landed on Earth, and the guy has to be reminded that gravity exists now: can't let your drink free-float in the air next to you.
  • Later in the series, the following exchange occurs between Kira and Athrun.
    Athrun: I'm not upset. Just a little bit appalled.
    Kira: That's... the same thing.