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  • Haru was so accustomed to sleeping with nearly all males she interacted with that Legosi actually had to remind her that nothing like that happened between them the second time they met.
  • Legosi walking in on Louis and Haru right after they had another friends-with-benefits session, trying to enter the gardening club shed the exact same moment Louis tries to leave. This is one of the only moments in the whole story when Louis truly panics (complete with a comical "gulp" effect), and Haru's (still partly undressed) face while desperately trying to stay out of Legosi's sight is priceless.
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  • Right after a tense session and first meeting with Gouhin concerning the troubles involving his relationship with Haru, Gouhin proceeds to give Legosi...a small animal porn magazine for treatment. Granted, it's for serious reasons, but the sheer Mood Whiplash in context makes it hilarious.
  • Funny, unless you are Juno: when at one point she starts talking to Legosi about all the contradicting sensations she experiences when touching him, he agrees...only to start splurting out a pageworth of scientific explanations why she feels that way. Right after she decided that she wants to pursue him romantically.
  • When the Chief of the Cherryton School Paper (a tiny male rodent) finds out that not only do his fellow club members not want to obey the new Segregation Edict, but they've powered through making the paper largely based on the strength of their devotion and appreciation of his innate cuteness. His irate yet adorable reaction just ends up proving their point.
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  • Haru and Legosi keep attracting a small audience of gossip-thirsty bystanders whenever they talk about their relationship in public, and it's starting to become a recurring gag as of the newer chapters.
  • A lamb named Sebun that works in the sales department of a sporting goods chain ends up attempting to get herself eaten by carnivores on a hybrid train when she practically loses all chances of her dream position for being a herbivore in a carnivore environment. The one she intends to suicide to? Legosi, who promptly shoves her out of the train and helps save her life and mindset - right before realizing he completely missed the opportunity to get off at his stop and screams as the train goes away. Four pages later, and they're promptly apartment neighbors in the most awkward way possible.
    • Shortly before this, Legosi has come to realize that due to the incident involving his fight with a murderer, he's got a permanent criminal record that will always chain him down and restrict his life. Trying to figure what to do with himself, he decides that the best thing to do is try to find his place in the vast world is to drop out of school altogether on pure impulse with a smile and without even second-guessing it. Then he jumps to remembering he confessed to Haru at that same spot.

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