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Recap / Yu-Gi-Oh! (first anime series)

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For the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, see Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga.

For the second-series anime, see Yu-Gi-Oh Anime.

  1. The Furious Battle - A Shadow Game
  2. The Devil Gamer - The Trap of Hell
  3. Clash! The Strongest Monster
  4. Theft! The Legendary Super Rare Watch
  5. Now Revealed!! Yugi's Secret
  6. The Passionate Battle of Friendship
  7. The Underhanded Digital Pet Rebellion
  8. The Four Game Masters Finally Move Out
  9. Explosion - The Ultimate Secret Yo-Yo Technique
  10. The Pressing Beautiful Teacher's Secret Mask
  11. The Rumored Capmon - It's a New Arrival
  12. A Lucky Foe Calls Out - The Invincible Legend
  13. Target The Schoolgirls - The Prophet's Fang
  14. In a Bomb Game - The Worst Date
  15. Eerie Woman!! Unable to Transform
  16. Breadth's Charge - Crisis of The White Robe
  17. A Last Minute Match - The Invited Model
  18. In a Forbidden Game - Show Your Hand
  19. The Grand Melee - Popularity Contest
  20. Come Out!! The Strongest and Final Trump Card
  21. Completed!! The Ultimate Game Land
  22. Tearing - Borderline Shooting
  23. Capmon King! The Decisive Battle
  24. Now! The Time of Decision - The Miracle of Friendship
  25. A New Development - Attack of the Handsome Boy
  26. Rival Clash - The Greatest Crisis
  27. Friendship - From Legend to Myth