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Read spoilers at your own risk.

Fridge Brilliance:

  • In the first episode, Subaru was asking about where was the beautiful girl who summoned him into this world... Except that it was a beautiful girl that summoned him, it's just that said girl is Satella, AKA the Witch of Envy.
  • In the first episode when Subaru exchanges names, Puck's reaction to the name "Satella" is total shock. Her response of Surprise when Subaru says its a beautiful name is equally shocking. When followed up by Puck's comment about poor taste, the ambiguity is nothing short of brilliant once you know how most people in that world view that name.
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  • Why does Subaru, of all people, have Return by Death despite being the weakest character? Because he dies often enough that he can come across the information needed to solve the events of the arc.
  • Episode 5 when Subaru talks with Beatrice, she makes mention of wanting a way to forget or erase the memory of Subaru. Come White Whale encounters as well as the Archbishop of Gluttony's authority power and this becomes something of a foreshadowing.
  • Episode 6 Subaru tells the story of the Red Ogre and Blue Ogre (Oni are Ogres in Japanese mythology). Was this an on the nose analogy of Rem and Ram? Certainly the "long journey" part by the blue Ogre is another brilliant foreshadow of what would happen to Rem in the fourth arc.
  • All of the If routes represent Subaru taking up a certain sin.
    • Ayamatsu -> Pride, as Subaru wants to prove he's better than Reinhard and does anything possible to achieve this. Subaru also goes out of his way to call himself the Archbishop of Pride in this route.
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    • Kasaneru -> Greed, as Subaru accepts Echidna's contract and decides to constantly die to get a perfect ending regardless of the cost.
    • Rem If -> Sloth, as Subaru gives up and takes the easy way out. This, in the same arc that features Petelgeuse as the main antagonist.
    • Oboreru -> Wrath, as Subaru can only understand hatred, be it his own or someone else's.
    • Harem If -> Lust, for obvious reasons. However, it is unknown if it was as serious as the other Ifs, as the author removed it.
    • Tsugihagu If -> Gluttony, as the amnesiac Subaru tries hopelessly to piece together his sense of self based on others' memories of himself; the process he uses to learn these memories is very similar to the memory-stealing powers of the (multiple) Archbishops of Gluttony.

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