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Nightmare Fuel / Carole & Tuesday

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  • The show holds no punches in it's depiction of stans.
    • Cybelle isn't all that different from the character in the song which coined the term: at first she just comes across as creepily forward, wanting to hug and even kiss Tuesday the second they meet and insisting that they start a band in what's implied to be a desperate attempt to immediately be her best friend. When Tuesday says no, Cybelle burns Tuesday's hand with dry ice as revenge. She's later heard yelling through angry tears about how Tuesday betrayed her while being escorted out of the building by security, perfectly confirming exactly how insane she is.
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    • Carolle has to intervene when Cybelle asks Tuesday for a kiss (again, this is immediately after they first meet). Later, when Tuesday gives Cybelle another hug, Cybelle gives her a love bite on her neck! Just how far would she have been willing to go if Tuesday let her and Carolle wasn't around to help?
    • Black_knight. He watches Angela in private by hacking all of the AI around her (including her pet), sends her text messages with direct responses to things she's saying in private, attempts to kill the man trying to protect her via remote-controlled vehicular manslaughter with a self-driving car and comes dangerously close to shooting her. And just to amp up the Paranoia Fuel, when it looks like he's been caught at her latest performance, it turns out to be a decoy and the real criminal is disguised as a security guard. Had Tao not been a big damn hero, the South By Southwest audience would've had a front row view of Angela getting her brains blown out.
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  • The horribly truthful depiction of racial profiling and when Skip and his band are arrested on what are obviously trumped-up charges.

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