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Fridge Brilliance:

  • As good of a singer that Angela is, many viewers comment on how her songs come across as generic and "soulless". Aside from them being AI generated, there's the fact that the website reveals that Angela's favourite music is actually metal, which is nothing like the stereotypical pop songs she is singing. Every other musician shown on the show is mentioned to like certain music which is shown in their own music. Angela stands out as the only one who fully "sold her soul" for popularity as a singer. Being popular and successful matters more to her than singing in a way she genuinely enjoys.
    • Hammered in even more when Angela performs one of her songs in front of music executives and reporters, people who will more than likely boost her popularity and spread her name around. However, when Carole and Tuesday perform their own songs, it's in the slums where not much press coverage will happen; yet, they still manage to draw in crowds and people who admire their commitment to being themselves.
  • Why did it take so long for Valerie to find Tuesday? It's possible that Spencer has access to whatever technology his mother has and delayed it.
    • Most likely, she saw her daughter on TV, knew where they were broadcasting and sent her goons to grab her from there.

Fridge Horror:

  • Valerie's xenophobic, isolationist rhetoric can be hard enough to swallow by itself, but then it's revealed that her policies are being determined by Jerry's AI, which is analysing the public and proposing policies that will appeal to them. And it's working - after she announces plans to revoke Mars' trade agreement with Earth, her polling numbers shoot up. In other words, Valerie's policies aren't stirring up anti-immigrant sentiments - those sentiments are already there, seemingly shared by a significant proportion of Mars' population, and Valerie is just pandering to them.
  • What are the long term effects of Tao's "managing" on Angela? Could she be the next Flora? Episodes 21 and 22 confirm it in horrifying fashion.
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  • Episode 7 hints that Dahlia was abusive to Angela when she was a child. Could Angela's obsession with popularity be her way of filling the hole that Dahlia left in her heart by denying her love and affection?

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