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    The Series 
Episode 1
  • Adolfo, smitten by Leona and Zara, pushes Kylie off her seat to flirt with them. The Kotobuki aren't impressed, but Kylie is especially so. Emma makes a Stealth Insult and Kate, being who she is, tries to confirm her intention, making the subtext a text. Right in front of the guy they're talking about.
  • Anna and Maria, the Hagoromo-maru's helmsmen, are discussing the possibility of them escaping the sky pirates' chase with their current speed by using the analogy of the amount of resistance they have from buying new shoes and bags, which is none.
  • When the zeppelin's siren goes off, there's a bizarre shot of a dodo seen walking around the corridor before shots of the zeppelin's crew running around preparing for take-off. Then it is revealed that the dodo is the zeppelin's captain, outranking the guy who just called for the airship's defense, which means the dodo is more competent than him.
  • Kylie, recognizing the purple snake-marked Zero among the pirates, proceeds to chase after it against Leona's order. The Zero then goes on schooling her in their dogfight, almost making Kylie run herself aground and, when the Zero's low-fuel alarm goes off, gives her a small taunt as it retreats. Kylie's reaction is just the icing of the cake.
  • Kylie's reception upon her return to the Hagoromo is an anger-fueled punch from Natsuo, the mechanic, chiding the former for returning with a horribly damaged plane.

Episode 2

  • Kylie eats her pancakes with curry rice and when she's trying to persuade Zara to do the same, Zara replies that maybe she'll do that when she no longer has hope in life.
  • Chika is introduced by getting in a fight with the town's vigilante. She's doing surprisingly good in it, considering she's in crutches. The vigilante captain she smacks with her crutches accidentally knocks Kylie's pancake off her plate. Kylie, unsurprisingly, doesn't take it well.
    Kylie: Apologize to my pancake! Come on, apologize! Do it now and I might forgive you! Are you gonna apologize or not!? Not gonna apologize, huh?! Then eat this! *kicks Tokiwagi in the bottom of his chin*
    • From the scolding afterward, it might not be the first time Kylie and Chika get in fight with random people like street thugs.
  • When Julia admits that she used to be a serial heartbreaker so she can hoard Madame Lulu for herself, Natsuo has the face that basically says, "Is this bitch serious?"
  • When Julia's bodyguards first engage the Shirokuma Pirates, the Mk.1 eyeball visual only makes it so that there are only 5 of them. The head bodyguard grins, only to immediately switch to Oh, Crap! when the pirates form-up and show that there are 20 of them to the bodyguards' 8.

Episode 3

  • Apparently, Rahama's lookout can't count to five.
  • The Elite Force come with a loudspeaker playing their theme song about how they're not pirates and definitely not going to dupe them, with the second verse of the song claiming that if the client is getting duped, then it's the client's fault.
  • Torihei, the 'CEO' of the Elite Force, is playing the salesmen shtick to the hilt, naming his squadron's group after various corporate departments. This makes for exclamations like, "How dare you shooting down our Sales Head!" or "(...) my cute staffs!"
    • Torihei, still deep in his LARPing, jumps down on the mayor's Raiden with the painting on his back, has the mayor at gunpoint while ripping the cockpit open, 'exchanges' the painting for the Raiden, and throws the mayor off the plane with a parachute shouting, "Thanks for your business!"
    • And then the mayor gets stuck on a building, still clutching the painting. He's really humiliated and ashamed of himself for not performing better, but the Kotobuki girls thank him for saving Emma before getting him unstuck.

Episode 4

  • The episode starts with Kylie singing a song about pancakes, revealing that Emma is sitting in Kylie's cargo hold. The ensuing Volleying Insults somehow goes to Kylie complaining that Emma is weighting down her plane, while Emma retorts that she simply has fuller figure than a certain someone. Kylie answers that by making several slow rolls, leaving Emma to suffer in the back without a seatbelt.
    • Kylie makes an excuse for her unauthorized acrobatics. Chika and, surprisingly, Kate follows her. Emma likely still suffers the entire time.
  • On the way, Emma has a Potty Emergency, complete with an energetic Potty Dance. She kicks Kylie's cargo door, barely spitting out the question for the ladies' room direction at the station attendant.
  • When Zara claims that Rohta Airfield has vending machines, Kylie, Chika, and (again surprisingly) Kate get excited. When they find out pirates shot the vending machines full of holes, they (yes, Kate too) claim that This Is Unforgivable!!
  • When Chika says that they should just fly to the Elite Force's hideout with their guns blazing, Leona asks if she wants to replicate Torihei's stunt of jumping down on the Raiden in the middle of a dogfight. Chika loudly claims that she would, while Kate deadpans under her breath that she won't. Chika immediately turns to her, annoyed.
  • Zara disguises herself as a burlesque dancer, charming off the majority of the Elite Force. Torihei buys her drinks and, when she challenges him for a drinking contest, gets knocked out in just one glass. Zara then turns to the rest of the smitten boys watching the two, throwing the challenge at them. About a dozen young men jump on it, elbowing each other. Cut to the entire room getting wasted, the background music dies with them, as Zara has a small talk with the bartender.
  • Passing through the canyon to the hideout, Chika accidentally causes a landslide by grazing a rock formation with her wings. She has an Oh, Crap! face on, while Emma in Zara's plane wildly rolls up from the landslide, likely cursing her profusely in complete radio silence so not to give away the surprise attack.
  • When strafing gas tanks and planes, Kylie is seen in her cockpit with a large toothy grin as she watches her targets explode.
  • Zara gets caught snooping around the paintings and winds up modeling for the artist girl (who has the key to the Raiden's locked wheel chocks). Suddenly, mutineers loyal to the HR-department head burst in and try to take both girls hostage at gunpoint, only for Zara to awesomely beat them up before they can even shoot. The last guy goes down as Zara kicks him in the crotch. Ouch!

Episode 5

  • Kylie fled from registering her visa in Areshima just to eat pancakes at a restaurant. Leona scolds her for it. Kylie tries to defend herself by saying that Leona should understand the folly of youth; after all, she used to be young and stupid, right? Leona denies this. Zara then sarcastically claims that there's no way Leona is the same kind of hotheaded idiot as Kylie. Kylie, almost flattered by the implication, asks whether that's true of not. Leona denies this even louder.
  • Captain Dodo lands in front of Leona, who is in the middle of scolding Kylie and Chika for almost getting run over by Isao's car, freaking her out. Her voice suddenly goes an octave higher and in the next scene, this otherwise muscular badass captain of the Kotobuki is cowering behind slighter-built Zara.
  • Julia, asking for the Kotobuki Squadron's service on guarding her meeting, goes on for a minute long Motor Mouth Motive Rant about how much she doesn't like Isao, her political rival, before she explains the reason why she would hire them despite that.
    Zara: Sounds rough...
  • Isao's Passive Aggressive Combat towards Julia: giving her a bouquet of spiky weeds with very few flowers in it. And a lot of those flowers seem to be miniature Rafflesia, a flower that smells like rotting corpse.
  • Kylie vents her anger for Leona by punching Chika's plushy. When Chika asks her to stop, Kylie instead punches it faster. Meanwhile in foreground, Kate is rearranging her schedule, revealing that everyday she spends one and half hour just staring at nothing.
  • When there's a report of pirate attack, the Nazarene squadron, reduced to just Fernando and Adolfo, got sidelined to patrol somewhere far from the supposed ensuing fight. Adolfo grumbles that he might not get any action, only for Fernando to warn him about something in his 2 o'clock. Adolfo ask if it's some hot chick and gets an eyeful of the entire sky pirate squadron.
    • Adolfo later accuses Kotobuki of delaying their take off so they can Big Damn Hero the glory out of the battle. Emma snidely says yes, perhaps they are, and the Nazarenes better buzz off now that they're out of ammunition and therefore useless.
  • Isao's awesome moment of taking down a bomber is ruined when he lets a bunch of birds from his magic tricks loose in his plane's enclosed cockpit. His butler remains unfazed.
    • When the bomber crashes right in front of the building Julia is currently at, she calmly continues to drink her tea with a deadpan expression.

Episode 6

  • The episode opens with Captain Dodo screeching at Chika's anomalocaris plushy, feeling threatened by this new mascot. When Chika tries to defend it, the Captain instead attacks Chika.
  • After the crew of the Hagoromo affirm that Leona should depend on her crew more with no string attached, Chika immediately jumps at this chance to ask for a loan to "buy a wife" for her plushy. She immediately gets vetoed by the rest of the Kotobuki.
  • Madame Lulu sends Kylie to give Julia her invoice of previous episode's contract. Julia spends several moments ranting about Isao taking all credits of the Areshima's defense, before Kylie interrupts her with the invoice. Julia whispers that if Lulu herself gives her that paperwork, maybe she can get some zeroes cut.
  • Young Kylie's first conversation with her future mentor;
    *Kylie looked down on a sickly old man lying in the dirt*
    Kylie: Hey! Are you dead?
    Old Sabu: No, I'm quite alive
    Old Sabu: You've never seen one?
    Kylie: Nope. Not a nice fresh dead one.
    Old Sabu: Well, sorry to disappoint.
  • Kylie kept pestering Old Sabu to teach her about the Yufang, much to the latter's annoyance. She somehow flipped his two bookshelves while trying to get a book out of one of them, causing Old Sabu to rush into the hut out of concern.

Episode 7

  • Kylie finds out that she's flying against Kate with a handicap (poor-quality fuel) and grumbles about it at lunch. The other Kotobuki then pile her with compliments, making her blush from the praises, before they proceed to pile her honest insults, which blows her confidence down.
  • When Kylie and Chika hear that Kate is visiting her brother, they somehow make a conclusion that Kate has a illicit tryst with him.
  • Kylie and Chika eavesdrop at a hospital window. Which window, you ask? The window of Allen's room. Allen pops out to tell them he already knew they were eavesdropping, and then Kate shows up behind the two younger girls when they ask if she also knew. Then again, they're not very stealthy about it.
  • The two Nazarene pilots have found no luck in recruiting new members, despite their nice-looking recruitment ad. Their not-so-great combat record-to-date doesn't help. One recalls that Adolfo won't impress any pretty girls with his measly kill-count of 11 bandits compared to his embarrassing "salvaged airplane" record. And itching to get into action isn't always a good idea, as a bunch of pirates in Ki-84 Hayate fighters come to raze Nanko's oil refinery to the ground.
  • Kylie complains that she has to fly the dive bomber (borrowed from the Elite Forces, mind you) instead of her own plane during their fire-fighting sortie. Leona reminds her that in the previous episode, her plane basically got shot down for no reason. Kylie makes a strange angry noise at this.
    • Given that they found out about the reason of the damage, it is implied that off-screen Kylie attempted to lie about it in her debriefing, but failed and got her ears screamed off.
  • Nanko's station attendant, holing himself in the basement, complains that if he's going to die, he'd prefer if he's with some pretty young ladies. Too bad that those same "young ladies" are outside fending off Standon Oil henchmen.
  • After running out of ammunition, Fernando confesses to Adolfo that he drank the latter's booze, throttling up his plane to intercept a Hayate before it shoots down Kylie and Kate. Adolfo screams at his friend, telling him not to kill himself. But Fernando is no fool, for he bails out after getting shot. Adolfo then retracts his forgiveness statement, seeing as his friend isn't planning on dying anytime soon!
  • Kate tells Kylie to drop the bomb 200 meters away from the ground because she's manually lighting up the fuse. Kylie then suggests that maybe they should drop it earlier than that and Kate immediately rejects it, from which Kylie screams that she's clenching her butt so hard right now.
  • Chika shouts at the other pilots that she might see Kate finally smiling. Cut to Kate's blank face, and everyone admits that they might be seeing things.

Episode 8

  • The Ouni Company gets hired to transport an arowana by Isao. Had never seen a fish before, Kylie and Chika press their faces into the aquarium glass watching this dumb-looking fish. You can see the moment Chika falls even more in love with aquatic lifeforms.
  • The pirates hijack the Hagoromo by rushing headlong on Leona's gunsight to get past her guard, landing on the zeppelin's hangar, and shooting the hell out of the doors to prevent the zeppelin's crew from stopping the other pirates from boarding her. Natsuo screams at the ensuing mess, trying to pick a fight with a wildly spinning plane spraying bullets everywhere, and her crew has to pull her off lest she get herself shot.
  • The fact that Saneatsu avoided being captured because he had a Potty Emergency and was at the bathroom when the whole thing started. Even funnier is that the hijackers, who seem really careful about not letting anything or anyone surprise them, totally forgot to check the toilet stalls in the first place when searching for crewmen to take hostage. He then spent his time stealthily hiding inside the zeppelin's floor vent, lying down where the pirates unwittingly step on his face.
  • One of the hijackers points his gun at the Captain and as the giant bird remains unfazed, the two enter a silent staring-standoff against each other. The hijacker loses after less than a minute.
  • After Johnny shoots the hijackers that keep the bridge crew hostage, he agrees to subdue the rest of the hijackers after the Madame agrees to talk with his wife about his gun obsession. Guns? What guns? The guns he keeps strapped to the rotating panel in the countertop.
    • Kylie, under the impression that Johnny's wife is dead from a previous conversation, thinks that Madame Lulu is a spirit medium.
    • Awesomeness from Johnny ensues after the majority of the hijackers surround him and tell him "Freeze!" He whips out gun after gun, taking out bad guy after bad guy through instinct alone - and then goes right back to whining about his wife leaving him for taking up arms.
  • Again, Saneatsu's actual contribution to bashing the hijackers. Madame Lulu and the bridge crew all have a gun while Saneatsu is entrusted with a deck brush. Never underestimate the power of a broom when its user has the element of surprise.
  • The last hijacker tries to set off the bombs. Who stops him? The Captain, who knocks the detonator out of the crook's hand and proceeds to beat him senseless!
    • When it's clear that Ikesuka's air force won't stop from blowing up the Hagoromo unless the bomb is completely impotent, Madame Lulu sends Johnny to defuse it. When he is asked how long it is to defuse it;
      Johnny: Maybe...
      *cue a mass of wires tangled in between two kokeshi dolls and a natto's straw package
      Johnny: hour?

Episode 9

  • Saneatsu tries to lift Kylie's spirits by telling her a story but fails miserably because he's literally telling the story of the previous episode, right where she's in the heat of it. He admits he's always been called boring while telling stories.
  • Emma catches up with her old school friend by bitching about her parents, who apparently never realize their daughter is flying as a mercenary, not in a leisure cruise, and all these times is fending off con-artists and distant relatives from mooching off her blood money. All in the usual haughty rich women keigo.
  • Kylie is playing with Leona's orphanage kids in a game of kick-the-can. She finds one of the kids named Miyuri by her shadow, claiming a victory, but Miyuri retorts that though Kylie wins in a hide-and-seek, she might never find her purpose in life like she does with the game. Kylie tries to laugh it off, but failing miserably.
    • Captain Dodo interrupts Kylie's playing with the kids by landing on top of her.
  • Kylie somehow plays the Straight Man to Allen's drunkard antics.
    • While crossing with awesome, the fact that Allen is an excellent machine-gunner after drinking alcohol. How he also managed to smuggle a Type 92 Lewis Gun and several pan magazines into the plane without anyone noticing is nearly beyond common sense.

Episode 10

  • When an outraged Julia arrives to the Hagoromo after being ousted as Councilor, the Kotobuki girls have reactions that are a bit off about the point of her ranting.
    Julia: Those stupid old men and their brainless young counterparts teamed up to throw me out! Accusing me of bribery, embezzlement, even treason! A cornucopia of crimes!
    Kylie: That's so cool!
    Emma: You're far more evil than I imagined!
    Chika: What's it gonna be? The death sentence!?
    • Julia then outright tells them that it's just her getting framed, making the girls frown in disappointment.
  • Camilla's entry. She gets out of her Ki-61 Hien and trips on her own platform thigh-high boots, falling face-first into the Hagoromo's flight deck. And then there's her very expressive description on how she got shot.
  • Rahama's mayor tries to join the Kotobuki girls with his Raiden in their surprise rocket attack upon Isao's heavy bombers, only for his plane to stall and plummet because he forgets to switch his engine's supercharger to its second stage for the higher altitudes.
  • The purple snake-marked Zero (which has decided not to shoot Kylie this episode) buzzes the airfield as though trying to gauge braking distance on a second pass, only for Kylie to chase it around Rahama in a grudge-fueled attempt to shoot it down. Both the Zero and Kylie's Hayabusa run out of gas, and make forced landings in the town—aimed at each other. The planes drag to a halt just before their propeller spinners touch. Kylie jumps out with a wrench, screaming at the Zero. The Zero's pilot jumps out. Turns out it's a beautiful woman, Naomi, who immediately gets into an argument with Kylie.
    • Kylie seems under the impression that all Zero pilots are dumb grandpas, but quickly improvises by calling Naomi "old hag". Naomi then retorts so hard that the usually Motor Mouth Kylie can't retort back, just like how Naomi always wins in their dogfight.
    • When Naomi reveals herself, Adolfo immediately gets smitten. Beside him, Fernando gives him a stink-eye. As the above argument is getting underway, Adolfo is clearly having the time of his life checking out this extremely voluptuous woman. Naomi asks if Adolfo agrees with her way of thinking, to Kylie's detriment. "Yes!" CLANG! Kylie throws her wrench into his face.

Episode 11

  • Adolfo tries to impress Naomi by shooting down a fighter that was going after her, not realizing that she's maneuvering to shoot it down herself. Instead she chews him out for breaking formation and not paying attention to his surroundings (the very reason Adolfo's success rate was so low).
  • When Geurdeau's assistant reveals himself as a double-agent, he dons a parachute and slaps his resignation letter on Geurdeau's face, before jumping off Porokka's flag zeppelin. The fact that nobody arrests the dude before he bails out is even sillier.
  • While the battle rages on outside, Allen has emptied several bottles of booze, while Ririko nonchalantly continues to attend him.
    • Johnny still whines about his wife, Miki, not talking to him. It seems Madame Lulu told her it's okay to ditch Johnny. Meanwhile, Ririko, jealous of Johnny's continuance affection to his wife, keeps passive-aggressively implying to him that he should give up on her.
  • While Isao proves himself to be a war criminal of the worst sort, the butler has stuck by his side, trying to get him to listen to reason (so as not to get shot down, not because of the insanity of the war Isao is waging). All the while, the former is pulling ridiculous moves and killing planes by the basket-full. You think about it.
  • When Chika gets shot down, she's blindly firing in rage as she uncontrollably whirls down the sky. She nails the enemy Hayate that shot her down before ditching her plane with a parachute. Then she complains that someone down there might peek up her skirt. Chika's later seen deliriously swaying and smiling dumbly at Emma when the latter is steadying her after the rescue.
  • After Isao goes one-on-one against Kylie (ditching his butler in the process) and wins by pulling a Wronski Feint on her, he falls victim to Kate shooting out his Shinden's engine during his moment of childish gloating. Kate criticizes him for being careless as he force-lands his now-burning plane. Surprisingly, he takes the criticism like he's still in flying school.
    Isao: "I'll keep that in mind."

Episode 12

  • Saneatsu fails to confess to Lulu. The Captain was spying on this the whole time, and Saneatsu yells at him.
  • While Saneatsu is brooding in his room for being unable to express his true feelings for Lulu, Captain Dodo barges in the room, kicking the door out. The Captain then notices Lulu's picture in the bunk's ceiling, seemingly realizes its implication, before screaming in horror. Saneatsu desperately tries to cover the bird's eyes.
  • One would think Geurdeau tragically died when his zeppelin crashed. He's still barking idiotic orders through a handy-talkie after escaping the wreckage, clothes in burnt tatters. It's very likely that the majority of his crew also escaped with only burned clothes.
  • Isao names his town's oasis as "Swuggy-nuggy Swamp", which Leona says in utter seriousness in the mission briefing.
    • Lots of street names in Ikesuka are also very childish. And one wonders who made that huge statue in the center of that traffic circle.
  • After taking down the Sabre-Dog jet by pulling a Wronski Feint on its rockets and causing a mess with a statue, Chika gloats that she and Kylie are geniuses, only to immediately get shot down by Isao.
  • The engine throttle setting for the Hagoromo's suicide mission is "hell speed." You think about it...
    • How does the airship get going on its last flight? First, it is towed into the forest near Ikesuka (with the envelope conspicuously sticking above the trees and somehow not noticed by Ikesuka's air-force), tied down so that the crew can attach rockets, and when the rockets are started up, Johnny and Ririko cut the ropes with bullets and knives respectively, letting Hagoromo catapult itself into the sky, with Saneatsu and Captain Dodo clutching the helms (without any safety belts, mind you).
  • Adolfo tries to propose to Naomi in the middle of a furball, planes falling out of the sky around them. She tells him to save those words, since there's no guarantee they'll survive the fight.
    • This is a bit heart-warming as well, since after the battle ends, Fernando conducts an impromptu marriage ceremony over the radio for Adolfo and Naomi, asking Naomi if she will really accept Adolfo in spite of his flaws (for dumb, for dumber). Naomi accepts Adolfo's proposal.
  • Isao's butler knows he can't win a turning fight against Zara, so he makes a radio call to a dockside crane. The crane swings a hook into Zara's plane, breaking its portside wing in half and forcing Zara to ditch into the oasis. Zara's annoyed reaction?
    Zara: "You're the worst!"
  • Leona takes down Isao's butler by stalling right into his plane's nose, causing the contrarotating props to jam against each other, tearing the engine's transmission system apart from the inside. The usually straight-faced man makes the same exaggerated surprised face as his master and, as he uncontrollably falls down, his plane smacks into the crane he uses to wreck Zara's plane and after that, splashes into the oasis. He's later seen in tattered clothes despite the plane NOT exploding.
    • Leona's Hayabusa is later seen with one of the butler's Ki-64 propeller blades lodged in its tail.
  • After Isao's guys whittle the Elite Force down to Torihei and the artist girl in their Suisei dive-bomber, the duo spots their former HR-department head, decides to add to their numbers by having the girl literally jump down and hijack the latter's plane in the heat of the moment, akin on how Torihei did it the first time. It works, as the HR-department head quickly bails out in fear (a pistol shot next to your ear is quite scary, especially if you can't shoot back).
    • After the hole disappears, the HR-department head is left on the ground, fuming at the sky pirates fleeing the area. Yeah, the pirates that Isao blackmailed into helping his cause. To make things look sillier, the HR-department head doesn't seem smart enough to discard or repack his parachute.
  • Rahama's mayor considers retiring from combat flight altogether and letting a younger pilot fly the Raiden. Tokiwagi hopes to be the guy to fly it, but time will tell...
  • Fernando marries off Adolfo and Naomi, while still digging at Adolfo.
    Fernando: "...For the dumb and the dumber."

    The Harukaze Gaiden 
Episode 1
  • The Harukaze Squadron split their pay between the six of them, only to realize that they each only got 20 pound and 15 cent (remember that Chika spent almost 500 pound on her Malo-chan). As they discuss the aftermath of the war against the Freedom Union, Erika tries to steal some of Euca's coins but she gets found out and the two wrestle on the table. Using this as a distraction, Akari also tries to steal the coins but Euca notices her too, protectively smacks her arms on the coins and growls at her squadmates like a dog. All while their conversation keeps on going like it's a normal occurrence.
  • The Harukaze loudly shout their goal to be just like the Kotobuki, only for Kylie who is eating one table away from them to choke on her pancake from listening in.
    • Euca, who recognizes her from the two plates of pancakes she's eating, tries to confirm her identity. Kylie turns to her, head shaking and mouth clacking like a wooden marionette, that she doesn't know who Euca's talking about. Euca then points out the pancakes and her fluffy aviator cap, which Kylie proceeds to slap off her table.
    • Kylie then tries to flee the starry-eyed fans by claiming that the pancake and her sitting on one table is just a coincidence. She takes one last look one the uneaten pancakes before regretfully leaves them behind, only for Chika to enter the restaurant complaining to her that the menu doesn't have curry.
  • Chika apparently got in a street brawl again and beat up three mafia thugs.
  • Kylie and Chika's argument that Kylie is sneaking off eating again somehow devolves into an argument of which condiment is the best with fried chicken; onion gravy or soy sauce. The Harukaze who spectate this gets divided; Euca and Gerbera agree with Kylie while Erika, Akari, and Belle agree with Chika. They end up arguing even harder than Kylie and Chika.
    • Dahlia tries to mumble out that she prefers mayonnaise, but got shut down.
  • Kylie and Chika then realize that they might be destroying the Harukaze's friendship — the friendship, which according to their story campaign in the game, they fought a mafia clan for, when they take the disagreement as a sign that their squadron might not work. So the two troublemakers sings a song on how they're totally get along while taking digs at each other. When Euca confusedly asks whether they're friends or not, they smash their knuckles together with a lot more malice than an ordinary fistbump should have, exclaiming that they're totally friends. When the camera goes to their behind, Chika is seen pinching Kylie's butt for a good measure.

Episode 2

  • Continuing from the previous episode, the Harukaze except Euca and Erika are wallering in Gaden Company's office starving because they still don't get any job.
  • Euca unintentionally reveals that her appearance in Episode 10, when she looked on the Kotobuki as they land after Rahama's defense against Isao's Fugaku fleet, is actually her ignoring evacuation order to watch the Kotobuki kick ass. Given that the Kotobuki almost failed to fend off the last Fugaku, that means Euca almost died in the firebombing - and she doesn't really care. She proceeded to get punished with 2 weeks of cleaning duty in the orphanage.
  • When Gerbera ask the other Harukaze their reasons for enlisting the squadron, Akari reveals that she simply joined because Euca bribed her with caramel. Erika scolds her for setting her tariff so low and for letting Euca to fool her that way, all while Euca makes a "Silly Me" Gesture in the background.
    • Dahlia's reason for enlisting was because the others caught her stalking them when they were in Gadoll. They initially thought her as a ghost in an alleyway.
  • After exclaiming that the Harukaze has a perfect line-up, Euca notes that if only they get a job to show it off. At this, everyone remember that they're still starving.
  • The short actually serves as a prologue for an event in the game that run simultaneously with the short's release, Harukaze Memoirs. Wishing to get more works, Gerbera asks Euca to ask Leona, who Euca and Erika acquainted with for being orphans under her care, for endorsement. Akari and Dahlia are skeptical, accusing Euca of just claiming relation with her now that the Kotobuki are famous heroes. Euca laughs and starts telling the story where Leona directly inspire her to be a hero. Long story short, Euca ends up being the Butt-Monkey of the story.
    • When people from construction company tried to threaten the children of the orphanage when the orphanage matron refuses their money, Euca entered the scene by kicking one of the guys off, complete with Calling Your Attack. When the other grunts were trying to gang up on her, Bell appeared and twisted the leg of one of them, sweet smile never leaving her face. The grunt then screamed that his leg is coming off, before the company boss ordered a retreat.
    • When the company's Hayate fleet came to attack the orphanage, Euca tried to fend them off with the Type 97 that Leona used to train with before she went pro. Euca, out of the combination of desperation and fangirling the prospect of being the next hero of Rahama, rode into battle in it. Reality Ensues, as an amateur in one Type 97 against three Hayate is just asking for Curb-Stomp Battle. Leona had to save her and Erika, who tried to aid Euca in an Akatombo.
    • After the problem had been dealt with, Leona decided to punish the two for a good measure.
  • The Harukaze, who are listening to the story, conclude that even if Euca asks for Leona's endorsement, she would never give it knowing Euca's track record. Euca whines that she gets no respect despite being the squad captain.

Episode 3

  • The Harukaze is in Areshima, and decide to see the arowana exhibition. When Ririko says that the admission fee is 5 pound per person, Euca still slaps the money on the counter despite their money problem, looking somewhat smug. Meanwhile, Erika, Belle, and Akari lament that they basically wasted 30 pound just to see one arowana.
  • A couple inside the exhibit is seen making out in the background. The woman is later seen slapping the man afterward.
  • Allen suddenly wheels in the exhibit by Kate, rattling off Info Dump about fishes in Ijitsu. Meanwhile, the Harukaze are confusedly whispering among themselves about who the hell is this guy.
    • After hearing that the arowana is basically lonely in Ijitsu, Euca touches the aquarium in sympathy, only for Ririko to reprimand her for touching the exhibit. Euca then gives a child visitor a stink eye when he puts his grubby hands on the glass and doesn't get reprimanded like her.
    • When Allen gets wheeled out and he whines to Kate, Akari says that perhaps she's Kate of the Kotobuki Squadron. Euca waves her off, claiming that there's no way Kate is this Emotionless Girl.
  • Roig and Regal of the Phantom Thieves Akatsuki make their entrance by ventriloquizing a ghost story to the arowana's mouth flaps.
  • In the game event corresponding to the episode, it is revealed that the Akatsuki are stealing the fish because Roig is attracted to the romance of freeing the fish to its friends in the wild. The other Akatsuki, especially Renji, complain that the job doesn't pay.
    • Allen sneaks in the exhibit while his sister is asleep because he wants to see how the fish is sleeping. Ririko catches him and he calmly notes that the fish is gone. Allen then has Ririko fly an Akatombo to chase the thieves, unconcerned that Ririko basically asking for extra payment and having his sister's salary cut for it.
    • Because only their Hien have enough space for the aquarium and Begg's Hien is full of her mechanic tools, Regal is tasked with the fish transport. She complains all the way because the fish gets upset and splashes water all over inside her (beautiful) Hien. When Nekobaba Pirates attack them to steal the fish for themselves, Regal gets her tail shot because she's sitting duck carrying the fish. She complains even harder, especially when Roig and Moa are more concerned with the fish's safety than her.
    • Allen decides to help the Akatsuki free the fish because he's interested with Roig's 'romance'. Roig squees, finally finding someone who understand her view and take the two to their hideout in Inno. Ririko notes the taxidermied bear inside the hideout. Roig then calls the grey, glass-eyed, body and face twisted in agony, taxidermied bear cute, even giving it a cutesy pet name.


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