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Code Number 538

  • Asami Kazari's first day with Unit 8 doesn't go so well since she feels ignored after being cut off so many times.

Academy Destruction

  • Rin Yamabuki sleeping in later while being chastised by her sister, Hinata, for drinking until the late hours.
  • Asami's debut into the field ran into some trouble since her Willwear gear starts up with autoprompts from the assistant AI. And she was getting annoyed by them too.


  • Let's start with the fact that Funasaka is at least 20 years older than the rest of the cast, and he's more jacked than most WWE wrestlers.
  • Everything about The Masochism Tango between Souichirou and Miho. They have broken up at least 4 times, considering how she calls him her "ex-ex-ex-ex-boyfriend." Taken Up to Eleven during the mission to disarm the bomb when they start chatting to each other and turns out Miho has a serious Fetish for his apologies. And they forgot to switch to a private channel, meaning everyone in Unit 8 is hearing this. Madoka's face says it all.
  • When it's really looking like Souichirou will be defeated by the out-of-control Senbukai Willwear, Takeru is the last person on the comm to yell into his ear. Despite facing certain death, Souichirou is still able to grumble about it.
    Souichirou: Why does your voice have to be the last thing I hear?
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  • The whole reason why Souichirou even agrees to join Takeru's drinking party is because "Baba Micchi" will be there. She doesn't show up, and Asami wonders who this is. Every time she asks, someone is about to explain but keeps getting cut off. By the end of the episode, Asami (and by extension, us, the viewers) still don't know who Baba Micchi is.

The Man from the West

  • Abigail using foul language to insist that no Japanese people are working in Sena's trash collecting company.
  • The debut of Marimo Kaburagi. She greets Unit 8 with her back (and butt) facing them.

Angel and God of Destruction


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