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It's not just Subaru's favorite
  • After finishing her work at the village, Ram goes to see what Subaru's been up to the whole time. Turns out he was teaching his morning exercises to the villagers. Ram's reaction is priceless.
  • Betelgeuse's behavior can be hillarious as much as terrifying. His extremely excited way of talk, his hammy tendencies and his over-the-top expressions and movements are very amusing to see. The fact that his seiyuu seems to have a lot of fun while voicing him doesn't helps this at all.
  • During the preparations for the battle against the Whale in Episode 19, Subaru and Petrasche the ground dragon get off to a good start. Subaru calls it "love at first sight," to which Felix warns he's making Rem pout. Rem protests she's not - and promptly exchanges a Lightning Glare with her latest rival.
  • Episode 20: Subaru asks if he has the Witch's scent after trying to speak of his Return by Death to use himself as bait:
    Subaru: You didn't have to say it that way.
  • Episode 21: Rem gets pissed at the White Whale for smelling Subaru.
    Rem: The only one who can sniff Subaru-kun is me! (cue flail)
    • When she catches a plummeting Subaru with the chain of her flail, he comes to a halt via Funbag Airbag. She thanks him for the treat.
  • Rem playing dead in order to trick Subaru to confess his feelings for her. And the entire time, Felix is watching them from afar.
  • Episode 23: Subaru trolling the hell out of Petelgeuse despite the fact the he could get killed pretty easily if he messed up.
    • Amps it up even further in the next episode too.
  • There's an image where Subaru has his head in a human sized Puck's lap. The look on Subaru's face is priceless.
  • One of the Manga sidestories has Subaru agonizing over the lack of his favorite condiment, mayonnaise. This wouldn't be so funny, except Subaru is more or less going through withdrawal symptoms without it. We then get a cooking with Rem story where she tries to make a mayo substitute from Subaru's vague instructions and ultimately, she succeeds!
    • This is dialed up a notch when by the end of the story, she filled an entire bath with mayo, thinking it may satisfy Subaru, who had just learned the hard way what she did. Rem thinks this may earn her some praise from him, and it looks like Subaru might grant that... but then...
  • In the Memory Snow special, we have Subaru's dream about Roswaal. Plus that statue Rem and Ram made, that gets both Suburu and Roswaal weirded out.


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