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  • Yusuke's smart mouth often brings something funny.
  • Kuwabara when he's making a fool of himself. Poor dude, but you can't help but find it hilarious.
  • Anytime Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei start arguing, with Kurama mediating, or anytime Kurama and Hiei sit back and make comments while the others are doing something, mostly because Kurama's one-liners are hilarious, and he's the only person who can make fun of Hiei with impunity. Hiei's reaction to the below is especially priceless.
    [Hiei gives Kurama the stone his mother gave to Yukina, with the intention that Kurama give it to Yukina]
    Kurama: I'm sorry. I can't accept this, Hiei. You know I respect our long friendship... but... I just don't like you in that way.
  • A lot of Koenma's random quotes, as well as his interactions with Ogre (who wavers between Bumbling Sidekick and Only Sane Man).
    Koenma: [as a casual introduction of his teen self] Hello. I'm Koenma. I'm very cool.
  • Hiei has his moments too.
    I know as much of games as I do of hugs and puppies, and care for them even less. Wake me for the end of the world.
    [to Botan, about telling Yukina's secret] You talk, you die.
  • Practically any time Jin opens his mouth past his initial appearance, especially in Season 4. In fact, the anime seems to use Jin to make a point that scenes during that season are getting serious when they show him actually not talking for a change.
  • Kuwabara calling Puu "Puusuke."

    Season 1 
  • In the dub, Yusuke's reaction to finding out the guy giving him his ordeal looks like a toddler. The response to said teasing is also hilarious.
  • Yusuke's reaction to another student mugging a would-be mugger by claiming to be his cousin? Charge him a name-dropping fee.
  • Episode 2, when Yusuke needs to prevent his body being cremated, and needs to possess Kuwabara (the only human close to him that has spiritual awareness).
    • Kuwabara senses Ghost Yusuke following him.
    Kuwabara: "A puny low-level ghost, like a haunted racoon or something."
    • And then when Yusuke tells Botan he refuses to possess Kuwabara, Botan has a brilliant response:
    Botan: “Here’s my impression of Yusuke: look at me, I’m burning!”
  • Episode 4, after Keiko got Yusuke's body out of the burning house. When Kuwabara looks inside the blanket to see Yusuke's corpse, the look on his face was priceless.
  • Kuwabara and his friends are ordered to not get in any fights and all of them to pass an upcoming test or else be expelled. After the gang expresses confidence that they can pass with some more studying, they ask Kuwabara what his last test score was. He nervously admits he scored a seven, causing them all to Face Fault.
    • Overhearing this, Yusuke bursts out laughing, prompting Botan to ask him what his last test score was. Yusuke smugly proclaims that his test score was a twelve. Botan sighs.
  • Yusuke using the body of a high school girl to kick the butts of a gang of bullies while Kuwabara is studying for a "test".
  • Yusuke trying to get Keiko to recognize him in Kuwabara's body and finally settles on a...unique version of "Guess who?". It gets even better afterward, where Keiko is hanging on Kuwabara's body as Yusuke's spirit leaves it... Kuwabara's bafflement just makes it.
    • Even funnier is when Keiko figures out that Yusuke's not possessing that guy's body anymore, and he's still hugging her. She freaks out and slaps him, before quickly apologizing and running away. Kuwabara just looks completely confused and mutters "No, it's fine. I probably deserved it."
    • Earlier when he first possessed Kuwabara to find Keiko, Yusuke has to spend the entire day fighting and running from guys who want to beat up Kuwabara leaving him to wonder just how many fights Kuwabara gets into.
      • One of the beaten up guys comments that Kuwabara fought just like Yusuke.
  • Yusuke's first words in the anime as he's walking around after getting his life back: "My feet are so heavy they're stuck to the ground! [laughs] Man, I love gravity!"
    • And then when some idiots who don't know who he is try to mug him, he doesn't even beat them, he just gets this adorably starry-eyed and dorky look on his face, touches one of their hands and delights in the fact that he can "touch people and talk trash to them again". Then, when he walks away, one of the two guys prepares to run after him and beat him up, but the other one stops him: "Leave him alone, it isn't right to mess with the crazies."
  • When Yusuke finds out about Eikichi:
    Thug 1: [to Kuwabara] You're pathetic.
    Thug 2: You may as well give us your backbone, too.
    Yusuke: [thinking] Whoa! This Eikichi must be something special for Kuwabara to sink that low!
    Thug 1: [pulls a cat out of a bag] I just can't believe you're doing all of this for a retarded fuzzball.
    Eikichi: Meow!
    Kuwabara: DWUAH! AHHH! EIKICHI!
    Yusuke: Dwuah?! [face faults]
  • To help Yusuke find the youkai that stole the Three Treasures, Botan gives him a lens that allows him to see through things. Yusuke immediately points it at her, and gets smacked just in time to prevent him from seeing her naked.
  • Kuwabara's dream/nightmare in which he kisses Yusuke. The anime turns this up to 11 with cheesy music as well.
  • Yusuke's reaction in the anime to falling towards demonic piranha-infested water, tied up in nigh-unbreakable spirit thread by a psychotic sadistic demon: "Yusuke Urameshi, age 14. Survived by his mom and everybody. After going through a big ordeal to get his life back, Yusuke had a brief second chance UNTIL HE WAS EATEN BY A FISH! That's right! No heroic death! No fighting evil villains! FISH food! Grrr... [about to hit the surface of the water] THIS IS DUUUUUUUUMB!"
  • The sequence after Rando shrinks himself.
    Rando: SWAMP ALGAE?!
  • When Kurama is battling Genbu, Genbu happens to put himself back together wrong because during the time he was apart, Kurama managed to steal a piece of his brain. So Genbu's now looking at Kurama upside-down? Why? His head isn't between his arms; it's between his legs. It looks so ridiculous that Yusuke and Kuwabara almost piss themselves laughing at him and throwing in some Toilet Humor, making this a funny moment In-Universe as well.
  • Kuwabara giving Byakko "Creosote Treatment" by overloading the tiger demon with more Spirit Energy than even Byakko can absorb. The manga even shows Byakko farting as a result.
  • Koenma's video has pastiches of the Columbia Pictures (with Koenma holding the torch) and MGM (an ogre going "Snarl! Snarl!") logos.
  • Kuwabara insists on not helping Yusuke in rescuing Yukina — until he sees the Spirit World video, showing a surveillance footage of Yukina held prisoner. This changes his mind and he wants to go help Yusuke, despite his previous words to the contrary. Kuwabara "accuses" Yusuke of making stuff up despite what Kuwabara said earlier. Then, Shizuru shows up in Kuwabara's room.
    • For the record, Kuwabara thought that they were going to watch an X-rated show.
    • It gets even better. Kuwabara insists that they are attached by the Red String of Fate and it will lead them to Yukina, not to mention his "Headband of Love!"
    • Yusuke telling Botan that (thanks to Kuwabara seeing Yukina and instantly switching his affections to her) Kuwabara seems to have moved on and forgotten about her... Botan says that she's broken-hearted for being replaced.
  • Upon finding out the demon Miyuki is actually a transvestite, Yusuke's deadpan expression perfectly matches with this quote:
    • Kuwabara later tries to check if Yusuke was telling the truth, only to get whacked in the head by Botan for his trouble.
  • Manga-only: the fake Yusuke and Kuwabara. Two demons who decided to take them down by disguising as them and causing trouble, forcing our heroes (temporarily crippled by the aches from the battle against the Four Saint Beasts) to fight the whole gang of the rival Kasanegafuchi junior high school, and then jump the survivors with the help of a gang of powerful youkais. This ends badly... for the imposters.
    • The battle between Yusuke and Kuwabara and the delinquents is interrupted by Kurama imitating Tuxedo Mask, who then points out the real culprits.
    • The fakes are still sure they can win, and summon their gang... who don't show up. They turn to see what happened, and have an absolutely ridiculous Oh, Crap! when they see Hiei complaining they hired the weak demons he just annihilated.
    • When the Kasanegafuchi guys are finished with them, the fakes are lying on the ground beaten up in a funny-looking way, naked and with their clothes being burned as the finale of their Humiliation Conga.
    • Yusuke is thanking Hiei for the help and moves to shake his hand... Only for Hiei to place a VHS in it, announce it was Koenma's instructions for the next case (Yukina's rescue) and leave while celebrating that with this his sentence has expired.

    Season 2 
  • When Hiei greets Yusuke before the preliminaries of the Dark Tournament, both moments were this...though the edited Toonami version of the dub actually managed to be funnier than the uncut version!
    [Hiei attacks Yusuke with his sword, Yusuke dodges the slashes at rapid speed, Yusuke manages to finally catch the blade.]
    Uncut Dub Version Yusuke: "Damn Hiei, this how you say hello now?"
    Edited Dub Version Yusuke: "Hiei, I see you've been working on your people skills."
  • When they are all on the boat, heading to Hanging Neck Island for the Dark Tournament, They announce there will be a preliminary match on the ship. The Masked Fighter volunteers to fight all the other demons on the ship in a battle royale. Kuwabara argues against it on the grounds that they don't know the Masked Fighter's capabilities and they'd be out of the tournament if he lost. The following exchange happens:
    Hiei: [smirk] If that happens, all we have to do is kill everyone else on the boat before we reach the island. We'll say we're the right team and no one will complain.
    Kuwabara: [creeped out expression, complete deadpan] You didn't have many friends growing up, did you?
  • Chu's entire initial demeanor, as part of the setup for his Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass status.
    What did you say!? "The substitute is just a stinkin' drunk"?! Take that back! I am not a substitute!
    • Also, a funny moment when Chu first shows up — he's staggering around the ring and acting like a clown, but Shizuru points out that there's something beneath his clownishness that seems highly dangerous. Keiko says that everyone must be worried and at the edge of their seats... cut to Koenma blissfully stuffing his face.
      Koenma: I love squid!
  • Yusuke vs. Jin has quite a few of these moments... mostly from Jin.
    Jin: I thought I was crazy, Urameshi, but you take the prize! The hell was that?! You don't make bombs go boom in your face!
    • Made even funnier by Jin's tendency to speak faster than Yahtzee. Don't let the punctuation fool you, there are no breaks between those sentences.
    • While Hiei is watching the match trapped in a barrier, he assures Yusuke that he'll fight the last match if Yusuke loses, then this exchange occurs...
      Ruka: Please. Even if you could escape me, it's illegal to return after you've been ruled unfit to fight.
      Hiei: Illegal? [dark energy starts flashing around him] Listen, Ruka, my power has nearly returned and I'm going to fight, and anyone who says otherwise...well I think you know the rest.
      [Ruka backs away in fear]
      Genkai: You truly have a way with women, Hiei.
  • From Episode 41, Kurama + Stealth Insult = Lolwin!
    And to think one day they could be in-laws.
  • In-between rounds at the Dark Tournament, the reflection of Yusuke's inner self turns out to be... a little blue and fuzzy penguin. "Puu!"
  • When Puu hatches... everyone's reaction to it. THE WHOLE GANG! In particular, Hiei's deadpan comment about the adorable creature.
    Hiei: Gift from your girlfriend?
    Yusuke: No! That I could get rid of!
    Kurama: Yukina's brother, yes, sounds like a noble cause. We should assist her too, Hiei.
    Yusuke: Yeah, you could even lend an eye!
    Hiei: Grrr... will you shut up!
  • During Hiei's fight with Kuromomotaro his sword breaks. Kuwabara's question and Kurama's deadpan reaction are priceless.
    Kuwabara: What the heck just happened to his sword?!
    Kurama: I think it broke.
  • A face-off for the ages! Kurama vs. Kuwabara vs. Hiei... in Rock, Paper, Scissors!
    • Cue Hiei looking at his scissors like he's thinking of a horrible punishment for his hand letting him down.
    • Better yet, Kuwabara lies and says that first timers can only use Rock, something Kurama points out is a lie. First round has both Kurama and Hiei picking Rock, meaning either Hiei thought he was being clever, or he actually thought Kuwabara was telling the truth.
  • Yukina's last line about the Ship Teasing of Yusuke and Keiko during an intermission for the Dark Tournament. Having barely any experience with the outside world, her confusion about the subject is understandable but hilarious.
    Yukina: Have fun with the birds and bees!
  • Kuwabara prepares to fight Shishiwakamaru in the semis but spends the pre-fight arguing with his fangirls
    Fangirl 1: Hurt one hair on his pretty head and we'll kick your butt!
    Fangirl 2: No one wants to kiss you!
    Kuwabara: That's not true! I've got a great girl who wants to kiss me all day long and she's a lot cooler than you!
    Fangirls: Bleah!!
    • Beforehand, one of the fangirls ask Shishi to throw her his pants.
  • The Genkai vs. Suzuka fight.
    • Kurama's reactions during the whole fight are giggle-worthy. For the usually unflappable Kurama to look utterly bewildered is a sight to behold. "I thought clowns made everyone else laugh."
    • When Suzuka’s showing off his muscles, Young Toguro can’t help but chuckle and call him a featherweight.
    • Genkai's comments on the deal top it off, especially her comment in such a annoyed and unimpressed tone..."Fruitcake!"
    • During the fight, Kuwabara returns after being teleported back to the old stadium and Hiei asks him which is more humiliating: losing to an old man or to a clown. Kurama's face is the best as Kuwabara doesn't even think twice before saying that a clown is worse.
    • Genkai's utter Curb-Stomp Battle against Suzuka was so ridiculously one-sided. She wasn't even using her Reiki techniques, just her own physical strength as she thought using her prized techniques on a weakling like him would be wasteful. Genkai ends the fight with a long series of Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs that completely pulps his face in a comical manner. Made even funnier in the sub.
    Genkai: (rapidly punches Suzuka for a good minute, then suddenly stops) Oh crap! (steps back and studies her handiwork) I forgot to give deference to his beautiful face, or whatever...
    Suzuka: (face pulped) I... gib... ubbb....
  • Hiei's Comical Seriousness makes for a few good ones:
    Hiei: If I wake up and find we've lost, I'll kill you... all... [collapses]
    Yusuke: That's Hiei for you. He faints, but he still makes time for threats.
  • The scene where Kuwabara reveals he faked his death at the end of the Dark Tournament saga is hilarious, especially since it breaks the tension after an epic Wangst moment by Yusuke.
    Kuwabara: Reporting for duty, Captain Faker! That's me!
    • This is swiftly followed by Yusuke proceeding to beat the everloving crap out of Kuwabara. Even Hiei is disturbed by the beating Yusuke gives Kuwabara!
      Koenma: Yusuke, teach him anymore and you'll actually kill him. That's kinda against the point, isn't it?
  • Hiei threatens Botan to not tell Yukina and remembering his warning she imagines little bat creatures with Hiei's face on them.
  • Koto and Juri have several silly moments over the course of the Dark Tournament Arc.
  • Near the end of the Dark Tournament arc, Keiko suffers a severe case of PTSD. Yusuke's solution is to literally slap some sense into her. Her reaction is legendary.
  • All four of them talking about what they'll do when they get back to normal life after the Dark Tournament. Hiei's deadpan really kills it:
    Yusuke: Back to skipping detention.
    Kuwabara: And video games!
    Kurama: My human mother.
    Hiei: Various crimes.
  • Genkai when she greets Yusuke after the Dark Tournament.

    Season 3 
  • From Episode 67, Botan and those three guys conclude that Yusuke and Kuwabara must have been an old married couple in a past life. So... "Who was the husband and who was the wife?" Among many others.
    • In the background, Yusuke can be overheard shouting in fake terror, "Oh no the power of love!".
    • Just a moment before, Kuwabara was thinking of Yukina and Yusuke sneaked behind him to surprise with a most unusual "Spirit Gun". In some subs of this scene, Kuwabara states "that felt good".
  • After Yusuke, Genkai, Yana, and Kido recruit Murota, Yusuke asks Murota to use his powers to scout out for anybody suspicious. The first person that catches Murota's attention is a schoolgirl with some particularly interesting thoughts, which Murota blurts out.
    Murota: She's going to make out with her teacher, we've got to stop her!!! Or watch!!!
  • Yusuke storms out of his house, because Sensui is endangering the world and his posse is MIA (Kurama), screwing it and getting out of there (Hiei) and at a Megallica concert (Kuwabara), yelling that he's going to the arcade to play video games. Keiko is all concerned, but Genkai shakes her head and says not to worry, because she's sure Yusuke has sensed Kuwabara's about to awaken and manifest a new power, and has gone to look after him. Cut to Yusuke angrily beating a video game. Later, we get a scene of Genkai throwing him out on his ass, screaming at him for not going to protect Kuwabara.
    Yusuke: I SAID I was going out to the arcade, Ms. Senile!
    • Earlier, when Yusuke and Kuwabara have it out over Kuwabara skipping world-saving to go to a concert, they both storm away saying, "FINE!"
    Botan: And that's how the human race ended.
  • Kurama has some of the best lines in Episode 68. Especially when a group of boys desperately ask him to join their science club, then resort to threats.
    • Then Kuwabara storms into his class looking for him; unfortunately, his classmates only know him as "Shuichi Minamino".
    Student: Who's Kurama?
    Kurama: Oh just a meaningless nickname. There's no need to remember it.
  • When Kurama, Kuwabara, and Botan are looking for Hiei, Botan whips out a "demon whistle" which will make demons come to it like a dog whistle. The range was practically the whole city. When Botan blows it, it turns out Hiei was sleeping in the tree forty feet away.
    • The clincher was the way this was revealed: as a Funny Background Event with Hiei falling head first from the branch he was sleeping in.
    • There's also Hiei's Blatant Lies that he was actually searching for the source of the sound so he could kill it.
  • When Yusuke finds out Koenma knew the identity of their enemy all along, he decides to call him on the briefcase videophone:
  • When Sensui calls for Makihara:
    Mitarai: That's Gourmet.
    Yusuke: Oh great, does he cook?
  • After Yusuke comes back to life thanks to his demonic genes, he claims to be an evil and powerful demon in front of the Spirit World's Special Defense Forces who were sent to destroy his body and prevent his revival. The characters are quite convinced until he reveals that he's kidding.
  • The fact that in the uncut dub Kazuya, one of Sensui's Split Personalities, gets to call Yusuke a "little shit" and tell Sensui, "Don't pussy out now!" but still has to follow up the latter with, "Not when it's about to get so freakin' fun!"
  • When Yusuke and Sensui relocate during their fight in Demon World:
    Yusuke: Alright pal, it's just you and me. Well, you and you and you and you and you and you and you and me.
  • How did the Word Taboo game between Yuu Kaito and Kurama end: In the last two minutes the only two "letters" allowed were "Wa" and "N", and what does Kurama do? He shouts "WA!" behind Kaito while hanging upside down in attempt of having him scream, but some face Kurama pulled after the fact was such an in-universe moment of funny that Kaito, Jorge and Koenma couldn't stop laughing.
    • In the dub, he bleats like a lamb instead.
  • Yusuke checking for whom Yanagisawa has replaced with questions:
    • First, he asks Kuwabara his birthday and blood type. Kuwabara asks back if Yusuke knows them to compare the answers to; he doesn't.
    • Then, he asks Kurama about his mother, and the answer includes revealing she's about to remarry. Yusuke wants to know if he's invited to the wedding.
    • He then asks Botan her measurements. When she snaps back that he doesn't know them (like Kuwabara's birthday and bloodtype), he insists she told him, that one time...? He's actually trying to cleverly goad a potentially fake-Botan into "remembering" something that never happened, but it doesn't work.
    • Lastly, he asks Hiei the name of his sister. Cue a typical Hiei answer ("You know her well enough. I refuse to play this nonsense game"). Yusuke, who was thinking he'd found the fake as Hiei didn't answer at first, is let down. "Nope, that's Hiei, bad attitude and all." Then comes Kuwabara asking who Hiei's sister is and how he's apparently the only one who never met her.
      Kuwabara: Hey that's weird. I didn't know you had little sis, Hiei. (Cut to a bit-sized female-Hiei dressed like a yakuza thug). I bet she's a pint-sized pain in the you-know-what just like you. Probably ugly, too.
      Hiei: I will kill you.
    • After all that, Kido reveals that Yanagisawa can copy looks, abilities and memories of anyone, so it was all pointless, and tells Yusuke to punch his suspect. Yusuke punches Kuwabara, because Kuwa-chan's the one he'd feel the least bad about hitting — but also because Hiei and Kurama wouldn't get caught so easily, and if they had replaced Botan he'd get really pissed and murder them all. Kuwabara's comment while he's flying? "I knew it!" By the way, he guessed correctly.
    • Also, Kurama smugly teasing Hiei about being the first one captured even though Yusuke thought he wouldn't get caught so easily.
  • Yusuke scares King Yama's soldiers by claiming himself to be Mazoku, and right after that, he gave out a couple silly expressions and a funny pose while revealing that he tricked them.
    Yusuke: PSYCHE!!! Damn, you guys are gullible!
  • When Yusuke finally becomes powerful enough to fight Sensui head on, Koemna asks why Yusuke never gets powerups at the beginning of cases.

    Season 4 
  • From Episode 98, as Yusuke prepares to leave for the Demon World. Kuwabara asks him to try and find Yukina's brother. Both Yusuke and Hiei look at each other nervously, though Yusuke thinks Hiei's just giving him a Death Glare.
    Yusuke: I'll bet even his third eye is glaring at me...
  • When Yusuke confronts Yomi, Kurama and the Dark Tournament fighters have a silent discussion by writing out their words, since Yomi would probably hear their whispering. At one point, Rinku holds up a paper with nothing but Elipses on it. Chu Dope Slaps him, saying you don't have to write a dramatic silence. Then, when Kurama asks the others whose side they would be on if it came down it it, nearly every one of them held up a single card reading "YUSUKE" (Rinku: "Did you even have to ask?")... Except Shishiwakamaru, who holds a paper reading "Undecided". (The Beautiful) Suzuka comes up and changes the paper to supporting Yusuke. Even more amusing in the dub, where the voice actors provide translation for the messages.
    • At one point, Kurama needs two sheets of paper for his note. In the dub, he has to pause in the middle of a sentence in order to put down the first sheet and pick up the second.
  • Yusuke's "diplomatic" approach to Yomi in the Three Kings saga:
    • Made into a Brick Joke when Yomi arrives to meet Yusuke in one of his chambers. An assistant arrives with him and presents Yusuke with the tea he asked for, bemusing him slightly.
    • During his proposal for the Makai Tournament, Yusuke presents a load of Rurimaru stones, the national treasure of Raizen's faction, to the shock of Yusuke's attendant, Hokushin. Once he learns that Yusuke carved the names of all known demons onto the stones to draw their names and randomize the fights, Hokushin promptly freaks out.
    • And then comes the tournament... And there's far more constestants than Rurimaru stones, so they have to write down the names on paper slips.
  • The Dark Tournament fighters after Yomi ask Kurama how he helped them become so powerful and Kurama downplays Genkai's training as eating right and working out, so to speak. The fact that it's Touya that actually starts the mouthing off just makes it even better.
    Touya: Funny.
    Chu: Why don't ya say the real training she put us through?!
    Rinku: Yeah, like the four weeks locked in that cave!
    Shishiwakamaru: Or balancing on spikes.
    Jin: Not to mention being buried alive with the snakes and things.
    Suzuka: Hag didn't let me shower for months!
  • In the preliminaries of the Makai Tournament, all of Yusuke's opponents decide on an Enemy Mine and gang up on Yusuke. Yusuke, playing on the stated rules that you lose if you faint, die, or surrender, instead responds by producing 48 Twinkles in the Sky, then calls out to the judges as to what happens now. It's eventually agreed he won the round by making everyone else Ring Out.
  • After the preliminaries of the Makai Tournament end, a Big Bad Wannabe goes up to Yusuke and tells him that he's going to defeat him in the second round, Yomi in the third round, win the tournament and take over the Demon World. Is this where Yusuke fights and easily defeats him in the second round? Nope! The demon doesn't even make it past the opponent in the first round, who in turn goes on to lose to Yusuke (presumably fairly easily), and Yusuke loses to Yomi, albeit barely, showing just how much of a blowhard his would-be second-round opponent is. To the point Yusuke can't even remember his name - and he tries, even asking to Hokushin (who also forgot).
  • During the Makai Tournament, Koenma and Botan show up disguised as demons to watch the fights. We also get to see Ogre trying out as a guest MC with Koto and bragging about how his "heartless boss" isn't there, only to shit himself when he realizes that said heartless boss is right above him, giving him one hell of a Death Glare, and poor Ogre is in the middle of Inelegant Blubbering.
    Koenma: Ogre...!
    Ogre: Oh, just kill me now...
  • "Is this your girlfriend, Kazu-san?" The manga is funny because Kurama gets all pissy. The anime is funny because he's so nonchalant, even when one of the girls bends over to stare at this chest just to make sure he's not a girl.

  • During the Funimation primary cast's final episode commentary, Chuck Huber's reaction to the series being over: "Hiei never actually said anything!" He goes on to relate an anecdote of him and his wife coming across the show on TV all excited, sitting down to watch it, keeping the kids quiet, and:
    Huber: "All Hiei said was... 'hnnn.' She was like, wow, they pay you for that?"
    • More commentary during the last episode. All four main voice actors decide to re-enact some scenes of the show while swapping characters (Chuck Huber as Yusuke, Justin Cook as Kurama, Chris Sabat as Hiei, and John Burgmeier as Kuwabara).
    • Chuck Huber shouting "Spirit Gun!"
    "That's the best I could do, it's not too good..."
    • Christopher Sabat and his Hiei impersonation.
    Sabat: (in a squeaky voice) I'm always angry! I have a... I have a dragon! On my arm!
    • Both Justin Cook and Chuck Huber, talking about Hiei.
    Cook: And there he is.
    Huber: Look! I'm so cute.
    • Huber also comments:
    "Kurama has no butt to speak of. Look at him, he's completely assless. ... He has no donkey, he is walking up those stares."