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Mars Brightest was rigged
The executives of Mars Brightest put Cybelle in to add some drama and boost the show's ratings. She went after the only duo in the competition, because breaking them up would be prime drama. The yandere stuff was an act to add tension, while the crush stuff was to try and hook the audience with a romance subplot.

They put her up against Angela because she was pretty much guaranteed to win - she was the celebrity guest. It'd be unfair to put a contestant who worked hard up against the celebrity they're supposed to shill. So Cybelle was placed against her as an easy, harmless loss. And by then, Cybelle would have served her purpose and stirred up enough drama.

But Carole and Tuesday not only failed to break up, they're also likely pretty popular for their unique do-it-yourself music and being cute girls. They're marketable and interesting, so you can do more with them. So they bring back Cybelle to stir the pot. Hence why she was allowed backstage after losing.


The "present" Cybelle left for Tuesday was something serious enough to cause massive drama and build suspense for the tournament's darkhorses, but wasn't serious enough to stop them from performing next week. Tuesday had to perform with an injury because the judges knew it would make them more sympathetic. As "compensation," the judges would have moved the girls onto the finals regardless of how they performed. Because there's no way Ertegun would pass them, and Benito was practically salivating over Pyotr.

On top of it all, the mystery of the present would be another story hook. Have the characters turn against each other and fight over it. Make everyone a suspect. Cause drama. In the case of Angela and her assistant, it worked.

Tao is subtly trying to plot something against Dahlia
  • And he uses Angela to get close to her

Tuesday's father
  • Was assassinated by Vanessa
  • Divorced Vanessa because she was abusive
  • Wants custody of Tuesday
  • Is being deliberately kept away from Tuesday by Vanessa

Cybelle suffers from Mars Androgeny Syndrome
Cybelle is distinctly androgynous and while Desmond proves sufferers are not necessarily mentally unstable as a symptom, Dahlia mentions it's a side-effect of some of the medications.

GGK actually is connected to the Universe
GGK only shows up on Mars Brightest because the Universe told her to. Then when Carole and Tuesday are thinking about who to invite to their secret show, they find out GGK and Pyotr formed a duo and cement their invite as a result. So GGK never would have met Carole, Tuesday, or Pyotr without going on Mars Brightest, meaning she never would have formed a duo, or been invited to a moment in history known as the 7 Minute Miracle.

Why the Earth looks that idiotically big on the Martian sky
As explained on the main article page, the Earth would look small like a bright star when observed from Mars, so here's the explanation: The "Earth" e.g. Carole and Tuesday were watching in the sky is actually a hologram installed during the terraforming period to show the people where the journey is headed: Make the red planet a planet of blue and green like the original!

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