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Recap / Jewelpet Sunshine

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A recap index for Jewelpet Sunshine, the third season of Jewelpet.

All spoilers contained herein are to remain unmarked per wiki policy.

  1. Teacher Iruka Came Yay!/Love Letters Found Yay!
  2. Labra and Angela Yay!/Hinata and Peridot Yay!
  3. Garnet Keeps Up Yay!/Me and Somebody Yay!
  4. Sapphie's Secret Yay!
  5. Iruka Grand Prix Yay!/Goodbye Plum Section Yay!
  6. Ruby's Making Cookies Yay!/Rald's Prohibition Yay!
  7. Thanks Jewel Day Yay!
  8. Charlotte's Love Story Yay!/Jasper's Curry Yay!
  9. The Human World Yay!
  10. Strawberry Cafe Yay!/Aim for the Scoop Yay!
  11. Welcome Lady Jewelina Yay!/Opal and the Chairman Yay!
  12. Full of Mud Yay!/The Terror of Black Magic Yay!
  13. Course Consultation Yay!
  14. Throbbing Fireworks Yay!/Paca Paca Paca Yay!
  15. Road Man Titana Yay!/Ghosts Coming Yay!
  16. Ruby and Sapphie Yay!/Phantom Ruby Yay!
  17. Desert Island Survival Yay!
  18. Dragon Land Yay!
  19. Pirate's Treasure Yay!
  20. Summer, Love and Adventure Yay!
  21. Triple Axel Yay!/Homework Pinch Yay!
  22. Shouko and Master Yay!/Garnet and Masago Yay!
  23. Thats Terrible Yay!/Double Secret Diary Yay!
  24. O-le Tour Yay!/With Yaginuma Yay!
  25. Tears in the Rain Yay!
  26. Stress Explosion of Love!/Party Debut Yay!
  27. It's the Sports Festival! Yay!
  28. Double Date Yay!/Girl Talk Yay!
  29. Poorly-Tasted Omelet Yay!/Ruby and Kanon Yay! Part 1
  30. Look Behind You Yay!/Ruby and Kanon Yay! Part 2
  31. Disappearing Jewel Bread Yay!/M-kage of the Rose Yay! Part 1
  32. Baby Plum Section Yay!/M-kage of the Rose Yay! Part 2
  33. Suit Up! Jewel Shoes Yay!/Flora's Farm Yay!
  34. It's a Musical! Yay!
  35. Tour's Secret Yay!/Goodbye, Kanon Yay! Part 1
  36. Jugempet Yay!/Goodbye, Kanon Yay! Part 2
  37. Year In, Year Out Yay!
  38. Sweetspet Yay!/Holy Light's Prayer Yay!
  39. Duo in the Wilderness Yay!
  40. Everything Freezes Yay!
  41. Labra's Trial Yay!/Mikage's Secret Yay!
  42. Angela of the Wild Yay!
  43. Hinata's Dreams Yay!
  44. A Star is Born Yay!
  45. It's Valentines Day! Yay!
  46. Forbidden Love Yay!
  47. When You Wish Upon a Star... Yay!
  48. Create an Album Yay!
  49. Call Me Dark Queen Yay!
  50. Dark Jewel War Yay!
  51. Ruby's Ring Yay!
  52. Graduation Ceremony Yay!