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  • Denton trying to activate Heroman.
    • "This is nonsense. This is complete nonsense!"
  • Every moment when Holly comes back home.
    • The first thing she does is putting Joey in a headlock. Afterwards, she ate Joey's favorite cereal and even try to enter the bath together with Joey. Joey's reaction is priceless.
    • He later goes to Psy's shop. The latter freak out and declare that the Nightmare has return. Cue him imagining his little self and Joey riding on a trolley pushed by Holly. The devil sister purposely crashed them against cans.
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  • Episode 12. The whole episode is about Lina and Joey's date but their friends are stalking them on it. Every moment when Joey and Lina's date being stalked by Psy and the others. The listed is as follows:
    1. Before the date, Psy keeps telling and correcting Denton about Joey and Lina going on a date. Denton seems fine with it and beat.. before Denton yelled out a Big "WHAT?!".
2. Psy complaining to Denton that Joey wasn't on time to meet Lina while they stalk the couple from behind some bushes. Also Psy's Blatant Lie that he had to take a day off from his part-time job and Denton calls him out for it.
  • The PRESIDENT going "Heck, yeah!" after Minami is beaten by Heroman. And then trying to act cool again.
  • Joey's response to seeing a giant Skrugg in Washington, D.C.? "Nothing surprises me anymore."

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