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YMMV / The Magnificent Kotobuki

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  • Acceptable Target:
    • The Elite Force is a pirate group that models themselves after a Japanese corporate culture, and they raid towns if the town refuses to do trade with them. However how much an Acceptable Target each personnel is varied. The CEO is overbearing and misguided Snake Oil Salesman, however he never cheats out a contract deal, charming in a casual interaction, and a brave leader who will protect his employees. The Production Department girl is a plagiarist who doesn't like what she does, but she's willing to learn with some genuine encouragement (which comes courtesy of the main cast). The Human Resource and Sales Department, on the other hand, are treacherous backstabbers who sold out the company to the highest bidder and infiltrated a rival company to steal the company's secret. The HR Head in particular has the stereotypical 'Japanese corrupt bureaucrat' look.
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    • Standon Oil is a plutocratic oil company that tries to monopolize Ijitsu's fuel industry by selling low-quality cheap gas, buying out small wells and attacking them when they refuse, and then when they're done with the monopoly, would freely raise the gas price as much as they want. While the other characters are capitalist on varying degrees, Standon Oil is motivated by greed instead of pure business. And their mascot is said to make children in-universe cry. This behavior looks pretty similar to that of Standard Oil, which was taken down after being exposed to public scrutiny and shame.
    • It might not be a coincidence that the guy who decides to charge without any regard of strategy is an overly manly local petty king with Samurai Ponytail.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • From what we see of his still-in-development tower, Isao really does love the Yufang the same way Torihei loves his daughter's ukiyo-e paintings - a man who loves something from a second-hand information told to him. From there, his obsession about the Yufang hole becomes slightly ambiguous. Does he want to invade the world beyond the hole and monopoly the Yufang's prosperity through his military force, or does he want to be the only one who is "loved" by the Yufang and will destroy anyone he perceives as "being loved more" by them? Is Leona right when she says that he's not that kind of person and got corrupted in the eight years she hasn't heard about him, or does he always act that way and just really good at hiding it?
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    • On the same subject as the above, the way he panders to Isao makes it looks like that his butler is The Corrupter, and likely a Yufang just like Old Sabu.
  • Awesome Art: The sheer amounts of realistic aerial combat maneuver and sound design of these old WWII airplane are a sight to behold. Each plane has different gunfire sounds and metal creaks depending on its specs, the first person view of the dogfights, and the 2 minutes long plane start-up that Kylie does in Episode 1 are just some of them.
  • Fanfic Fuel:
    • The Kotobuki pilot's, and the other pilots' to the lesser extend, respective past, especially Leona and Zara's meeting Sapoh Airfield and the reason why they make sad faces when talking about it.
    • Because of the various towns in Ijitsu and the game's examples of one squadron protagonist in each town, there's a lot of Japanese fanfictions in Pixiv about original character squadrons, often all female also, doing their own business in the setting where the plotline is just writing itself.
  • Les Yay:
    • Leona and Zara definitely has something going on. Not only they share a room while the other four girls of the Kotobuki Squadron are bunking together, they sleep and walk around in their underwear only in each other's presence. They knew each other for the longest time, the Kotobuki Squadron was started by them, they snicker when Adolfo is trying to woo them, and their interactions to the younger pilots are more like a father and mother pair. The last episode goes into its logical conclusion; Zara practically asks Leona to elope with her, away from obligations that always burdening the squad captain, while knowing full well that Leona's personality would never let her leave her folks. So the moment Leona rejects her suggestion, Zara settles as her loyal wingwoman instead, sharing those obligations through thick and thin together. Leona would have asked that herself, but gets cut off.
    • Lulu and Julia, in a more Vitriolic Best Buds way. They knew each other since kindergarten and the way Julia says it, she deliberately seduced boys away from Lulu when they were younger because she wanted to hoard Lulu for herself. While Lulu is more aloof, it is known that she's aloof to those she adores. That Lulu decides to go to war for Julia is a sign that she indeed cares for the exiled councilor.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Even before he openly admits of shooting down Old Sabu and Allen, and then taunting their families over their suffering, Isao ruthlessly shoots down Leona, the only Kotobuki who believes that he's not murderous psychopath, when she begs for the lives of Rahama-Porokka Coalition's men and asks him to allow their retreat, claiming that he's kidding when he says he would. All that comes with it are the Porokka flagship and her God-knows-how-many crew get shot down and explode, numerous lives from both sides are lost from two air skirmishes, and the final nail in the coffin that confirms Isao is a horrifying war criminal.
    • Isao's butler dives down on Zara after he smashed her plane with a crane, intending to strafe her while she's sitting duck on the water and with her canopy open.
  • Never Live It Down: Emma is a lot of things, but what the viewers are likely to remember about her is when she has a Potty Emergency that one time.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • Isao's head is so small in relative to the rest of his body, that his hand is larger than his face. Compared to the other male characters, who have normal proportions, this makes it seem that the animators put his head in the wrong torso model. His body gestures, especially in the episode he's debuted in, is also very exaggerated compared to everyone else's. This results in a large hulking man with a tiny head makes a clown of himself with his body movements— and he's supposed to be a very charismatic world leader.
    • The close-up of the Captain's large, unblinking, unmoving eyes are guaranteed to weird people out.


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