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  • In episode 6 when Ohana and Nako are showing off the kimonos that Sui made, Tohru's reaction is dropping a pan and gaping at them.
  • Tomoe's attempts to antagonize the survival gamers in order to get fired were one big CMOF. The clever Shout-Out to Full Metal Jacket was icing on the cake.
  • Ohana and Yuina double-teaming Minko into showing her swimsuit and then they throw her into the ocean and Ohana manages to fall in with her.
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  • Minko's reaction to Enishi hugging Takako.
  • Before Ohana rushes out to help out the inn where they're having their class field trip, she quickly hands her shopping list of souvenirs to Minko and Nako, and then tells them to buy something perverted for Jiromaru. Needless to say their reactions were priceless.
  • Episode 18 has Mermaid!Nako leaving the prince (who looks suspiciously like Jiroumaru) to drown. Then she says it may be a little mean.
  • In episode 21, when Taro shows Nako something from his notebook that he intends her to read for a possible skit, she gets the Oh, Crap! look combined with the Luminescent Blush, and runs away yelling "I'm going to get pregnant!"
  • Also in episode 21, while Tohru is discussing that he's at the age where he should be thinking about marriage and how he'd like to have five children, Minko blushes and looks out the window. Tohru looks at her, nods, and asks, "Want to stop by?" Minko starts having a frenzy because Tohru driving towards a love hotel...only to have him turn and stop at the beach.
  • Episode 22 had a few involving Denroku:
    • Before the wedding, Tomoe asked Takako a favor of making sure the former catches the bouquet after the ceremony. On the day itself however, Denroku happily catches it. And there's the look on Tomoe's face too.
    • During the reception, Taro performs a stageplay depicting Enishi and Takako's romance. He plays Enishi, while the one playing Takako is ... Denroku. Just about everyone felt disgusted by the whole thing, especially the kissing scene.
  • Satsuki's letter of congratulations to Enishi, which contains a Double Entendre:
    "They always say that a relationship gets better after a stormy fight, but I'm not sure what the weather is like today. Either way, you need to make sure she's wet, all right?"
  • After making the finishing touches on Takako's wedding dress, Ohana and Yuina need someone to try it on. When they convince Nako to do so, they realize (with funny looks on their faces) that Nako is too big for it (as shown by the Impossibly-Low Neckline in front, plus the Sexy Backless Outfit effect due to the fact that the back can't be zipped shut), and that they need Minko instead, as Yuina explains:
    "She (Minko) may not be as big as Takako there..."
  • The Sui's bath scene in episode 24 shows her amazing skills at cleaning up the place.
    • Also Ohana, Minko and Nako's reactions are priceless.
    • In that very episode Minko and Tohru's reaction to Jiroumaru being the author of their favorite manga Teppeinote 
    Minko: My life was determined... by that perverted freak?

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