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Inter-dietary romance can be a real pain in the tail.


  • Haru and Legoshi keep attracting a small audience of gossip-thirsty bystanders whenever they talk about their relationship in public, and it's starting to become a recurring gag as of the newer chapters.

Initial arc

  • When the Chief of the Cherryton School Paper (a tiny male rodent) finds out that not only do his fellow club members not want to obey the new Segregation Edict, but they've powered through making the paper largely based on the strength of their devotion and appreciation of his innate cuteness. His irate yet adorable reaction just ends up proving their point.
  • Haru was so accustomed to sleeping with nearly all males she interacted with that Legoshi actually had to remind her that nothing like that happened between them the second time they met.
    • Speaking of...let's examine the second time they met. Haru and Legoshi are in her gardening shed, her thanking the wolf for helping her with something in her garden. He says he's not hungry when she offers to make him some food. He wants to speak with her about accidentally attacking her previously, but can't spit it out. She ends up thinking he wants to sleep with her. Down go the blinds, off comes her dress, and she walks up to him in her underwear and begins disrobing him. Legoshi immediately begins to sweat bullets. When it's clear to him what her intentions are, he panics, covers her in a blanket, and quickly excuses himself from the shed, closing the sliding door on his tail on the way out.
      Haru: This is my first time with a carnivore, too, y'know. (Haru unbuckles Legoshi's belt and begins to open his pants)
      Legoshi: (thinking) Is... this some sort of greeting?
      Haru: The color of your fur on your stomach is the same as your face.
      Legoshi: (still thinking, sweating excessively) Maybe... something exclusive to small animals?
      Haru: It's a beautiful cream color... I wanna see how far it goes. Is that okay? (starts pulling his pants down)
      Legoshi: (grabs his pants by the waistband and yanks them up as far as they can go) NO, IT'S NOT OKAY!
  • During the second night of the Adler play, Legoshi and Bill nearly derail the play by getting into a fight. The next day it's the talk of the school, and the rumor mill has turned it from a simple scuffle into an all-out battle that by the end Legoshi pulled out a machine gun and Bill was on fire.

Meteor Festival Arc

  • The awkward lunch date Legoshi and Haru have at the cafeteria. Legoshi, due to having No Social Skills, spends most of it thinking way too hard on how to ask what Haru's name is, while Haru, with great difficulty, resists the urge to run away from him, as evident from her leg kicking up every time she sees him open his mouth and briefly showing his fangs. Just as Legoshi works up the courage to finally ask for her name, Haru abruptly decides to leave. The face Legoshi makes is priceless.
    • She also starts the lunch by thanking him for loaning her his backpack so she can actually eat her lunch, as the table would be too tall for her otherwise.
    • This whole scene is incited earlier as Haru gives a defiant speech to the Alpha Bitch rabbit, unaware that Legoshi is walking up behind her and therefore thinks that the mean-girl clique is becoming terrified of her and they run away. When they yell from the distance that Legoshi can eat her for all they care, Haru finally turns around and sees him looming over her. Her reaction boils down to "Oh, hi there."
  • Legoshi walking in on Louis and Haru right after they had another friends-with-benefits session, trying to enter the gardening club shed the exact same moment Louis tries to leave. This is one of the only moments in the whole story when Louis truly panics (complete with a comical "gulp" effect), and Haru's (still partly undressed) face while desperately trying to stay out of Legoshi's sight is priceless.
  • Juno's first encounter with Haru while visting Legoshi at the nurse's office, after the he had rescued Haru from the Shishigumi. It starts with Juno angrily sizing Haru up, trying to determine just what it is about Haru that attracts Legoshi. And then she starts following Haru through the hall. And then she full blown starts chasing her.
    • In episode 12 of the anime, the face-to-face meeting goes through several cuts from them walking away...then speed-walking...then full-on sprinting as Haru tries to flee from the she-wolf who glared at her for no reason and Juno is pursuing her in a jealousy-fueled rage.
    • When Juno finally corners Haru on the stairs, she sniffs at Haru in a very strange way, to try and work out if she had sex with Legoshi, prompting Haru to internally (and sarcastically) wonder when she suddenly became so attractive to wolves.
  • Right after a tense session and first meeting with Gouhin concerning the troubles involving his relationship with Haru, Gouhin proceeds to give Legoshi...a rabbit porn manga for treatment. Granted, it's for serious reasons, but the sheer Mood Whiplash in context makes it hilarious. Jack later finds said porn, and is utterly shell-shocked that his friend has it.
  • Legoshi is so self conscious that when rescuing Haru from the Shishigumi and having a cool boss fight he A) gives Haru his shirt to cover her nakedness and B) immediately apologizes in case it smells bad after his stressful and physically challenging day, undercutting the moment.
  • Funny, unless you are Juno: when at one point she starts talking to Legoshi about all the contradicting sensations she experiences when touching him, he agrees... only to start splurting out a page worth of scientific explanations for why she feels that way, talking about how she'll learn all about it in biology next year, right after she decided that she wants to pursue him romantically.

Murder Incident Solution Arc

  • After the (actually false) rumor spreads that Legoshi and Haru had sex, all of Legoshi's carnivore friends from the drama club not only want to know whether they really did it, but also the mechanics of it due to their difference in size.
  • Els bringing Legoshi to the sheep's room to meet her ex for information on Tem. Her ex freaks out thinking that Els is getting revenge for dumping her by bringing a carnivore to eat him.
  • Jack being all serious and dramatic to his roommates about Legoshi never coming back to school after the culprit pounded him last night...only for Legoshi to show up with his pale blue fur shaved off due to Gouhin shaving it all off.
  • Legoshi conducting a research on fangs to find the true culprit leads him to ask Juno for help, who becomes completely embarrassed and disgusted that he can't tell how insensitive he's being asking her to let him examine her fangs at the cafeteria.
    • Some herbivores watch from afar and comment how disgusting wolves try to elope doing fang-checking.
    • Poor Juno then surrenders to the idea that she dearly loves Legoshi until he just stops and leaves her hanging with her mouth wide open, much to her chagrin. She chugs her drink in one go in frustration.
  • While having a pseudo-romantic moment with Legoshi, Haru suddenly blurts out how she misses Louis.
    Legoshi (little square shot of his face while thinking): What.
    • The blank expression on Legoshi's face following the above is hilarious, with Haru pleading to Legoshi that she didn't mean it the way she said it.
  • After Louis' efforts reforming the Shishigumi's image, the animals at the Back Alley Market start to respond to the group's appearance with squees of delight about how great they are.
  • Legoshi decides that the best way to approach Louis, while avoiding being detected by his Shishigumi bodyguard, is to go Disguised in Drag. Him taking the situation completely seriously while in a dress and make-up and Louis' baffled reaction is hilarious. Everyone's dialogue in this scene in the anime is just as hilarious.
    Legoshi: Please don't make this into a scene, Louis darling.
    • What sells this is how Ibuki is watching from a distance and having a mental breakdown that Louis is 18 so he's at that time of his life where he starts having impulses, though, considering how unappealing Legoshi looks in a drag, Ibuki knows that Louis could do better. All three end up in an impasse and end up monologuing...
    Legoshi: I'm glad I got to see himnote , but this is bad. All I'm sensing from Louis is pure rage.
    Louis: What does he want? And in that absurd dress no less! Did you come here just for an ass-kicking, you idiot?
    Ibuki: But Boss is an 18-year-old male. And it's certainly not my place to pry into his personal life, but that is one unattractive woman.
    All three: Now what? What do I do?!
    • Louis tells Ibuki to leave him be with Legoshi:
    Ibuki: He's not picky. He's a better mammal than I.
    • Then Legoshi, still playing the part, thanks Louis. All that an exasperated Louis can do is tell Legoshi to shut up in response.
    • Legoshi explains to Louis how he has challenged Riz to a duel and he wants Louis to be there to see the results and see how true Legoshi's resolve is. Louis non-plussed reaction is what sells it.
    Louis: Just call the goddamn police.
    • Louis just laughs out loud because he couldn't take the whole scenario seriously with Legoshi in full-on drag explaining the gray wolf's predicament in a serious manner while pleading with the deer to watch the former's fight against Riz.
    Legoshi: You laughed? That's a laugh!
    Louis: How could I not?
    Legoshi: I'm taking that as a "yes"!
    • Despite Legoshi playing this as straight as he possibly can up until this point, at the end he—for lack of a better term—flounces away from the bar, dramatically throws the door open and disappears into the night while shouting that he'll be waiting for Louis to show. Seems like he picked up a thing or two from the Drama Club.
  • When Riz decides to confess his true feelings about murdering Tem, Legoshi, in true fashion, gets in a comfortable position (like he's watching TV) and asks Riz for more details. Riz is flabbergasted, this was supposed to be a duel to the death, but Legoshi insists on knowing more about the confession, when in reality, he was just trying to catch his breath. It worked for a while, at least.
    • Legoshi's and Riz's dramatic duel becomes a little more amusing when Louis starts asking Legoshi to not think of him as a motivational "flashback character" while he's standing right there, and then Legoshi, right as he's starting to turn the tables in his favor, suddenly stops to wish Riz a happy new year. This actually disarms the whole fight.
    • Shortly after this, Legoshi has come to realize that due to the incident involving his fight with a murderer, he's got a permanent criminal record that will always chain him down and restrict his life. Trying to figure what to do with himself, he decides that the best thing to do is try to find his place in the vast world is to drop out of school altogether on pure impulse with a smile and without even second-guessing it. Then he jumps to remembering he confessed to Haru at that same spot.

Life as a Dropout Arc

  • A lamb named Sebun that works in the sales department of a sporting goods chain ends up attempting to get herself eaten by carnivores on a hybrid train when she practically loses all chances of her dream position for being an herbivore in a carnivore environment. The one she intends to suicide to? Legoshi, who promptly shoves her out of the train and helps save her life and mindset - right before realizing he completely missed the opportunity to get off at his stop and screams as the train goes away. Four pages later, and they're promptly apartment neighbors in the most awkward way possible.
  • Louis, while getting up, has his prosthetic leg act up resulting in him having a huge scream from pain. Cue Oguma and some house servants bursting in with blunt objects and a huge stun gun, mistaking his scream as being caused by an intruder.
  • When Louis comes to visit Legoshi in the hospital, Legoshi has an epiphany that he has a fetish for herbivores in general and confesses this to Louis as if it a deep shameful revelation only for Louis' response to be basically "Well, duh, you've just realized this now?"

Revenge of the Love Failure Arc

  • In chapter 135, Legoshi wakes up from his coma after getting shot by Melon and leaves a note that just says: "I'm awake, I'll be back by dawn." It's such a massive Mood Whiplash compared to Gosha's and Yafya's serious fight.
    • Also, at the end of the chapter, Yafya decides to let Legoshi out of the contract (likely not wanting to piss off Gosha again), but Legoshi lies and tells him that he already spent all of the advance money (ten million yen) that Yafya gave him, so he has to continue working on the Melon case. Yafya's reaction is priceless.
      Yafya: What?! Did you buy a new apartment?!
      Legoshi: I'm sorry, that's just how it is. (Internally) I only used seven hundred yen.
      • Seven hundred yen is about five bucks.
  • Sebun and Zagaun eavesdropping on Legoshi when Juno drops by for a visit crying over Louis wanting advice, mistaking the visit as Legoshi being a playboy.
    • In the following chapter, Legoshi's reaction shot to Juno asking for love advice, because she considers him "the senpai of interspecies romance".
  • When Louis agrees to help the Shishigumi, he gives the condition that they "comfort him for the whole night" with a stern face. Not only is this a weird thing for him to say and seemingly comes out of nowhere, but the lion on the other end correctly deduces that Louis has girl trouble.
  • Louis, Legoshi and the Shishigumi lions trading with a not-at-all-threatening-and-actually-kinda-cute civet cat, who is willing to offer information, but in return asks them with neutral expression to pick the coffee beans out of one week worth of his poop. Which they (reluctantly) decide to go through with.
  • The actual title of chapter 151 is Please listen to "Comedians Gallop" when reading this chapter. It features a chase scene.
  • In chapter 152, Legoshi runs into Pina and Pina's Bishie Sparkle is so bright that Legoshi has to close his eyes.
  • In Chapter 157, despite not being related by blood, Louis and his adoptive father show a surprisingly similar ability to verbally put their feet in their mouths while having an awkward conversation at dinner.
  • In Chapter 158, Louis is walking around in the black market with an absurd price tag on him just to keep any carnivores away from him, only for Legoshi to come up and innocently ask if he really has to pay that much to talk to him. Louis is all but annoyed, knowing he was gonna bump into him.