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Funny / Yu-Gi-Oh! (first anime series)

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  • Yugi's response to Grandpa reading the hieroglyphs on the puzzle box. Grandpa reads 'whoever solves this puzzle will receive my dark knowledge and power'... and Yugi's cheery response is that his wish for friends will come true.
  • Kaiba offering Yugi's grandpa every card in his briefcase in exchange for a Blue-Eyes is met with an overdramatic sting... as is Grandpa's simple response of "No."
  • In the third episode Kaiba, not wanting to lose to Yugi, forces a draw. Then he rages about getting a draw and vows to beat Yugi.
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  • In episode four, Honda asks Yugi to fill in for him in a line because he needs to pee really badly.
  • The sheer amount of Serious Business in the yo-yo gang episode is hilarious, especially since unlike the manga they aren't weaponized in any way except for Hirutani's, so his gang is terrorizing Domino with ordinary children's toys.
  • Kaiba dons a hilariously dorky disguise when kidnapping Yugi in episode 8.
  • When Shadi ruffles Yugi's hair and calls him a cute boy, Yugi says he's Older Than He Looks.
  • In episode 17, Anzu slaps Yami Yugi so hard he turns back into Yugi.
  • During the Monster World game, Yugi and friends find a painfully obvious trap inside a tower. When Dark Yugi realizes it's a trap he tells them to get out... and finds they're already inside the tower.
  • Zorc's Dark Catastrophe is represented as a huge, devastating attack in-game that blasts everyone away. Out-of-game, it's seen as the figurines gently falling over.
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  • During the episode with the Mad Bomber at the water park, Anzu and Yugi are sunbathing together, then abruptly Yugi sits up and it's shown from Anzu's viewpoint that he's become Yami Yugi, staring straight ahead with a deadly serious expression...and then some random kid squirts water on his face and he's back to regular Yugi, chasing the kid angrily.
  • The episode where Miho and Anzu compete against the resident Alpha Bitch for popularity votes shows that Jonouchi is also entering the contest as the sole male participant, and he cross-dresses in heels and a sexy dress with horrendous facial make-up...and he's disqualified when he jumps off the stage to fight with hecklers in the audience. Later, during the competition's swimwear segment, Jonouchi complains about how he won't be able to showcase the polka-dot bikini he got for this part of the event.
    Yugi: I don't think anybody would want to see that...
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  • Honda spends most of the virtual pet episode hoping to win a trip to Australia with Miho if he can help her win a virtual pet competition (by doing all the work for her). At the very end of the episode, it turns out she was planning to invite her mom instead.
  • At the end of the Serious Business yo-yos episode, Jounouchi demonstrates a new yo-yo technique, which makes the girls' skirts fly up... and entangles himself in the yo-yo because he's so embarrassed.


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