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Heartwarming / Re:Zero

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  • Episode 11: Subaru and Rem has a heart-to-heart talk with Subaru telling her that You Are Better Than You Think You Are and gives her the courage to move forward from her troubled past. Rem is so happy that she begin crying tears of joy and from there on, falls in love with Subaru.
  • Episode 18: Rem's confession to Subaru, where she lists off all the good parts of him and explains why she intends to support him no matter what, despite knowing that he loves Emilia. Wishing, her Image Song by her Seiyuu Inori Minase playing in the background makes it even more powerful.
    • A part of the Rem's encouraging speech is the same one Subaru used to get her out of her Heroic Self-Deprecation in the past. Basically, Rem used Subaru's own words against him which shows how much impact it left on her.
  • Episode 21: Subaru and Rem's Headbutt of Love at the end of the battle gives us this beautiful frame.
    • In a scene omitted from the anime, Subaru realizes his feelings for Rem and confesses to her when he thought she is dying.
    • This Platonic Declaration of Love between Subaru and Crusch after the cataclysmic battle with Moby Dick.
      Subaru: Well, we will inevitably become enemies one day, so I hope we get can get along until then.
      Crusch: Allow me to correct your belief, Natsuki Subaru; On the day when we must declare war with one another, I will continue to treat you as a friend; and when our blades must cross, I will never forget the debt of gratitude that I owe you on this day; Even if we are to become mortal foes, I will respect and regard you as a friend untill the very end.
      Subaru: If I didn't already have a Number One and Number Two Lady in my life, I will totally have fallen for you.
      Crusch: Even though I do not intend to continue this relationship with you as a woman, I will confess that my heart was moved by your heroism today; a pity that a greater dream than love now takes the throne of my heart.
      (Both Heroes Smile Warmly and Shake Each Other's Hands.)
  • Episode 24:
    • Subaru encourages Emilia to ride with the children to show that she isn't hated by everyone and that they respect her.
    • Julius admits he considers Subaru a friend.
  • Episode 25:
    • The final scene of the episode shows Subaru he tells Emilia that he loves everything about her and will be on her side despite everyone else saying otherwise. Emilia is brought to tears at this point, happy that for the first time in her life, someone is accepting her for who she is, despite being a half-elf, despite looking similar to the universally hated Satella, despite having being hated nearly all her life, despite all the crap that she's been through.
      • Subaru admits that his reasons for saving Emilia where selfish and how it was all for his own self-satisfaction. But, even if he was justifying it with the wrong reasons, that doesn't change the fact that he genuinely wants to save her because that's how his heart feels. His love for Emilia is the one thing he can be completely sure about.
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  • A "What If" story features Subaru and Rem leaving the country at the end of episode 18 to the west. From there, they become a loving couple (with Rem taking Subaru's family name) and start a family.

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