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Funny / Jewelpet Sunshine

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  • Episode 4, a rocket is about blow up in the school and what is Ruby, Peridot, Labra and Angela's reaction?
    Peridot *taking a picture* Nice Explosion!
    All Four: HURRAY!
  • Ruby tries to avoid thinking about Kanon and Mikage kissing by thinking about pudding. The result is Kanon having pudding on her head while kissing Mikage.
  • In episode 46, Ruby's Zany Scheme to cheer Kanon up involves first getting her into a bus. So how does she accomplish that? By fattening Labra up with a watermelon and have her roll to Kanon screaming "HELP! I'M ABOUT TO GIVE BIRTH!", of course!
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  • In episode 49, Kanon, Kaede and Komachi are forced to dance in flashy clothes to 80's music.
    Kanon: What does that have to do with anything?!

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