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  • Like in Tenchi Muyo almost every female character is interested in The Hero. ...Poor guy.

  • In episode 1, when greeting Kazuki for the first time Sanada is a little too... enthusiastic. Both times.
    Ken Sanada: I'm overcome with emotion! You are the Chosen One, aren't you? And you even feel good! I love it! He's the Chosen One and he even feels good, too!
    Kazuki: Help! Somebody! He's a pervert!
  • When Ken's second in command wants the Auto-File of the incident where Kazuki first piloted the Giant Robot in episode 2. Ken sends her a audio file from a porno.
    • These seems to be Ken Sanada's reason for living. Be it sending the U.N. Inspector a porn audio track instead of the information she requested or simply telling her that "she looks wrinkly when she's angry", Ken seems to live to mess with the heads of not just her, but everyone around him.
  • From episode 2, while Kazuki and Mitsuki are talking, a message from the Rara Army plays in the background.
    "We interrupt this program to bring you the following announcement, paid for by The People's Committee For A Chaotic Overthrow Of This World By The Rara Army."
    • It's great how they can take something that you'd expect would sound threatening, and make it funny.
  • Episode 4, Ken has Kazuki wearing a uniform that makes him look like a woman, holographic face and synthesized voice in all. Not the mention the breasts are made to be as soft as the real things. Kazuki and Ken have fun playing with them, until Ken's adviser catches them in the act. Que Armor-Piercing Slap.
    Ken: OW!!!
  • In episode 6 or 7, Kazuki and Commander Sanada bond over cup noodles at midnight, exclaiming that they just have to have that cheap junk food taste and that Mitsuki would never make the stuff. Then Mitsuki walks in and forces them to eat a full meal, either left-overs or something she pulled together on the spot.
  • From episode 12, what do you do when you've just taken over the world? Go shopping.
    Kazuki: (exasperated) What's she doing?
    Mitsuki Rara: (embarrassed chuckle) It looks to me like Ayuko is flaunting her power.
  • Near the end, Kazuki comes to rescue Mitsuki (his universe) from the Rara Army. At first she's immensely overjoyed that he finally came to save her. Then she sees the OTHER Mitsuki coming along and Kazuki helping her out of danger and she flips out. The funny thing is just seeing the absolute cosmic shift from happiness and love bursting from her seams to immense anger at him not focusing on her during the fight.
    • It does get less funny when Himiko feeds off of her anger and starts trying to kill the other Mitsuki, and even Kazuki.


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