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Who knew getting into the music business would involve so much hilarity?

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     Episode 1  

     Episode 2  
  • Tuesday trying her best to clean up Carole's apartment. However, since she was such a rich girl, she has no idea what she's doing and ends up messing up the room even more than before.
  • Carole tries for another job where she's supposed to cry at some guys funeral. But because she finds the butterfly flying on the priest's head so funny she ends up bursting into laughter. She's fired soon after.

     Episode 3  
  • “I hit the note...”

     Episode 4  
  • The gang buys a fairly cheap A.I. to make a music video. It goes about as disastrously—and hilariously—as you would expect. They probably should have paid more attention to the one-star rating. Highlights of the music video include:
    • A poorly animated sequence of (what's was supposed to be) Carole and Tuesday in the reflection.
    • The "epic" robot fight, which is just the A.I holding Roddy's two mech figurines while making them play-right.
    • An elderly man walking right in front of the camera while its filming the crew walking.
    • A dancing Gus poorly edited in and multiplied, to make it look like a hundred dancers. The same is done in a later scene with Carole, Tuesday and (a hundred) Roddys.
    • The final scene, which has Ertegun's car blowing up (and Roddy running to it in a panic).

     Episode 5  

     Episode 7  
  • All the auditions before Carole and Tuesday. Think back the zany moments during the auditions from talent shows like American Idol and X Factor. Now crank it up to 11 and you'll witness comedy gold, which includes:
    • A man yodelling until he runs out of breath and starts coughing.
    • A ventriloquist and a little girl puppet who looks so sweet that the female judge starts warming up to her... and then the puppet starts singing screamo music.
    • Dubstep Granny. Apparently her deceased mother used to sing it to her.
    • A Native Martian contestant, who is a blatant parody of Vitas.

     Episode 8  
  • While Angela has her own dressing room with her name on the door, the other contestants have to share dressing room with the door labeled "Others".
  • The utter shock on OG Bulldog's face when his grandma reveals his intimidating backstory was just a big lie, saying he's such a kind person he would never commit a crime.
    • When he loses to Carole and Tuesday, he cries on his grannie's shoulder while she consoles him.

     Episode 9  
  • Gus and Dahlia try to sit several seats away from each other, only for a staff member to indicate all seats must be occupied, forcing them to seat next to each other.
  • The whole Mermaid Sister's Cluster F-Bomb performance, done barbershop style. It would be surprising if it hadn't become a full blown meme as soon as it aired. The Stunned Silence in the audience says everything.

     Episode 10  

     Episode 11  
  • One of the staff members signals the MC to stretch things until Carole and Tuesday arrive, so the MC asks Ertegun what his favorite food is. Ertegun proceeds with another self-centered monologue.

     Episode 12  
  • Carole and Gus literally drag Roddy with them so he helps rescue Tuesday. And when they are on the train, Roddy points out it looks suspicious they brought a ladder with them.
  • Crossing with Heartwarming, but when Roddy and Gus are both at a holding cell for breaking in, they and all the other prisoners in the cell are tearing up at Carole and Tuesday's performance.

     Episode 13  
  • When Angela asks Dahlia where Tao is, Dahlia answers he was apparently busy. Cut to Tao in his office solving a virtual rubic cube.
  • After Carole and Tuesday finish their song in Mars' slums, a huge rambling man with an axe appears. Gus declares he's the legendary producer Tobe, to the duo's shock.

     Episode 15  
  • Gus and Roddy see Carole and Tuesday exercising so they try to catch up to them. While Roddy keeps up, Gus loses his breath and is completely unable to keep running.
  • Desmond's A.I. butler greets the group at the entrance, but leaves Gus' name to the very end, leaving him thinking he'll be left outside again.

     Episode 16  
  • Carole and Tuesday want to get a backup band for their songs in the South by Southwest concert, but they need one fast and one that would work with them for free. A second later, they find a guitarist, bassist, and drummer practicing and bring them along. Only Gus seems to be concerned with how sketchy bringing in three people who they don't even know onto an important concert is.

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