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  • Chen Guo's face in Episode 3 after she has cried so much that tissues are sticking to her cheeks. The sight of her actually terrifies Ye Xiu.
  • Steamed Bun attempting to fight the Wild Boss in Episode 4, only to accidentally slap the boss instead and raising the aggo, leading to the other watching players to call him an idiot.
    • And later on, his attempts to throw sand and the brick ended up either ineffective or hitting his own teammates.
  • Shaotian's first appearance is him (badly) trying to be inconspicuous when visiting the Internet cafe.
  • After another unsuccessful attempt by the guilds to ambush/kill Lord Grim, Ye Xiu proceeds to mock several players by tallying how many times they were killed by him.
    “You died four times! It must have been very difficult.”
    "You died three times! It couldn’t have been easy."
    "Four times.”
    “Two times.”
    “Wow, not bad. You never died once? What do you think? Want to join our Guild Happy? Our guild is in need of lucky people like you.”
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  • In chapter 721, Qiao Yifan politely greets Sun Xiang and Xiao Shiqin by name within earshot of a horde of Excellent Era fans. Chaos ensued. Excellent Era became paranoid of him since then.
  • Ye Xiu is still trying to "convince" Mo Fan to join his team. He decides to enlist Zhang Xinjie to help kill Mo Fan before hastily restating that he wanted Mo Fan's character killed, not Mo Fan himself.
  • Wei Chen is a walking Moment Of Funny. You can find him funny or you can find him disgusting, but this walking joke is a riot.
    Ye Xiu: Don't forget, I still have your Death's Hand.

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