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Like Azumanga Daioh, below you will find...the whole series.

  • From episode 19:
    Yutaka: Oh, Tamura-san! (with the most innocent smile on her face) What does yaoi mean?
    Hiyori: *reacts in shock* That...depends on which one you mean!
  • The ED theme for the same episode: "SUPPON! SUPPON! SUPPON!" ("NAKED! NAKED! NAKED!")
  • The other best moment in the series, from episode 12, also involves yaoi. "Gauron and Sousuke are..."
  • Episode 5 end credits. Konata does Dragon Ball Z. SPARKING!
    • The irony: Aya Hirano (her Japanese voice actress) is also a singer!
    • And then the second opening remix album featured a cover by JAM Project.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, MEITO ANIZAWA and HIYORI TAMURA!
  • The Initial D parody on episode 6.
    Kagami: What's with the (bleep) D-like driving!? note 
    • The best part: Yui did her tricks while staying within the speed limit.
    • Or how about in the same episode when, after Tsukasa puts a seashell to her ear and imagines she's floating in the ocean, a roach pops out, prompting a very reasonable scream and making her run to her sister?
  • Patty describing "Otome Road" and Yutaka's Imagine Spot.
  • Of Minoru Shiraishi's live action endings, the end of Kaorin's Theme and Ore no Wasuremono as a whole probably take the cake. And Koi no Minoru Densetsu once learning the full version is a SPEED METAL REMIX of the song it's based off of.
    • There's also how he starts a different ending:
    • Another favorite is in the "Wawawawasuremono..." ending, which includes Shiraishi singing next to a random couple (who seem to be trying their best to ignore him), and a subtitle pops up pointing at them which reads: "Random couple who readily agreed to be in this video."* The New Years episode was memorable because out of the blue, Tsukasa says some odd dialogue ("Rice cake goes wee!" and "Cheesecake?").
  • After Konata's famous "a flat chest is a status symbol" scene, Tsukasa replies "I guess I'm safe too".
  • In episode 21, where they go to the Daibutsu in Nara, and Konata calls the figures around the main statue "the options".
    Konata: Hmm... if this dude's the main one... then the little ones around him... are all the Options!
    Kagami: You ever hear of divine punishment?
    • While on the way there, a guide in the bus makes an pun about her "Nara narration". Everyone immediately stops talking and freezes, with shocked and speechless expressions on their faces; save for one random guy who, after a Beat, starts laughing his ass off.
  • The OVA:
    • "Tsukasa, press enter."
    • "I want to *a@%&! with Konata."
    • Tsukasa's moment of volleyball glory.
      • "Hitting the net hurts..."
    • The spectacular Mind Screw at the end is a mixture of this and Nightmare Fuel. The Deranged Animation and nonsensical dialogue is already bound to get a few laughs, but it especially starts turning into a mindfuck when the girls are presented two particular frogs: Keroro and Tamama. They keep chanting their names louder and louder, and next thing you know, the girls seem to have turned into different frogs themselves, with Kagami being partially embedded in the floor. As Konata is wondering what happened to everyone, the scene unzooms to reveal a small, chibi version of Minoru Shiraishi dressed as a wizard; he sings "Wawawa wasuremono..." as he leaves the screen, ending the sequence.
  • Turning Kagami into Miku!
  • "Don't touch me~"
  • Hiyori's instantaneous Scary Shiny Glasses when Konata gives Minami a strange solution for her problem, and the ensuing conversation about Doujins early in chapter 23.
    Konata: But doujins are meant to be read...
    Hiyori: Not by the normal people! Please have mercy!
  • How come Hiyori's fantasy of Yutaka growing up isn't mentioned. It's THE funniest moment in the anime, in episode 19.
    Fantasy!Yutaka: Minami-chan? (a little deeper) Minami-chan? (a LOT deeper) MINAMI-CHAAAAAAN!
  • Soujiro telling a mosquito "You are already dead.".
    Konata: Yeah, and you're already bitten.
  • Tsukasa feeds deer. It's really really cute until about :17, where the most amazing deer ever happens.
  • Izumi's Timotei. Hell, in the English version, she even says 'Bitchin!'
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in the MMORPG part of the OVA: When Konata and co. do a team victory pose, a random male character joins in on the far right, and then just walks away without anyone noticing.
  • In episode 18, Konata goes to Yutaka's classroom to see her. For the uninitiated, Konata's height will make her look like she's still too young to be in high school, so when she approaches the boy at the door, he's not expecting her to say "I'M A SENIOR". He immediately changes his demeanor.
  • When Akira's grumbling about how jealous she is of Miyuki's moe-ness, she ends by saying "Come to think of it, don't the maniacs go for her type? Sure she's got the maniacs, but I've still got my pedophiles, so take that!" All in the same laid-back tone of voice. And then she immediately switches back to her energetic cutesy persona.
  • Right after Konata's trying to think of a good nickname for Kagami, the latter, trying to get her to stop, trolls her with 'just call me Kagami-sama', or 'The Great Kagami', as it's subbed as. Cut to later that day when Konata visits Kagami's classroom, full of students, so that they can walk home.
    Konata: (waving) Oi, Kagami-sama!
    Kagami: (blue-faced) Oh my god, she actually said it!
  • Konata explains Kagami how she met Tsukasa: A foreigner (Who bears an intentionally uncanny resemblance to Guile) was about to kidnap Tsukasa when Konata showed up and beat the crap out of him Street Fighter-style. Tsukasa corrected her by precising that the foreigner was actually asking her for directions.
  • The moment when Kagami, in the bread eating contest at their school's sports day, overcompensates by biting the bread and bringing the WHOLE RACK it was on crashing down.
  • The concert had two, both from Minoru — dancing with a Nyamo plushie during "Ore no Wasuremono" and crossdressing as Miyuki in the last several minutes to make up for Aya Endo's absence (Tomokazu Seki even tries to flip his skirt during the curtain call!).
    • Speaking of Seki, he makes a surprise appearance in full Anime Tenchou cosplay in the Lucky Channel segment just when it's about to wrap up. When Minoru tries to stand up to him, he gets a Shining Finger for his trouble.
  • Watching the English subbed version as a non-Japanese speaker can pull a few laughs, with Japanese words sounding like English words (Cookiecookiecookiecookie)note , as well as the genuine Gratuitous English.
  • Konata reading a light novel. Kagami's adorable and mischievious smirk makes it even better.
  • Konata has a discussion with her dad regarding paedophiles. When Sojiro insists that he is also into normal girls, which means he's not just a lolicon, but a guy who is also a lolicon, Konata states that he fails as a human being either way. Ouch.
  • In episode 24 Akira is supposed to sing a song, however when she begins to sing, Shiraishi says "Okay, cut it!" Then:
  • While Konata scores more verbal jabs at Kagami, Kagami tends to deliver verbal knockouts when pushed. A notable example is when Kagami asks Konata for help with a game. Konata refuses, on the grounds that figuring things out for oneself is more fun. Kagami reflects on this:
    Kagami: Hmm. You have a point.
    Konata: You know it.
    Kagami: It's fun to figure things out on your own, uh-huh. So I guess you won't be copying my homework anymore, will you?
    Konata: (Blue with Shock)
    • Every last moment of episode twenty four.
  • Borderlining CMOA and Awesome Music for some: CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA
  • "The Adventures of Minoru Shiraishi", a series of extras documenting the making of the live action endings, have their own funny moments outside of what you see in the endings, like his reaction to being suspended in a tree (by climbing equipment) while (name) notes that "It's so much fun to transform at a dam!", Konno's CD player troubles (and Shiraishi's situationally improvised lyrics to "Kaorin's Theme"), and the suggestion that Shiraishi sing while rolling down a hill.
  • In one episode, Kagami walks in to a room to find Konata using the fan to make her voice warble. She remarks that she knew Konata was going to do it. Then Tsukasa comes in and does the same thing. Kagami attempts to call them both out on their childishness, when her father, working just outside in the garden, calmly says "But Kagami, didn't you do it earlier?"
    Kagami(thinking): Busted by Dad. How embarrassing.