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Funny / Nobunaga the Fool

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  • Leonardo da Vinci's introduction.
  • Right after their oath, Nobunaga and his friends saw a "star" shine bright on the sky that looked like it was coming closer. Nobu commented on how great to see a star that ballsy before the "star" fell pass their heads.
  • Nobunaga lampshading the effectiveness of Jeanne's disguise.
  • Himiko essentially tricking Nobunaga into proposing to her.
    Nobu: "I will take Queen Himiko of Yamato to be my wif... Huh?!"
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  • Nobunaga struggling with the word "overheating" in episode 11
    Nobu: "Over- ovah- ove- overwhat?"
    Da Vinci (slowly): "Overheating"
  • Episode 14: Adiabatic Expansion. Especially the second time.
  • Episode 16: Hideyoshi and Caesar "conversation" before launch touches a little on how fans feel about Caesar.
    Hideyoshi: You're the type of guy people love to hate!
    Caesar: Thank you for the praise.

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