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Tear Jerker / Carole & Tuesday

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Heart-wrenching moments from Carole & Tuesday.

All spoilers are unmarked.

  • “Life is a Carnival”: Carole and Tuesday are invited to a big music festival to fill in for popular rock band Omega. However, they soon fall victim to a hostile crowd who pelts them with trash mid-performance, demanding to see Omega instead. After leaving the stage following Omega’s belated arrival, all the duo can do is embrace each other in tears, clearly shaken after facing what may have been their most disastrous audience yet.
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  • Desmond's final song before falling into a coma in episode 15.
  • Angela's downward spiral in episode 21: With Tao in hiding and Dahlia falling into a coma after revealing they are Angela's adoptive parent, Angela can't cope with the idea of being abandoned. She goes on a drug binge and has hallucinations of her broken AI pet telling her everyone only ever wanted to use her, and that her singing career is dead.
  • Dahlia's death, full stop. Before passing, they briefly awakens from their coma and apologizes to Angela for keeping her adoption a secret, but promises that they truly love her and embraces her as their own. The overwhelming grief, on top of the dangerous amount of drugs in her system, put Angela in a critically unstable state, so much so that she passes out during her Grammy's performance and has to be hospitalized immediately. Since Dahlia's funeral takes place while Angela is in the hospital, she doesn't even get to give her mother a proper farewell.


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