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  • Whenever Kawamura's split personality shows. In episode 20 Momo deliberately activates it in this situation:
    Ishida: "Excuse me, how is your right arm?"
    Kawamura: "Ah, it's fine. It wasn't your fault, so don't worry about it."
    Momoshiro: "Here Taka-san." *hands him his racket*
    • From the same episode, Ryoma's reaction to the surprise party is to promptly close the door on his teammates.
  • In Chapter 194, the day after playing bloodshot Kirihara, Ryoma admits to himself that he was a pretty scary opponent. Unfortunately for him, all his teammates, the freshman trio, and even Coach Ryuzaki have red eyes for various reasons. It freaks Ryoma out so much that it makes him faint. Twice.
    • Everyone else has some sort of plausible explanation (except maybe Fuji's cactus incident). Kawamura's caption: "Burning!"
  • Just watch Kaidoh becoming everyone's Butt-Monkey in "Kaoru's misfortune".
  • Episode 71 of the anime. That's all.
  • The Horror of Comedy Tennis. FULL STOP.
    • Any time Kaidoh and Momishiro have to play doubles, actually. The Comedy Tennis was just the height of their antics.
  • Tezuka Zone. Dinosaurs. 'Nuff said.
  • The revelation about Atobe's wig.
  • The entire Yakiniku episode, but particularly Shishido's "Heroic Sacrifice" (complete with Ohtori's "SHISHIDO-SAAAAAAN!!! ;-;") and when Tezuka accidentally yanks down Inui's pants.
    • Any time Inui loses his pants, in fact.
  • All of the chibi episodes, and the "[insertnameofsport] no oujisama" ones. Oishi tends to get especially funny in them (like in the bowling episode, and when he's the mom in the chibi family episodes...). Also, Tezuka and bonsais... And most of the mini-dramas in the radio program.
  • Atobe and Ryoma's maniacal laughter right before their match
  • Let's not forget episode 99, "The Cursed Racket". We have Inui's ghost story, the attempted racket exorcisms, poor Kaidoh getting abused again... not to mention everyone's hilarious terrified faces throughout.
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  • In the anime rendition of the Yamabuki arc, Sumire calls Nanjiro by phone. As they speak, she mentions Banji... and accidentally presses Nanjirou's Berserk Button by doing so. Hilarity Ensues BIG TIME.
  • Nanako finds out about Nanjiro's Porn Stash.
  • Eiji playing doubles by himself. The referee fainted. 'Nuff said.
  • Ginka's "1 Day of Horror".
  • Let's not forget the first-year shenanigans either. Dan, Urayama and Horio meet up in their way to check on their sempais, and then Hilarity Ensues.
  • Kaidou, his father Shibuki and his brother Hazue are having breakfast at the start of an episode. They talk in the same tone, act alike, look like clones of each other... Made even funnier by how Kaidou's mother Hazuki angelically looks over them.
  • At some point Sakuno is talking to Tomoka over the phone, and Tomoka tells Sakuno she can't go with her watch the matches this time because she has to watch over her little siblings. Cue to poor Tomoka lying on the floor, with one baby pulling her pigtails and the other chewing on something.
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  • In the New Prince of Tennis, Ryoma, Kenya and Tanishi went to the bar lounge and steal some sake by crossing through the lasers. Even funnier that Kirihara was the one dictating them what to do.


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