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Funny / Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light

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  • Early in the movie, Yugi is chased by a bunch of fans who want to duel him. He escapes by hiding in a place no one would look... the museum.
  • Kaiba's Bond One-Liner after defeating Pegasus and his toons.
  • Inside the Pyramid of Light, Tristan and Joey finally run into Yugi ...and the mummies close behind him.
    Joey: What's with him?
    (both turn around, see the mummies and freak, running)
    Tristan: Zoinks!
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  • Tea appears and tries to save Yugi through The Power of Friendship and at first it seems to work... then Anubis turns her to normal which causes her to fall. It starts out serious, and then Tea split kicks two of the mummies' heads. The guys look amazed at first... then as she lands a mummy hand lands on her shoulder causing her to freak out and the guys look rather disappointed.
  • Early in the movie Joey duels a tough-looking guy who summons Injection Fairy Lily as his first monster. She then attacks Joey right in the ass as he is running away with a massive needle.
  • Yuig's line after waking up at the museum.
  • When Yugi's grandpa says that Anubis tried to destroy the world using the Pyramid of Light, Yugi notes that it's safe to say his plan didn't work.
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  • After waking up from a nightmare, Pegasus swears to give up white wine spritzers before bed. Later, he's having a red wine spritzer.
  • In a climactic scene, Yugi throws a magical dagger at the source of Anubis' power... and the hilt of the dagger hits the wall instead. Everyone's face is priceless.
    • Even the mummy attacking Yugi has a hilarious reaction.
  • After Pegasus saves the group from the collapsing ceiling, this exchange occurs.
    Mokuba: Pegasus, what are you doing here?
    Pegasus: How about we start with a thank you, you little ingrate!
  • Pegasus gives a very dramatic recap of who Anubis is and what he's planning, then casually adds that he looked the info up.
  • Anubis attacks Yugi and Kaiba with giant spell/trap cards at one point, one of which was created just for the movie.
  • Pegasus constantly taunts Kaiba over how many times Yugi's defeated him, even after Anubis is defeated.
  • Joey proclaiming himself "da Godfaddah a' Games, capisce?"


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