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     Light Novel Vol 1 - 4 / Anime (Both Season 1 & 2) 

Season 1

  • Megumin's introduction, in particular the part about eye patch. She lied that it hid a great power when removed from her eyes, but it's obviously a lie, she wears it actually because it makes her look cool, like a true chuuni. An unamused Kazuma then tried to pull it off to her distress and after Aqua's exposition, casually snaps it back to her eye, hurting her. It's the delivery that sells this scene and makes it funny.
  • Megumin taking Kazuma out for daily training exercises, casting explosion on a abandoned castle (since she needs someone to carry her after casting the spell.) This leads into a montage of Megumin blowing it up in different times of the day and then collapsing. Eventually, Kazuma got used to it and starts critiquing each blast.
  • Verdia's first visit to the town is initially played dramatically, what with him being a general of the Demon Lord and all. Why did he show up? Because he lives in the "abandoned" castle that Megumin had been using as a target for her explosion magic practice. What makes this extra amusing is that she's been doing this every day for quite a while, implying that if she had just blown up the castle once or twice it wouldn't be a big deal.
    • The English dub of the scene deserves a special mention, since Patrick Seitz' vocal delivery makes Verdia sound even more hilarious than he ought to be.
      Verdia: Every day. Every single day! Every bloody damn day! One of you maniacs comes to my home and hurls EXPLOSION spells at it, AND I DEMAND TO KNOW WHO! IT! IIIIIIIIISSSSS!!!!
      Verdia: [Beat] What is a Megumin?
    • The resolution to his visit as pretty good as well: after eventually getting fed up with Megumin, he places a death curse on Darkness that will kill her in a week if the party doesn't fight their way to his castle to face him. First, Darkness goes into one of her fantasies, rambling about how he's going to drag her back to his castle to do horrible things to her, which even freaks Verdia out. Second, after a good chunk of dramatic buildup about how the party is going to go on their first real adventure to save Darkness from the curse... Aqua uses her goddess powers to lift the curse with minimal fanfare, rendering the entire thing a massive anticlimax.
      • Also, in the second season of the anime this daily-explosion routine was taken further. Eventually, after Verdia died, the castle was continuously worn down by Megumin's explosion magic, to the point that it completely collapses on itself. Then, the next explosion scene shows that the hill was blown entirely to pieces. Daily persistency aside, this is also a showcase of Megumin's constantly growing magic prowess. here
  • Aqua decides to take on a lake purification quest, but needs the rest of the team to protect her from monstrous alligators while she does so. Instead of protecting her themselves, they decide to stick her in a cage and leave her in the lake. The result: Aqua frantically casting purification over and over while a bunch alligators attack the cage
  • Verdia comes back pissed that Megumin is still blowing up his castle after warning them last time (Her "justification" being that she got addicted to it.) As Megumin passes out after casting it, and Kazuma had not been helping her after Verdia came the first time, he asked who the hell had been helping her. He then looks at Aqua, who looked guilty. (Her justification being that she wanted revenge on Verdia for the reduction in quests.)
    • Just the fact that when Aqua tries to whistle the suspicion away, turns out she can't even do it right!
  • The ending of Verdia's battle. Aqua summons a flood with her "sacred create water" which causes a flood a lots of damage to Verdia and the city. After defeating him, the group earn a huge bounty and Kazuma starts to dream having a luxurious and comfortable live with the money... until he is informed Aqua's actions caused a huge damage to the city entrance and the repair bills are actually higher than the bounty prize, meaning the group now have a huge debt despite their efforts. Aqua trying to flee from the scene and Kazuma grabbing her by her hair is priceless.
  • Kazuma learns the that huge tough-looking adventurer with a mohawk has an atypical class. He's a weaver.
  • When Aqua is acting very menacing to Wiz, Kazuma comments that he can't tell who's the lich and who's the goddess.
  • When Aqua proudly claimed that her stats were maxed out from the start, Kazuma realized that her intelligence could never improve no matter how much she levels up. Aqua had no idea why Kazuma was looking at her in pity.
  • The reason every guy charged the Destroyer when it was set to self-destruct in the final episode of Season 1, instead of running away? Because it would have destroyed the Succubus Shop if they hadn't destroyed it first.
    /a/ poster: They must protect their smiles.
    • The manga version has the men rallying forth when Wiz gets involved too, and one makes an offhand comment...
    "Thank you for always taking care of me in that shop's dreams!"
  • In the dub, Kazuma's frustrated on-the-spot reaction to Aqua shooting down his plan to inject Wiz with her holy power, is much stronger than what he said in the sub ("Seriously!?"). Even if it was self cut-off.
    Kazuma: MOTHERF-MMMMM!
  • The ending of first season which was foreshadowed when Kazuma's says he is going to take full responsibility for everything which is going to happen. Wiz teleports the core of Destroyer to a random place, which ends destroying a big mansion. Some thought it was Kazuma's recently acquired mansion, but it was a noble's mansion. As result, not only the party didn't receive any reward (like in the Verdia incident) but Kazuma was arrested for treason.
  • The OVA has Megumin slapping Yunyun's breasts while ranting on how they're the ones growing.

Season 2

  • The anime second season's opening doubles down on the humor in general:
    • Parodying a common scene in anime openings, the party are enthusiastically running towards some unseen destination... only to stop, panting for breath, as everyone but Darkness is quickly winded.
    • The giant worm that devours the entire party whole and covers everyone in slime. The subsequent silly dance shows different expressions for Aqua and Darkness, likely in reaction to this experience.
    • The party's reaction to the gargantuan tortoise with an equally colossal tree growing on its shell.
    • Darkness' evident eagerness to send the party flying by striking a bunch of exploding rock monsters contrasts with the rest of the party huddled together in terror.
    • Kazuma's horrified weeping while falling.
    • Speaking of the falling scene in the opening, even the few seconds of free falling keeps the girls' reactions consistent and funny:
      • Aqua is flailing around and screaming, then opens her goddess raiment to make a chute.
      • Megumin is cool and collected until she casts Explosion, after which she free falls while passed out and limp.
      • Darkness being Darkness, is ecstatic that she either a)actually got to hit something, or b)expects pain of some sort to follow.
  • Most of the intermission moment where some of the cast shouts "KONO SUBA!"
  • In Volume 3, Kazuma ends up getting thrown in jail only to find Dust is there already. Why? Because he spent too much money and couldn't afford the debt after the payout for participating in facing the Destroyer was smaller than he expected and he didn't want to sleep in the stables during winter. Kazuma feels better, knowing that he isn't a delinquent by trade.
    • Dust is so reputed as a delinquent that his association with Kazuma is enough to be used against him as evidence of his guilt.
  • Walther is so polite that Kazuma can't help but think that he'd be great for Darkness... right up until he mentions that he thinks the two of them are already in love. Considering her fetish, it unintentionally paints Kazuma in a bad light.
    Kazuma: Alright, get your ass over here. I don’t care if you are the landlord’s son, I need to give you a good beating.
  • In Episode 2 of Season 2, You can see Chomusuke fondling Wiz's breasts when the gang visits Wiz's shop.
  • In volume 2/episode 3 of Season 2 anime, Kazuma finally figures out that Aqua is an undead magnet and doesn't want to go near her before leaving the Keele dungeon. All the sudden, a horde of undead monsters starts to charge at them so the first thing Kazuma did was using Lurk... ON HIMSELF, while trying to teach Aqua a lesson for her rude behavior earlier.
  • In volume 3/episode 4 of the second season of the anime, Darkness goes in an AMAZING spiel where she fervently describes her ideal man and how far her prospective fiancé is from it. "Amazing", of course, for all the wrong reasons, pretty much tearing apart the cliché of a fairy tale maiden longing for a Prince Charming with a rusty chainsaw. The anime adds Aqua and Kazuma's throughly incredulous and disgusted faces, respectively, and an Ominous Latin Chanting on top of it just for good measure.
    Darkness: Besides, he's far from my type of man. First, he seems to be of absolutely decent character. He never angers toward anyone. He works hard and was strong enough to achieve knighthood at the earliest age on record.
    Aqua: That sounds pretty good to me.
    Darkness: How?! If you're a noble, you should act like one, with a vulgar grin on your face at all times! What exactly is that pure, focused gaze of his?! I want something more... [points to Kazuma] Like what Kazuma always does, when he looks at me as if he's licking me all over with his gaze!
    Kazuma: I-I-I do not look at you that way!
    Darkness: [mockingly] He never angers?! [sweeps arm, almost hitting Aqua] What a moron! Using a maid's mistakes to subject her to all kinds of punishment is what nobles are supposed to do!
    [close-up to Darkness' face]
    Darkness: Besides, the type I like is the polar opposite of such a competent man! [gestures grandly] He's not particularly attractive and can be either scrawny or fat. [hugs herself] He needs to be weak-willed enough that, despite my love for him, he's easily strung along by another woman's affection. [blushes as she fantasizes] Someone who's in rut all year round— the more perverse, the better! [opens eyes] A failure at life, who tries to take the easiest route possible! And if he's in debt, that'd be even better! Then he could drink all day and never work, and complain that it's society's fault he's a loser! [mimics swing] He'd throw an empty bottle at me while saying... "Hey, Darkness. Why don't you use that nasty body of yours to earn us some cash?" [gushes and pants]
    Kazuma: Damn it all! This girl is completely hopeless!
    • Although unmentioned in-universe, the joke goes one step further when you notice the Ship Tease implied in the fact that Darkness' "ideal man" is basically how she sees Kazuma at that point of the story.
  • Aqua's numerous failed plans to get Kazuma out of jail. On her first try, she has Megumin and Darkness cause an explosion on the outskirts of town, and then uses the distraction to climb to Kazuma's window and give him a lockpick. Except his lock is an 8-digit combination lock. The next night, she uses the same distraction, and gives him a hacksaw to saw through the window's bars... but the window's too high for him to reach. She actually thought of that, and brings him a stepping stool... but doesn't think of how to get it into the cell. So she tries asking the guards in front to give it to Kazuma as a gift.
  • In Kazuma's trial, Aqua mentions that she's confident in her abilities to acquit him, because she played their 'verse's equivalent of Ace Attorney and Danganronpa. While the prosecution is giving her opening statement, she shouts "Objection!" just because she always wanted to say that.
  • Upon returning to Keele Dungeon (due to Aqua's casting circle), Kazuma decides to bring Darkness to traumatize her the same way she did to Aqua during his first visit. Unfortunately, since the new enemies could only do a Suicide Attack, Darkness is thrilled that she is able to hit them with her sword.
  • Vanir tries to control Darkness with one of his masks, which causes her pain if she resists. Pain against Darkness. Vanir quickly realizes his mistake as Kazuma goes to erase the evidence of Aqua's magic circle (while he and Darkness were swapping control the entire time) and tries to get out, but Kazuma slaps a seal on them and keeps them that way until they can get to Aqua.
  • In Volume 4, Kazuma's death during the Lizard Runners quest was because he decided to strike a cool pose on top of a tree branch and fell over, hitting his head on the ground and being trampled. Even he's ashamed at how stupid a way to die it was.
    • Depending on the 'levels of affection' that Aqua feels towards Kazuma, she might wish to be at least appreciated for her physical beauty. But Kazuma is so utterly turned off by her that he sent her on humiliating fetch quests instead of sexual harassment.
  • The scene where the party goes to the home city of the Axis Cult Arcanretia was funny in the novel, but the anime's voicework and expressions really sell it. Kazuma and Darkness are beset by various Axis Cultists trying all sorts of scams to get them to join the church. Whenever Darkness reveals that she is a member of the Eris Church, the Cultists not only walk away but spit twice for good measure!
    • Kazuma begins to wonder if all the Axis Cultists are so crazy, and then looks at Darkness who was blushing over her poor treatment, and hopes everyone in the Eris faith isn't like that.
    • A waitress puts a dog bowl with a bone on the floor for Darkness, prompting her to suggest that they move to Arcanretia permanently. Later some kids are stoning her and when Kazuma shoos them away, she says that she didn't know they were capable of such high level play. Kazuma demands she put away the Eris faith insignia, and she refuses.
    • When Kazuma comes across Megumin a little after, she's sitting there traumatized by her own off-screen 'experience' with the Axis Cult.
      • If you read her side-story, the reaction is even more hilarious for two reasons. The first is that Cecily makes her very uncomfortable and the second is Megumin is the reason that all the Axis Cult members act the way they do when recruiting someone, as she taught them those techniques.
  • The entire confession booth scene in Volume 4/ Episode 9 of the Second Season. The "Eris pads her chest!" chant advise that Aqua gives to one of the Axis Cultist members is funny but what funnier is Kazuma's 'confession' before that happens:
    Kazuma: There was this glass that my priest teammate used for party tricks. I accidentally broke it. (Aqua is shocked) Also, that said priest once possessed a rare bottle of wine, so I wonder 'How good does it taste like?' Unfortunately, I ended up finishing it since it taste so good. So I decided to pour cheap wine into that bottle since she wouldn't tell the difference.
    Aqua: (utterly in shock) What are you saying Kazuma, what is all this about!?
    Kazuma: And since that said priest was giving so much trouble, I secretly post and opening for a new Eris priest in the adventurer's guild...
    Aqua: (pulls up the confession curtain while trying to strangle Kazuma, obviously pissed) YOU APOSTATE!!!
    • The best part is that the first two confessions are actually true.
  • From the same episode above, Kazuma was in the mixed bath when he happens to hear the conversation between Megumin and Darkness from the women's bath. Kazuma manages to hide his presence, but due to some Innocent Innuendo words from the girls, he was given a punch to the face by Darkness when he peeps through the wall. (Also, this is one of the rare moments where Darkness actually manages to land a hit on something!) Of course Kazuma wasn't too happy so he cast Create Water over through the wall. Cue to the girls tossing a countless amount of soap, buckets and Chomusuke. Poor cat.
  • Later that day, Aqua was seen crying back at the hotel as she was kicked out for accidentally purifying the hot springs. So she tries to tell the elder priest that she's the real goddess. Unfortunately, the priest just smirks at her, much to Aqua's surprise. Kazuma smirks as well.
  • The following day, Kazuma happens to see Hans while he spew out some Madness Mantra words upon the Axis Cult members. Bonus points for Megumin being so traumatized that she spews her own Madness Mantra in sync with Hans' own words as well.
  • The Axis Cult's credo alone is worth a laugh.
    "The Axis Church can get things done. And because you can get things done, even if it doesn't go well, it's not your fault!"
    "It's society's fault that things don't work out!"
    "You can run away from unpleasant things! That doesn't mean you've lost! Because, as they say, 'Sometimes running away is winning'!"
    "The answer you come to after being in doubt is usually something you'll regret, no matter what you choose! If you're going to regret it anyway, do whatever is easiest for you in the moment!"
    "Do not fear growing old! Not even God knows whether you will be happy in the future, so you should, at least, be happy now!"
    "Eris pads her chest!"
    • The mere fact that this powers up Aqua as she's their goddess, is even more hilarious.
      • There is also actually a real life website and community dedicated to Aqua, as seen here
  • In the second season's OVA, the party gets roped into exploring a dungeon and clearing out the golems inhabiting it. Within, they discover a diary of a previous inhabitant, who turns out to be another Japanese who was transported to this world. It details his ability to create anything, albeit restricted by the strength of his emotions, yet he has not been able to produce anything capable of defeating the Demon Lord. After months of anguish, the inhabitant has given up on trying to defeat the Demon Lord, reverting to his NEET ways and simply using his powers to create the things he wants to create, including a giant mecha and gynoids. Kazuma eventually comes to the conclusion that he's also the madman behind the creation of the Destroyer.
    • The Brick Joke that the left-behind gynoid was a dominatrix created to cater to his desires: "Oh, by the way: I'm a masochist." Yeah, Kazuma, perhaps you should've let Darkness go through with it instead...
    • During the journal sequence, savvy viewers will likely be repeatedly thinking "oh no" with increasing intensity until The Reveal.
    • And then there's the ending, where Kazuma finds out the unpleasant truth: Luna payed his fan to act as such, to entice him/his group to do more quests. Kazuma's reaction is exactly as expected ("Steal!"), but from the sidelines, Aqua/Megumin/Darkness are all red-faced from holding back laughter, saying that tomorrow they'll have to be nice to him after all this.
  • Aqua's breakdown has to be seen to be believed.

     Light Novel Vol 5 & Above 

  • Near the end of the first chapter in Volume 5, the party comes across a monster that disguises itself as a cute-looking girl, fittingly named the "Tranquility Girl". In summary, it's a walking Wounded Gazelle Gambit that doesn't physically attack, but instead guilt trips adventurers into protecting it forever; once they die from malnutrition, they get absorbed as the monster's food. Despite the fact that the monster offers high XP (Megumin just made a crack about Kazuma leveling up slowly), they decide against killing it because apparently they were the first humans the monster ever talked to. Realizing that the friendless and desperate Yunyun would be following them to the Crimson Mage village (and thus would be more likely to get sucked into the trap), Kazuma goes back and attempts to plead with it...only to find it doing the exact same "You were the first human I talked to" shtick to a wandering lumberjack who runs off in shame and drops her act. Kazuma is pissed.
    Tranquility Girl (talking to itself): Ah, I failed again! That lumberjack looked meaty, and would've been great fertilizer. Damn it, there's no fertilizer's cloudy, but I guess I can photosynthesize a little. What a pain...
    (Kazuma, who's snuck up on the monster by using Lurk, waits for it to turn around. The monster then realizes that it's been caught.)
    Tranquility Girl: C-could you pretend you didn't hear what I said just now...?
    Kazuma: So you could speak fluidly, but you played me like a damn fiddleeeeeeeeeee?!
    • Kazuma kills the monster, and returns with an incredibly smug look on his face. When the party asks what happened, he not-so-subtly hints that he did the deed. A beat...and then Aqua and Megumin burst into tears, since they hadn't seen what he just saw.
      Aqua: You looked refreshed, what happened? What did you say to that girl? And why did you have to go back anyway?
      Aqua: WAAAAAAAH! Kazuma, you demon! You evil demon!! Even Vanir is cuter compared to you!
      Megumin: I-it's all my fault...all because I mocked him since I had raised so many levels! He laid his hands on that child because I agitated him...and I only did that because of my own arrogance!
      Darkness (pained and serious): It must be painful, right? But you fulfilled your obligation as an adventurer...I'm sorry to have left such an unpleasant task to you.
      Kazuma (narration): I spent an hour explaining what happened to them...
  • How does the Demon General in volume 5 die? By Megumin's little sister stealing Kazuma's kill of course! Bonus points for it happening in the middle of Kazuma's Badass Boast.
  • Kazuma has had a habit of dying in completely stupid ways but the one in volume 6 takes the cake. He dies to Kobolds, creatures that are effectively grinding fodder for players to level up easier.
  • Volume 7 is a largely dark chapter that focuses more on the tragic side of Konosuba. Doesn't stop, or maybe because of that, Vanir shapeshifting into Darkness to troll Alderp and revealing he orchestrated the events of the volume from the start from being funny. It helps that Alderp is a recurring antagonist with very little redeeming qualities.
  • Volume 10:
    • In the previous volume, Kazuma receives a letter from Iris (actually 'steals' the letter when Darkness read and badly hid the fact it wasn't from Iris). What makes him really accept it is the fact she's going to Elroad to meet Prince Revi for an arranged marriage, which he was so pissed off that he ripped the letter and tries to conduct a plan to threaten him to not marry her. Luckily both Darkness and Megumin reject his idea but Aqua agrees with his plans since he's using the Demon King's army name as a scapegoat.
      • Upon arriving at the capital, Claire, the person who hated Kazuma at Volume 6, somehow goes 180 on him since he came at the right time. She then passes him a bag of forbidden poison as a gift to Prince Revi. Upon realizing it, Kazuma quickly tosses the bag onto the floor, knowing her scapegoat plans. Guess she isn't the only one who have the same idea. However upon both realizing that they have the same goal into not letting Iris marries Prince Revi, both forms a truce, knowing what's the stakes.
    • After the above, Darkness tries to tie him up in his bed for three days. Unfortunately, she failed to account for when Kazuma needed to go to the bathroom, which results in Aqua catching them in a, shall we say, compromising position.
      • It is eventually revealed that Darkness was doing this at the request of the capital itself. When she fails, she and Rain discuss drugging Kazuma so that he can't take on the job. So at the first night at Elroad, she decides to spike a bottle of wine with sleeping drugs, wear a sexy nightgown and tries to make Kazuma drinks it. Sadly her badly acting performance doesn't fool Kazuma and manages to fool Megumin, who just happen to hear the loud noise, that she's trying to amuse herself.
    • After having enough of Prince Revi belittling them, Kazuma suggests that they should just bury him alive. Iris quickly disagrees because doing so would get rid of their chance to get the defense funding back. Kazuma inwardly remarks that his "cute little sister has grown properly".
      • Hell, Prince Revi is such a spoil brat that he underestimate Kazuma as his 'weak brother' (due to Iris calls him 'Onii-chan'). After multiple fail attempt to ask Revi for additional fundings, Revi suggest that Kazuma's group to relax at their casino, Kazuma gleefully accepts it. Days later... Revi regrets his decision and begs them to leave since Kazuma manages to bankrupt the casino.
  • Volume 11:
    • Upon returning back to the house Kazuma and Aqua quickly get into a fight over him not coming back to the mansion. Megumin and Darkness take pity on him, while Aqua believes he's the kind of scum to fake amnesia and banishes him from the house. After several fail attempts, Kazuma decides to threaten her that he has one more trick up his sleeve that it will sure makes her cry. Aqua doesn't believe him until the following day she did since she has forgotten that Kazuma's the owner of the mansion and thus brings in the police to arrest her.
      • What makes this even funnier is that while all this is happening, Kazuma has the personality of someone who knows he's done no wrong and he makes sure Aqua knows about it after he's won. Cue Aqua restoring his memories and him realizing that every accusation Aqua flung at him (barring faking amnesia) was completely and utterly true. Five minutes later, Kazuma's facade crumbles and he begs for forgiveness.
    • Remember the Tranquility Girl that Kazuma kills back at Volume 5? The guild decides to leave the task to his group into killing the Tranquility Princess, a more sexier and matured version. Only this time... let's just say that they got 'hurt' by the Tranquility Princess' words during her final moments.
      • Just before he kills the Tranquility Princess, his party tries to intervene. Because they have the lie detecting device, what ensues is a battle of wits with both the Tranquility Princess and Kazuma using Exact Words to make each other sound worse. However, there is one moment when the lie detection device goes off.
      Kazuma: Even I‘m not low enough to be attracted by the bosom of a monster.
      (The bell rings and Kazuma notes how the looks of his party became unbearable).
  • Volume 12:
    • Kazuma and Megumin have different ideas on what they should do in a relationship.
      Megumin: Why don’t we say what we are thinking at the count of three? One, Two...
      Kazuma: Make children
      Megumin: Go on a date.
      • Which is then immediately followed by Megumin remarking that she wouldn't mind a Shotgun Wedding and it is actually quite fitting considering the two of them.
    • Darkness' Attempted Rape on Kazuma. It might have been Played for Drama if Darkness wasn't so clumsy and inexperienced that it makes the whole thing cross the line twice. Kazuma goes from desperately pleading to her not to do this to actually scolding her and giving her advice on how to rape him better. Predictably it ends with Megumin and Aqua bursting through the door with Megumin looking displeased to say the least.
  • Volume 15:
    • The entire Humiliation Conga of Celestina, the Demon King's Dark Priestess. Celestina was sent by the Demon King to find out what has happened to his other generals, including the fallen Angel Duke (who was killed by Wiz in Vol 13). She appears in Volume 14 and decides to ruin Aqua's reputation. The only problem was thanks to Vanir and Wiz, her identity was exposed to Kazuma by accident. She manages to turn Kazuma into her puppet, forcing Kazuma to worship the Dark Goddess of Puppetry and Vengeance, Regina. Unfortunately, she makes three mistakes. 1) Kazuma manages to trick her into forcing him to go by his own desires. (mostly perverted) 2) Her powers are weakened due to Kazuma worshiping Regina since previously she was the only one. And 3) Celestina underestimates Kazuma, thinking he's isn't a huge threat at all.
      • To summarized, not only Kazuma refuse to do any work but only doing his perverted desires (E.g: Fondling her boobs and seeing her panties), Celestina's reputation was ruined, humiliated and nearly gone broke during her time with him. Gives up, Celestina finally decides to return Kazuma to his party and begs to use the Anti-Puppet potion he passes to Aqua. Unfortunately since Aqua kept her promise to Kazuma if something happens, she attacks her before she was restrained. After curing Kazuma, he decides to force Celestina into drinking Level Reset potion to make sure her powers are weakened. Lesson learn of the day: Never underestimate Kazuma.




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