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Headscratchers / Re:Zero

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People's negative reactions to Emilia

When people react negatively to Emilia for being a white-haired female half-elf, the story seems to portray this as just prejudice. However, given what we're shown of the Ordeal that Petelgeuse puts on, it would seem that whenever there's a white-haired female half-elf that the Witch Cult will eventually show up and slaughter everyone around her. If that *is* the case then it would be rational to want to stay away from Emilia and be afraid when she shows up. And since people wouldn't know *why* the Witch keeps doing that, it wouldn't be entirely irrational to hold some suspicion of any white-haired female half-elf you meet.

Subaru's Immediate Need to Die

Subaru surviving is part of his characterization of 'being too scared to go down,' but if Return By Death is so fickle, why doesn't he carry a means of committing suicide around so that he doesn't have to suffer as much? He could very easily just ask someone like Roswaal for some poison or an instant-death amulet so that he doesn't have to manually kill himself or wait out through the torture just to activate Return By Death. Medieval poisons that work fast and painlessly enough exist, and Roswaal put a curse ON HIMSELF that can destroy someone's body and soul, so just the body or non-destructive instant death is not too farfetched. It's especially relevant in the 'waiting' case because some of his loops have involved some waiting in an isolated room for either some schmuck to slit his throat or for starvation/dehydration to take him. In some other cases, he also gets impatient and tries to bash his own head in or something because he doesn't have a convenient way on-hand to end it all. This would also go in line with what Satella said about Subaru taking care of himself so other people in his life will have something left of him to love; putting himself through the pain instead of out of his own misery to sidestep it goes against that. This is accounting for in-universe logic, not for the annoying community answer of 'the writer shouldn't have to explain or resort to that.' Practically speaking, it makes the plothole of "Why does some of the Torture Porn need to happen?" even more visible.