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Trivia / The Magnificent Kotobuki

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  • Actor Allusion:
    • Leona's being a levelheaded captain who used to charge headlong into battle might be an allusion of her voice actress whose role in the other Mizushima's work, Girls und Panzer der Film, is the levelheaded commander of a tank team which only strategy is to banzai charge the opponents.
    • Musako and Higako, the twin postal service pilots, are voiced by a pair of real-life twins Risae and Satsumi Matsuda, including Musako (voiced by Risae) being the older twin.
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  • Anime First: The series has both game and manga adaptations and they add a lot of the world-buildings, but the anime is always the series' gospel.
  • Executive Meddling: The reason the official subtitles write the characters' names in all-caps is due to a specific demand from the anime's licensor. In fact, the first episode was aired with the names written normally, and the subs were redone to account for the all-caps after the demand was made the second week of airing. The all-caps is an indication that in the Japanese script, the names are written with katakana characters. However, as of episode 4 the all-caps have been dropped and the names are written as in normal English with the sole exception of the squadron name KOTOBUKI.
  • Dueling Shows: On the same season as Kotobuki, there was the anime Girly Air Force, also about girls and planes.
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  • Lying Creator: By Word of God, the series would only feature Japanese planes, which later has a narrative explanation. Episode 12 has the F-86D Sabre, which is a Japanese aircraft only through a technicality. To wit, it is the ONLY plane in the series that isn't on the aircraft profile page on the anime's website.
  • Throw It In!: Sayumi Suzushiro, Kylie's voice actress, claims in Episode 4's Kotobuki Communication that while she was given Kylie's pancake song's lyrics, she wasn't told on how to sing it. So when Emma calls the song tone deaf, it's because Suzushiro intentionally sings it that way.
  • Saved from Development Hell: According to Word of God, the show's went into a development for three years before the staff announced an anime original, rumored to be an adaptation of Shirobako Show Within The Show Third Aerial Girls Squad, before it is revealed in September 2018 to be Kotobuki with Third Aerial Girls Squad being an OVA. It's possible that the show's backstage dealing, as shown in Shirobako and Third Aerial Girls Squad's own corporate bureaucracy, took even longer than that.


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